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BeebUG Cover Disc Catalogue

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-- -- -- Beebug Cover Discs -- -- --

The BUG section contains all of the Beebug magazine cover discs

BUG DEMO Beebug Demo Disc 1D -- --
Beebug Demo Disc

BUG-00 Beebug Magscan Index 2D 21 271
Very useful database which enables you to quickly track down any article or program from all twelve volumes of Beebug.

BUG-01-10 Beebug Disc Vol 1 Iss 10 1D 18 22
3D Rotation. Square Dance. File Handler. Rectangle Speeds. Block Pattern. Concentric Squares. Disc Formatter. MOS Filenames. Artillery Duel. Life. Date Validation. Micro Sketch. Watch this space for more of volume 1

BUG-02-1 Beebug Disc Vol 2 Iss 1 1D 14 33
Four In A Row Game. Composer. Bar Chart Generator. Tune. Game

BUG-02-2 Beebug Disc Vol 2 Iss 2 1D 13 18
Sound. Patterns. Function Key Utilities. Character Manipulator. Seikosha Dump. Diamond Adventure

BUG-02-3 Beebug Disc Vol 2 Iss 3 1D 20 37
Balloons Animation. Speech Utils. 3D Rotation. Bad Program Lister. Disc Sector Editor. Anagrams And Robot Attack Games. Seikosha Dump

BUG-02-4 Beebug Disc Vol 2 Iss 4 1D 14 29
Dual Screens. 6845 Demos. Light Pen Demo. Big Characters. Mars Lander. Space Lords. MX/FX 80 Dump. Birnbaum Index

BUG-02-5 Beebug Disc Vol 2 Iss 5 1D 18 37
3D Plotter. Count With Speech. Customize Joysticks. Disc String Search. Fabric Patterns. Munchman Game. NEC Printer Dump. Bach. Selective Renumber. Software Volume Control

BUG-02-6 Beebug Disc Vol 2 Iss 6 1D 18 45
Demolition. Teletext Examples. Interrupt Examples. Mode 7 Clock. Rapids Game. Lunar Escape Game. Reversi Game. Character Definer. Slow Beeb. Swarmers Revenge Demo

BUG-02-7 Beebug Disc Vol 2 Iss 7 1D 12 30
CAD. Chequer Board. Teletext Graphics. Screen Freezer. Galactic Invasion. Killer Dice. Link Utility. Percussion Machine. 12 Days Of Christmas. Alien Destroyer Demo

BUG-02-8 Beebug Disc Vol 2 Iss 8 1D 16 29
Block Blitz. Dancing Lines. Mode 7 Digits. Disassembler. Program Protector. Machine Code Examples. Ray Box Game. Compacter

BUG-02-9 Beebug Disc Vol 2 Iss 9 1D 28 69
Manhole Game. Football Krazy. Machine Code Graphics Examples. The Stonemason. Disc Cataloguer. Bach. Function Key Labels. Test Out Your Micro. Roman Numerals

BUG-02-10 Beebug Disc Vol 2 Iss 10 1D 17 64
3D Histogram. Dartboard Game. Home Accounts Annual Budget. Elevasion Game. Machine Code Graphics Examples. Moving Text. Test Out Your Micro. April Fool. FX80/MX80 Printer Mode 7 Dumps

BUG-03-1 Beebug Disc Vol 3 Iss 1 1D 16 49
3D Rotation. Function Key Editor. Machine Code Graphics. Accurate Arithmetic. RAM Test. Dominoes, Detonator Dan, Shapes Games. Move Down For BBC DFS Users

BUG-03-2 Beebug Disc Vol 3 Iss 2 1D 24 48
Zoom Graphics. Music While You Work. Procedure/Function Overlay. Truffle Hunt, Grand Prix, Games. Niagra Graphics

BUG-03-3 Beebug Disc Vol 3 Iss 3 1D 13 43
Slide Show. Snip Snap, Dive Bomber Games. Printer Spooler. Bach. Screen Freeze/Save

BUG-03-4 Beebug Disc Vol 3 Iss 4 1D 14 44
Music Synthesizer. Temperature Measurement. Disc Menu. Pontoon, Interstellar Raider Games. Port Tester

