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8BS Disc Based Magazine 8BS-12

Text Introduction
Issue News
Adverts/Help Wanted
LIFE & Devils Island
Charges Article 8CT
BASDUMP Article 709
Arc XArc Article
Programmers Return 5
Program Construction
On this Months Disc
Repton Reportage
Members Response Pool
UIM & SIM City Reviews
Andy Nibbs Tech Tips
Tech Tips 010a
Tech Tips 010b
Tech Tips 010c
Tech Tips 010d
Tech Tips 010e
Other The Menus 3D Ball Agog a gogo
3D Spinning Ball
Complete Address Book
Bananas Levels Game
Teletext Core
Magazine Menu
Main Menu
Marbles Bug Fix
ROT5 Graphics
RS232 Utility Prog
Space Pods Game
Shares Accountant
Shares Accountant
Persian Carpet Screen
Agog Ago Title Screen

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