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The articles in teletext (40 column) and are as close as I can get to it looking like the real thing without using an emulator or real Beeb. The only thing missing is flashing and occasional animation of menus (I have made Flash movies of those). Currently, there is a sync problem caused by the movie playing whilst downloading, it sorts itself out as soon as download has completed, so please bear with it.

Where you see this icon:next to a teletext article, you can view it in plain text.

The teletext articles were made by taking screen grabs in B-emV2.2Win and then pasting them together using the vertical 'Create Panorama' option in Irfanview4.25.

The text was taken from the teletext articles by removing the original files from the disc image using Jon Welch's two excellent bits of software: DFS Explorer and ADFS Explorer. Then using Hex Workshop to remove the header and then a Macro in Word to firstly remove all the teletext control codes and then split to 40 characters a line.

The plain text articles were removed from the disc image using Jon Welch's DFS and ADFS Explorer.

The BASIC Listings were removed using DFS and ADFS Explorer 'List as BASIC' option.

Mobile user? These pages use an IFRAME window to display the screenshot. Android devices have various problems with IFRAME, such as no scroll bar visible or scroll bar not working. Sometimes, rather than a small window appearing with a scroll bar as is intended, these pages just show the whole image in one. Others don't show the scroll bar but it is still possible to scroll the screen if touched in the right place but then the software gets confused as to which part you really want to scroll. A problem has been reported with display doubling up in the frame: Let the page finish loading into the iframe before trying to scroll it. Try different browsers, they all mess it up in different ways. I have found that the ones that enlarge the iframe to the size of the image are the friendliest to use.

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