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8BS Disc Based Magazine 8BS-20

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About This Issue
What is 8-Bit Software?
Changes to 8-Bit Software
Questionnaire instructions
Messages section
New TBI Arrangements
BASIC Program Protection
GLM PD Catalogue
BBC PD Catalogue Notes
Optimising 6502 code
Teletext Wordsearch Creator Instrux ECG Simulator Instructions
Rom-builder Instructions
Cheats #1
Cheats #2
13 Amps Music
A Level Project
Bad Music
BBC PD Catalogue Display
BBC PD Catalogue Loader
ROM Header Creator
Loopy Loop Game Loader
Loopy Loop Game Part 2
ECG Simulator v3
Magazine Menu
Main Menu
Presenting Poland Part 1
Poland Loader
Pride Music
Auto Data Scrambler
Character Substitution Source
Print out Mode 7 Display File
Unformat ASCII
Wordsearch Creator

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