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These manuals have been combined from the 8-Bit Software website, Mark Usher's The BBC Documentation Project and a few other places.

If you have any not held here, please consider sending them to 8BS.

Not by accident, the structure of the directories and pages looks very similar to Mark's site.

If you find any errors, want any items on these pages removing, or see something you did that is not attributed to you, please contact 8BS using the link on the main website page.

Where scans of tifs were difficult to read (some I found only readable with Irfanview, some are multi image tifs that can be difficult to read. Quite a lot were done by myself to be honest :-( ), I have left those scans alone but then created a new pdf for each tif and added it to the download options. There are a few of these difficult to view tif files left that have no accompanying pdfs, I will eventually add new pdfs. If you feel like helping, please do so!

There were a couple of broken pdfs that I fixed.


BBC Documentation Project downloaded from stardot, thanks.
Thanks Mark Usher xx :-).
Some thumbnails added. Many scans and PDFs updated.
All downloads zipped. Duplications removed

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