BUG-03-5 Beebug Disc Vol 3 Iss 5 1D 22 48
Analysis Of Performance. Firework Display. Beginners Examples. Test Out Your Micro. Pairs, Kitchen Chaos, Astro Wars Games

BUG-03-6 Beebug Disc Vol 3 Iss 6 1D 11 47
Auto Keyword Generator. Cross Reference Lister. Wee Shuggy, Number Hunt Games. Program Compacter

BUG-03-7 Beebug Disc Vol 3 Iss 7 1D 19 63
Graphics Tablet. Plot Extensions. Fruit Machine. George And Dragon. Cartoon Calendar. Memory Display. Truffle Hunt. Treasure Hunt. Carols. Christmas Antics

BUG-03-8 Beebug Disc Vol 3 Iss 8 1D 15 56
Assembler Arithmetic. Disable Break. Red Alert, Digger Games. Program Cruncher. Split Screen Utility. Making Music

BUG-03-9 Beebug Disc Vol 3 Iss 9 1D 14 38
Beginners Tutorial Examples. Making Music. Spreadsheet. Pretty List Utility. Spiderman, Caterpillar Games

BUG-03-10 Beebug Disc Vol 3 Iss 10 1D 17 50
Beginners Programs. Making Music. Spreadsheet. Mixed Modes. Brickie Nickie, Cosmonaut Games. A.I. Program

BUG-04-1 Beebug Disc Vol 4 Iss 1 1D 16 53
Beginners Programs. Assembler. Flowchart Generator. Free Memory Display. Making Music. Lunar Bug, Scrumpi Games. English Garden

BUG-04-2 Beebug Disc Vol 4 Iss 2 1D 29 53
Stonehenge. Searches. Making Music. Multiple Windows. WW+ Segments. Trackman, Swan Trap Games

BUG-04-3 Beebug Disc Vol 4 Iss 3 1D 14 56
3D Text. Jigsaw Puzzle. Beginners Examples. View Printer Driver. Disc Drive Backup. Mode 7 Plot. EQU Functions In Basic. Hatrace Game

BUG-04-4 Beebug Disc Vol 4 Iss 4 1D 16 56
40/80 Disc Utility. Pop-up Calculator. Bar Charts. New OS Commands. Disc Catalogue Display. Builder Bob, Rescue Mission Games. 65C02 Disassembler

BUG-04-5 Beebug Disc Vol 4 Iss 5 1D 24 63
Recursion. WW+ Tutorial. EPROM Programmer. Disc Menu Extensions. Roulette Game. Disc Benchmarks

BUG-04-6 Beebug Disc Vol 4 Iss 6 1D 25 65
Picture Compression. WW+ Compact. Programming ROM/RAM. Quasimodo Game. Hidden Line Removal. Basic Compiler Part 1

BUG-04-7 Beebug Disc Vol 4 Iss 7 1D 25 62
Basic Editor. Personal Diary. Sure Save. WW+ Examples. ROM/RAM Programs. Chinese Checquers. Morfix Game

BUG-04-8 Beebug Disc Vol 4 Iss 8 1D 17 58
Earth From Space. Fuzzy Commands. Disc Recovery. Viewsheet Boot. Manic Mechanic, Wizard Games

BUG-04-9 Beebug Disc Vol 4 Iss 9 1D 17 61
USI Demo. RAMsafe Utility. Burger Time Game. Black Jack Card Game. Workshop Timers

BUG-04-10 Beebug Disc Vol 4 Iss 10 1D 14 47
Inbetweening. DIY Basic. Direct Display Utility. Hex Tutorial. USI Demo. Timers. Jason Mason Game

BUG-05-1 Beebug Disc Vol 5 Iss 1 1D 22 68
Mandelbrot Graphics. Mail-Merge. Soft Screen Shuffle. DIY Basic. *SPOOL Graphics. Ebony Castle

BUG-05-2 Beebug Disc Vol 5 Iss 2 1D 28 64
Computer Simulation. WW+ Debug. Master Private RAM. Arrays. SWR Software. Hardware Animation. Talking Heads. Gridrunner II

BUG-05-3 Beebug Disc Vol 5 Iss 3 1D 27 57
Memo Pad. Computer Simulation. Master Example. ROM Controller. Paint Routines. SWR Software. Tenpin Bowling. Magic Modem Boot

