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The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

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Supporting the BBC B, B+, Atom, Electron, Master 128 and Master Compact

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Born in 1990 and on the internet from 05/03/1997, 8BS is for 8 bit Acorn computer enthusiasts and has over 2000 disc images of free software. Is for PC users with BBC emulators. Produced 67 free disc based magazines and has downloads of software, pictures, manuals and stuff I have forgotten about totalling 50 gig or more and rising.

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The National Museum of Computing, are going to have a celebration of BEEBUG, ELbug, Risc User and Acorn Action magazines. This will happen at the museum this summer. Those interested contact Sheridan Williams sheridan@williams.im

The Latest News

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16/05/2021 GEM Discs and GW BASIC and added to the disc download 512 section

15/05/2021 Corrections and changes to the disc download catalogue: BBC-55 Mike Brudenell (correct name) has for many years been referred to by the wrong name in the catalogue. Corrected.
Three of the nine missing BBC PD discs sussed out. BBC-101 Soccer Challenge is the same as TBI-35. BBC-122 Star Trek is the same as BBC-164. BBC-150 History and Geography this is the same as BBC-124 and BBC-125 but in Mini Office 2 and plain text format. Another long standing error in the pool fixed, BBC-157 was a DSD (double sided) image intended as two SSD (single sided) images with no menu on side 2. I have split this DSD image into two SSD images and uploaded TBI-157.zip changed from containing one .dsd to two .ssd images and added a simple menu.

12/05/2021 A few tweaks to the '8BS Magazines Online' pages. They should display a little better on mobile devices

10/05/2021 Links page checked, fixed and updated

08/05/2021 Many corrections/additions/minor changes to the Manuals section. See entries in 'new' for the whole of April 2021 up to today for full details of everything done recently. The whole of the Manuals section should now have file download options that contain easily readable files. Downloads made up of many separate images have been converted to single PDFs for instance.

12/04/2021 The old drop down menu is no longer anywhere on the 8BS website. Every page has the new slide out menu. You may need to clear the cache for 8BS from your device to ensure you get all the latest pages. There are 1421 of them. I still have a fairly long 'to do' list but the whole site should run properly as intended now. If there are any problems, I would very much appreciate it if you could drop me a line.

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