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Acorn Programs Discs Catalogue

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-- -- -- Acorn Program Discs -- -- --

Thanks to Dave Edwards for providing these discs. They are an unofficial companion to the magazine 'Acorn Programs' which ran for 11 issues. Currently 2, 3, 6, 9, 10 and 11 are not here. Can you help?

APD-01 Acorn Program Discs 1 1D 30 67
DEC 83/JAN 84

A) Jungle Maze
B) Binary
C) Memory Probe
D) Alphasort
E) Car Depreciation
F) Invasion
G) Sketcher
H) Duel
I) Squares
J) Colour Logic
K) Guess
L) Word Processor
M) Prime Numbers
N) Chemical Quiz
O) Timer
P) Alphabet Jumble
Q) React
R) Tables
S) Map Game
T) Bar Maze
U) Orbits
V) Mortage
W) Maths Game
X) Book Search
Y) Bull and Cow

APD-04 Acorn Program Discs 4 1D 26 88
JUN 84/JUL 84

A) Areas
B) Babysitter
C) Balance Demo
D) Birthdays
E) Borgan Castle
F) City Bomber
G) Doodler
H) Facemaker
I) History Quiz
J) Join 'Em Up
K) Mathsground
L) Muncha Number
M) National Anthem Demo
N) On The Farm
O) Orchard Wall
P) Pharoah's Curse
Q) Quadratics
R) Rising Damp
S) Stunt Driver
T) Tennis
U) Underwater Memory

APD-05 Acorn Program Discs 5 1D 9 24
AUG 84/SEP 84

A) Cargorama
B) Invisible Maze
C) Mad Castle
D) Memory Keys
E) Mix And Match
F) Space Landing

APD-07 Acorn Program Discs 7 1D 15 52
NOV 84

A) Garden Trouble
B) Galactic Garbage
C) Character Designer
D) Forest Adventure
E) Moving Maze
F) Calendars
G) Average Marks
H) Tickertape
I) Etch-A-Sketch
J) Score Sheet
K) Air Raid
L) Bloobers

APD-08 Acorn Program Discs 8 1D 15 54
DEC 84

A) Alarm Utility
B) Race Track
C) Christmas Carols
D) Knockout
E) Labyrinth
F) Dennis In The Mines
G) Organic Blaster
H) Argon Attack
I) Inlay Printer
J) Shape Areas
K) Catatak Centipede
L) Star Wars Fighter

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