BUG-05-4 Beebug Disc Vol 5 Iss 4 1D 19 66
Disc Manager. Mapping Britain. ADFS Menu. Instant Texturing. Posidroid Game. Disc Manager

BUG-05-5 Beebug Disc Vol 5 Iss 5 1D 20 67
Which Machine? Storage Oscilloscope. Compare Basic Program. Printer Dump. ADFS Menu. Dynamic Functions. Accounts. Tutankhamen Game

BUG-05-6 Beebug Disc Vol 5 Iss 6 1D 18 66
Merge and Partsave. Business Graphics. WW+ Multi-Column. Printer Graphics. Master Series. Storage Oscilloscope. Cubert Game

BUG-05-7 Beebug Disc Vol 5 Iss 7 1D 25 65
File Security. SWR Loader. Sort. Program Cruncher. Pitfall Pete

BUG-05-8 Beebug Disc Vol 5 Iss 8 1D 22 67
Letterheads. SWR Buffers. Arrays. Sorts. Backgammon Game

BUG-05-9 Beebug Disc Vol 5 Iss 9 1D 28 62
New Fonts. Graphic Block Move. View Printer Driver. New OS Routines. Arrays. Labarynth Game

BUG-05-10 Beebug Disc Vol 5 Iss 10 1D 24 51
Fancy Lettering. Help System. Chart Recorder. Viewsheet Data Entry. Auto-Run Basic. Keyboard Blip. Flitty Flea

BUG-06-1 Beebug Disc Vol 6 Iss 1 1D 17 59
Selective Breeding, Midas front-end, Reading *FX calls, DFS to ADFS transfer, ROM initialisation, Chart recorder, Function key demos, Keyboard Blip Rom, First course..Family Trees Pt2, Roll of Honour game

BUG-06-2 Beebug Disc Vol 6 Iss 2 1D 17 48
World by Night and Day, Auto-save utility, Exploring assembler, Workdisc generator, ADFS auto-boot menus, Marks analysis, Turtle graphics demos, Plot demos, Adventure skeleton

BUG-06-3 Beebug Disc Vol 6 Iss 3 1D 17 71
Mode7 screen editor, Exploring assembler, Address Book, Quadric surfaces, Decimals to binary, Fill examples, ADFS Turbo menu, Giant scroller, Jungle Adventure

BUG-06-4 Beebug Disc Vol 6 Iss 4 1D 23 52
Keystrip generator, BeeBug Paint and Draw, Master Clock, Time series analysis, Animated titling, Custom Clearance, Archimedes progs, 6502 debug, Logical expressions, Exploring assembler

BUG-06-5 Beebug Disc Vol 6 Iss 5 1D 21 81
File Cataloguer, Exploring assembler, Spooks and Spirits, Regression analysis, Super function keys, Giant Bounce, The Ghost Host(needs BeeBug Command Rom), Memory Editor

BUG-06-6 Beebug Disc Vol 6 Iss 6 1D 24 64
Rom Generator, Exploring assembler, Dracula game, Character definer, Menu Generator, Multiplication demo, Colour demos, High res. mode0 dump, Formatted listings, File confirm utility, Master data storage, Date Stamping WW+(needs correcting to include 3rd & 23rd!)

BUG-06-7 Beebug Disc Vol 6 Iss 7 1D 23 57
Procedure analysis, Personal Diary, Modular assembler, Trivia Quiz, ADFS backup, Snowflake graphic, Christie Visuals..Trench, *RUN basic programs, Exploring assembler, Pitfall Pete screens

BUG-06-8 Beebug Disc Vol 6 Iss 8 1D 22 62
Hopalong graphic demo, Circuit analysis, Transposing music, Sprite editor, Screen memory demo, *FREE and *MAP, Terras 5 game, Talking to ADFS Pt1, Exploring assembler, Cross Referencer

BUG-06-9 Beebug Disc Vol 6 Iss 9 1D 26 83
Procedure lister, Now C here Pt1, 3D Cocktail wire frame graphics, Video cataloguer, Sprite animator, Talking to ADFS Pt2, Circuit analysis, Patience, Exploring assembler

BUG-06-10 Beebug Disc Vol 6 Iss 10 1D 30 75
ADFS View Menu. Resistor Calculation. Programming in C. Using Overlays. Printer Buffer. Date Stamper. Video Cataloguer. Exploring Assembler. IBM-BBC Transfer. Knight Quest

BUG-07-1 Beebug Disc Vol 7 Iss 1 1D 30 97
Car Pak Game. Multi Column Print. File Handling Part 1. Now C Here Part 3. Beebug Mini Wimp. Disc Spool Utility. Vectoring Around. Data Statements. Multi Flash. Exploring Assembler. MSDOS Transfers.

