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The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

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Supporting the BBC B, B+, Atom, Electron, Master 128 and Master Compact

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Born in 1990 and on the internet from 05/03/1997, 8BS is for 8 bit Acorn computer enthusiasts and has over 2000 disc images of free software. Is for PC users with BBC emulators. Produced 67 free disc based magazines and has downloads of software, pictures, manuals and stuff I have forgotten about totalling 50 gig or more and rising.

Contact 8BS

The National Museum of Computing, are going to have a celebration of BEEBUG, ELbug, Risc User and Acorn Action magazines. This will happen at the museum this summer. Those interested contact Sheridan Williams sheridan@williams.im

The Latest News

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11/09/2021 BBC PD 172 ADDOS found and added to the download catalogue.

10/09/2021 Youtube video of the PC128S startup and Welcome disc added to the Pictures>Computers page. Personal Software Issue 4 placed on the magazines download page.

09/09/2021 Olivetti Prodest PC128S ROMset added to emulator info page. An album dedicated to the PC128S added to the 'Music' page. Errors in the recent PC128S additions to 8BS corrected, thanks to Carlo for pointing them out. A link to Stardot's thread on disassemblies put on the 'game>disassembly' page.

05/09/2021 Welcome disc for the Olivetti Prodest PC128S added to TBI-103-2. Links for Prodest PC128S related websites added to the Links page. Master Compact emulator link added to the Links page. Images of the Olivetti Prodest PC128S added to the Pictures>Computers page.

04/09/2021 Thanks to Proteus075 for finding a long missing entry for the BBC PD section of the catalogue, BBC98 Clipart and BBC115 Computu News. The Olivetti Prodest PC128S (Not to be confused with the similarly named but totally different Olivetti Prodest PC128) is the Italian version of the Master Compact, basically the same but packaged differently. This discovery has added a bunch of new stuff to the 8BS website, so here we go: To the Manuals>Essentials>Master page, The Welcome Guide and a manual. To the Manuals>Adverts page, 3 adverts. In the Magazines section, Issues 1 to 13 (but not 10 and 11) of the Olivetti Prodest User Magazine in PDF format. Thanks to Proteus075 for this. That's it for the moment but there is a lot more to come, watch this space.

03/09/2021 9 New entries to the JGH section. Various utilities

02/09/2021 Nine discs copied from the Mad Rabbit PD section (MRP) to the TYB section. This is to keep the TYB section comprehensive and the MRP section original

01/09/2021 The disc download catalogue had become too large and needed splitting up. When the catalogue is selected, each section is then available from the slide-out menu. As it might be handy for quick searches, the original all in one version is still available. Thanks to Jess Rowbottom for updating the MRP collection with BB-005 Pubs of Wakefield and a fixed BB-034, now in the 8BS MRP section as MRP-005 and MRP-034.

29/08/2021 Two new entries into the TBI section of the download catalogue:
TBI-207 Procrastinet 4, sound samples. Thanks to Jess Rowbottom for finding this one.
TBI-208 Z80 CPM Collection. Thanks to Mark Blackall for this, he has converted 69 disc images from the Simtel CPMUG collection to .dsd format to work on the Z80 co-processor. Full list of discs and contents are provided within the zipped download.

28/08/2021 Thanks to Jess Rowbottom of Mad Rabbit Public Domain for imaging her full library and submitting it to 8BS. Now replacing what was in the 8BS MRP section with 85 new disc images.

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