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Headfirst PD Catalogue

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Headfirst PD Library

HPD-00 Headfirst PD B005 1D 24 82
Was TBI-24 Uno Card Game. Tower Of Hanoi Patience. Idiot's Delight Patience. Invader Demo. Feed The Frog Game

HPD-01 Headfirst PD E001 1D 28 136
Was TBI-152-1. Various copy utilities for between ADFS and DFS. Configure Media Cash. Clone disc. Text Compressor. ADFS directory tree display. File Disassembler. Help ROM. Papos pull down menus and icons. Supercopy

HPD-02 Headfirst PD E002 1D 14 58
Vortex Demo. CNN Logo. Letterhead Designer

HPD-03 Headfirst PD E003 1D 5 24
Was TBI152-3. Headfirst PD E003. A Sideways Ram Database for the Electron with Master Ram Board in 64k mode. Disc contains detailed instructions. This disc is in ADFS M format, single sided

HPD-04 Headfirst PD E004 1D 31 37
Vortex Demo. CNN Logo. Letterhead Designer

HPD-05 Headfirst PD E005 1D 22 203
Hyperball Designer. Disc to Tape Copier. Plague Planet. I Spy Red. No Tape

HPD-06 Headfirst PD E006 1D 31 138
Brickie. Pac Man. Stone Wall. Repton Infinity Copier. Repton Infinity Quick Copier

HPD-07 Headfirst PD E007 1D 30 138
Pac Man 2. Stone Wall 2. Kwak. Repton Infinity Copier. Repton Infinity Quick Copier

HPD-08 Headfirst PD E008 1D 27 58
Mode 7 Screen Displayer. Elkfax. Mode 7 Emulator. Keysaver. Screen Converter

HPD-09 Headfirst PD E009 1D 6 36
White Magic Expansion levels. Thirty two new levels for the game

HPD-10 Headfirst PD E010 1D 29 128
Was TBI-152-10. Instructions on this disc are corrupt. Uno. Idiot's Delight Patience. Tower of Hanoi Patience. Magic Squares. Feed The Frog. Guess The Letter. Guess The Number. Magic Letter. Magic Number. Noughts And Crosses Squares. Battleships. Star Commander. Nitemare Park.

HPD-11 Headfirst PD E011 1D 22 198
Was TBI-152-11. Invader Demo. Two Digitised Pictures. ECG Simulator. Headfirst Catalogue. Reversi. Accounts datatase. Bible Puzzle.

HPD-12 Headfirst PD E012 1D 22 166
Promote Demo. SWAT Demo. Big News. Broad Scroll. Hi Res Alien. Full Screen Alien. Full Screen Picture. Never Go With Strangers

HPD-13 Headfirst PD E013 1D 30 167
Turbo Publisher. BBC Database. Viewsheet Spreadsheet Transplanter. Viewsheet File Format Information. SWR Address Book. ADFS Directory Reader. Wordsquare Solvers Mode 1 and Mode 4. Banner Printer. Zarch. Parachute Game. Settype

HPD-14 Headfirst PD E014 1D 24 86
Lars Osterballe FORTH Package. THIS DISC IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS GLM-03. Therefore this download is GLM-03

HPD-15 Headfirst PD E015 1D 31 157
Informant ROM. Text Compressor And Decompressor. Dynamics SWR. Memory Utility ROM. Disassembler v2. Overlay BASIC I And II. ROM Image Mounting Utility

HPD-16 Headfirst PD E016 2D 21 179
Einstein. Spell. SWR Assembly System

HPD-17 Headfirst PD E017 1D 23 200
Aeronautical Dogfight II. Integer Beziers. Monthly Accounting. Statement. Tax. Spell

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