BUG-07-2 Beebug Disc Vol 7 Iss 2 1D 25 97
Knight's Tour. Drawing With Splines. Beebug Mini Wimp. Renumber Utility. Chords and Keyboards. Shadow Ram. File Handling. Disc Manager. ADFS View Menu. Now C Here. Basic I Routines. Sprite Editor.

BUG-07-3 Beebug Disc Vol 7 Iss 3 1D 25 72
Solitaire. Shades and Shadows. Birth Charts. Matrices. Passing Arrays. Roll Down Screens. File Handling. Using Assembler.

BUG-07-4 Beebug Disc Vol 7 Iss 4 1D 26 73
Crossword. Temperature Probe. Worms. Mini Wimp. Viewing Foreign. Matrices. File Handling. Using Assembler. Workshop. Split Screen.

BUG-07-5 Beebug Disc Vol 7 Iss 5 1D 24 73
Astaad. Design Characters. Be a Good Mouser. Print Formatting. Program Squeezer. Using Assembler. File Handling. Workshop. Elevens.

BUG-07-6 Beebug Disc Vol 7 Iss 6 1D 24 72
Astaad, Designing Characters, Print Formatting, Be a good Mouser:draw with a mouse, Program Squeezer, Using Assembler, File Handling, Elevens game, Workshop:visual sorting, character sorting and scrolling strings

BUG-07-7 Beebug Disc Vol 7 Iss 7 1D 22 75
 I Ching. Partial Renumber. Symmetrical Patterns. Monthly DEsk Diary. Astaad. File Handling. Using Assembler. Universal Calendar

BUG-07-8 Beebug Disc Vol 7 Iss 8 1D 26 76
ADFS Directory Deleter, Produce Audio Tape Inlays, ROM Manager, Real Time Clock, Steams for Astaad, Draughts, Mode 7 Characters, File Handling Pt8

BUG-07-9 Beebug Disc Vol 7 Iss 9 1D 28 82
3D Landscapes. Dual Column Listings. Centres of Gravity. ADFS *WIPE. Multi Precision Decimal Arithmetic. Auto Dating Utility. Roller Rally. Roller Coaster

BUG-07-10 Beebug Disc Vol 7 Iss 10 1D 28 93
DFS Indexer. Mode 7 Histograms. 5 New Modes. RC and RL Circuits. Double Height Characters. Double Height Digits. View Screen Printer Driver. Page Composition. Multi Precision Decimal Arithmetic. Dodeca Game. Improved Video Cataloguer.

BUG-08-1 Beebug Disc Vol 8 Iss 1 1D 21 65
Julia Sets. Share Analysis. Counting Rabbits. Speed and Sound Controller. Another Date With View. Big Text Displays. Transparent SWR Loader. Bouncer Ball.

BUG-08-2 Beebug Disc Vol 8 Iss 2 1D 22 88
Share Analysis. Disassembler. File Handling For All. Cribbage. Basic Line Editor. Fast DFS Backup. Vocabulary Tester. Master Clockface

BUG-08-3 Beebug Disc Vol 8 Iss 3 1D 31 93
Magic Lantern Slides. Running Four Temperatures. Foreign Language Tester Part 2. ADFS Disc Sector Editor. Mathematical Transformations. Abbreviation Substitution. Abbreviation Editor. ADFS Disc Formatter. Batch Byte Loader. Egghead

BUG-08-4 Beebug Disc Vol 8 Iss 4 1D 20 102
A general Purpose Line Input Function. Font Designer Part 1. Mathematical Transformations. Teletext Procedures. A Self-Help Utility. Aces High. Multi-colour Printing. Using a Video Digitiser. 512 Forum. Teletext Editor

BUG-08-5 Beebug Disc Vol 8 Iss 5 1D 31 95
Diffusion Limited Aggregation. A Printer Command Utility. Amateur Research Part 1. Beebug Graph Plotter Part 1. Visual Sorting. Datafile Superdump. 512 DOS Sort Utility. A Reverse Polish Generator. Font Designer Part 2. File Converter. Twiddle. General Purpose Line Input Function

BUG-08-6 Beebug Disc Vol 8 Iss 6 1D 26 78
Instant Publishing. Basic ROM Image Creator. Beebug Graph Plotter Part 2. Disc File Identifier. A Good Report. Amateur Research Part 2. Creating a Plus or Minus Character. Postscript Screendump Utility. CLOSE#0 Master Bug. Bingo Card Printer. Bigo Card Caller. Crazy Clowns Game.

BUG-08-7 Beebug Disc Vol 8 Iss 7 1D 24 94
Launch a Spacecraft. EdiKit Part 1. Disc File Identifier Part 2. Find Utility. Solids of Revolution. Postscript Vector Graphics. Amateur Research Part 3. Drainstorm Game. Stellar Display.

BUG-08-8 Beebug Disc Vol 8 Iss 8 1D 18 70
Dichotomous Keys Part 1. Master Display ROM Part 1. Edikit Part 2. Using The Rom Filing System Part 1. Procedure/Function Appender. Amateur Research Part 4. Circular Ring. Spherical Shell. Postscript Dump For Mode 7. Character Set Display Program. Minefield. Improved Dual Column Listings.

BUG-08-9 Beebug Disc Vol 8 Iss 9 1D 21 76
Keyword Highlighter. Order out of Chaos. Dichotomous Keys Part 2. Using The ROM Filing System RFS Header Generation. Statistics For Pleasure. Printing Characters 128 to 255. Edikit Part 3. Writing a Compiler Part 4. Master Display ROM Part 2.

BUG-08-10 Beebug Disc Vol 8 Iss 10 1D 28 103
Weaving Patterns. ADFS Desktop. Curve Fitting Part 1. Datafile Search Utility. Music Programming in Ample Part 1. Edikit Part 4. Master DFS Bug Fix. Compact Keyboard Emulation. Writing a Compiler Part 5. Order Out of Chaos Part 2. Moon Patrol Game. Music 5000 Tunes

BUG-09-1 Beebug Disc Vol 9 Iss 1 1D 21 81
Fractal Pattern Generator. Advanced Printer Mode Selector. Printer Utility. ROM Image. Designer Shoot em up. Sprite Designer. Using Sideways RAM. Edikit Part 5. Mechanical Vibration. Curve Fitting Part 2. Disc File Identifier Update. Quad Game

BUG-09-2 Beebug Disc Vol 9 Iss 2 1D 27 74
Spline Text. Turmites. Using Sideways RAM on a BBC B. Fog Index. Versatile Character Editor. Decimal Squeeze. Menu Routine. Designer Shoot em up Part 2. Wordwise Plus Auto Backup Utility. Programming in Ample Part 3. Solitaire Game.

BUG-09-3 Beebug Disc Vol 9 Iss 3 1D 19 65
Enigma Machine. Phone Call Costing. Using Bas128. Data Input Routine. High Resolution Graph Plotter. Practical Assembler Part 3. Tables Invaders. Using The ROM Filing System Part 3. Permanently Coloured Text. Auto Entry of Assembler.

BUG-09-4 Beebug Disc Vol 9 Iss 4 1D 26 93
Fuel Consumption Calculator. Lorenz Attractor. ADFS Directory Examiner. Permutations. Travelling Salesman Problem. Monix Machine Code Monitor Part 1. Scrolling Text Routines. Using Bas128. Basic Editor Utility. Quad Game. Newton's Cradle

BUG-09-5 Beebug Disc Vol 9 Iss 5 1D 20 81
Spinning Text. ADFS Sector Editor Part 1. Pinpointing a Date. Fuel Consumption Calculator Part 2. Queen's Problem. Knights Tour Problem. Monix Machine Code Monitor Part 2. Reading Data Files. Configuring The Master Turbo.

BUG-09-6 Beebug Disc Vol 9 Iss 6 1D 19 101
Inside The Mandelbrot Set. Wod Processor Style Input Part 1. Searching Part 3. International Phonecall Costing. Sideways ROM Image Auto Load. Sorting With CALL. Curly! Educational Game. Producing Video 8 Tape Inlays. ADFS Disc Sector Editor Part 2. Pentominoes.

BUG-09-7 Beebug Disc Vol 9 Iss 7 1D 27 107
Jumbo Crosswords. Continued Fractions For Pleasure. Mikrotel Part 1. Monte Carlo Methods. Krypton File Encryption. Shuzzle Game. Star Commands. Word Processor Style Input Part 2. Redefining Epson Characters 128-255. Planet Z. Music 5000 Pieces.

BUG-09-8 Beebug Disc Vol 9 Iss 8 1D 26 152
Dynamic Footnotes. Star Commands For Printers From Disc. Perpetual Calendar. Structured Program Listings. More Memory. Encryption. PC Disc Formatter. Mikrotel Part 2. Word Processor Style Input Part 3

BUG-09-9 Beebug Disc Vol 9 Iss 9 1D 21 109
Cyclic Functions. Treasurer's Companion. Outline Font Designer. Spline Text. Improved Route Planner. ADFS/View Utility For The Master. Data Compression. Function/Procedure Library. Auto Start For The RFS.

BUG-09-10 Beebug Disc Vol 9 Iss 10 1D 21 82
Collapsing Screens. Instant Access to Magscan on a Master. Recreational Mathematics. Colour Blender and Screen Design Aid. Function/Procedure Library. Sideways RAM Commands For The Master

BUG-10-1 Beebug Disc Vol 10 Iss 1 1D 16 48
Printing Scientific Characters. Character Analysis. Mini Wall Planner. View to ASCII Conversion. Crossword Compiler. ASCII to Binary. Recreational Mathematics. New Fonts For The Master. Linear Equations. Function/Procedure Library.

BUG-10-2 Beebug Disc Vol 10 Iss 2 1D 17 53
Blockade Game. Updated Route Planner. Route Planner Creator. Recreational Maths. Volume Controller. Numerical Integration. Part Merge/Save. Function/Procedure Library. Printing Scientific Characters.

BUG-10-3 Beebug Disc Vol 10 Iss 3 1D 15 53
Chinese Tangrams, 3D Graphs, Edit and View Utilities, Maths Encryption, DFS Disc Recovery Utility, Wordwise Users Notebook,Printing Scientific Character

BUG-10-4 Beebug Disc Vol 10 Iss 4 1D 20 56
Textbase Pt.1, Practical Graphics, Multiple Windows, Wordwise Users Note Book:preview, line number stripper, search and replace function, Random Sampling, Using PC discs on a Beeb update, Procedure Library:filing and sorting

BUG-10-5 Beebug Disc Vol 10 Iss 5 1D 22 60
Autosave Utility, Master OS Rom bug, Textbase Pt.2, Wordwise Users Notebook:Password protection, Prompt, Message Display, File not found display Simulation Modelling, ADFS Desktop Enhancements, Double Size Characters, Numerical Notations, Function and Procedure Library:Envelopes and sound, Hexagons Game

BUG-10-6 Beebug Disc Vol 10 Iss 6 1D 25 70
Patterns from the Keyboard Pt.1, Running programs with a Joytick, Simulation Modelling, Printer Spooler Utility, Interrupt Routine, Stealth Game, Wordwise Users Notebook:Greet, Paint, Aide and Bands, Textbase Pt.3

BUG-10-7 Beebug Disc Vol 10 Iss 7 1D 18 80
Self Numbering Graph Program, Disc Organiser for ADFS, Patterns from the Keyboard Pt.2, Teletext and the Function Keys, Simulation Modelling, Teletext Routines, Pitfall Pete, Dee

BUG-10-8 Beebug Disc Vol 10 Iss 8 1D 25 80
Disc Organiser for ADFS Pt.2, Mikroquote, Function and Procedure Library:four routines for Screen Displays, GARP, Simulation Modelling, Wordwise Users Notebook:eight segment programs to do with sound, Exposing Basic Errors, Word Proccessor Input Rom

BUG-10-9 Beebug Disc Vol 10 Iss 9 1D 24 70
Ray Tracing Pt.1, Mikroquote, Zeus game, Function and Procedure:nine routines for formatting output to the printer, Mr.Toad's FXRom, Disc Spooler, Checker Board program, Wordwise Users Notebook:Sounds, Text to Basic

BUG-10-10 Beebug Disc Vol 10 Iss 10 1D 10 21 
Ray Tracing Pt.2, Musical Muskrats, Zeus II, Function & Procedure Library: Date Storage System, Wordwise Users Notebook:segment program for extracting up to seven lines from text for printing envelopes or labels, Cross Reference Lister, Workshop:Finding a routine in a network, The Hidden Persuaders:find those hidden names in the Master Rom, Store Print:printout data from ViewStore

BUG-11-1 Beebug Disc Vol 11 Iss 1 1D 19 96
Data Sheet prog, Table Formatter, Mr.Toads Beep Rom, WW+ Users Notebook: 3 segment programmes for markers, Mode 0 screen dumps, Rubiks Cube, Vol 10 Bibliography

BUG-11-2 Beebug Disc Vol 11 Iss 2 1D 16 51
Data Sheet Pt.2, Field Lines, Input Rom for SWR, Function /Proc Library:Drawing Demos, Renumbering, Weather Station Pt.1, Mr.Toads Machine code Corner, Flashing Colours, Workshop:Patterns with Squares

BUG-11-3 Beebug Disc Vol 11 Iss 3 1D 22 85
Corkscrew:Procedure Manager, High Security Cyphers, Logo Family Tree, Rom Controller, Weather Station Update, Textbase Update, Workshop:Data Structure of Linked Lists

BUG-11-4 Beebug Disc Vol 11 Iss 4 1D 25 70
Designing NLQ Characters Pt.1, High Security Cyphers Pt.2, WW+ Users Note Book:Seven segment programmes for Highlighting, Marking and Quick File, Save and Menu System, Mr.Toads Macro Rom, Dynamic Memory Window, Workshop: Data Structure and Linked Lists, Flashing Colours in Mode 1, Chess Database

BUG-11-5 Beebug Disc Vol 11 Iss 5 1D 12 38
Designing NLQ Characters Part 2. Demos in the Classrom. Pentiles Game. Quadric Surfaces. Reach For The Stars. Interrupt Driven Motor Control

BUG-11-6 Beebug Disc Vol 11 Iss 6 1D 27 75
Designing NLQ Characters Pt.3, View Printer Driver, Satellites of Jupiter, Polish Calculater, Cool Cursor, Detecting Write Protect,Weather Station Updates, Numerical Fortunes, Mr.Toads Machine Code Corner,WW+ Users Notebook

BUG-11-7 Beebug Disc Vol 11 Iss 7 1D 25 90
Data Boss, JobLog Pt.1, Using SWR Pt.2, Wordsearch Puzzle Generator, Workshop: using threaded trees, Style Checker, IBM to BBC Transfer, Mr.Toads Machine Code Corner, Christmas Carol

BUG-11-8 Beebug Disc Vol 11 Iss 8 1D 17 52
Celestial Bodies, JobLog Pt.2, Using SWR Pt.3, WW+ Users Notebook:program keypresses that can be replayed, Tree Traversal and Recursion, Form Designer, Eureka game, Mr.Toads Machine Code Corner

BUG-11-9 Beebug Disc Vol 11 Iss 9 1D 25 100
ADFS Backup Pt.1, Sideways Poet Pt.1, 15 Puzzle, Form Designer SetUp, Form Designer Examples, Binary Trees, Gravity and Orbits, Weather Station Update, Solve, Music Files

BUG-11-10 Beebug Disc Vol 11 Iss 10 1D 23 80
Fast ADFS Backup, ADFS Disc Comparison, Data Sheet Update, Printing Fractions, League Tables, Word Squares Update, Gravity and Orbits, Robol game,Spriter, Sorting

BUG-12-1 Beebug Disc Vol 12 Iss 1 1D 18 68
Slide Cataloguer, Robol Screen Designer and Robol game, 3D Text, Gravity and Orbits, Sorting Pt.2, Free Memory Display, Weather Station Update

BUG-12-2 Beebug Disc Vol 12 Iss 2 1D 17 52
Chaos, Big numbers:addition and subtraction, Presentable Text, Hunt the Snib, Slide Cataloguer, Gravity and Orbits Pt.3, Searching, Builder Bob, WW Users Notebook: Printing Utilities

BUG-12-3 Beebug Disc Vol 12 Iss 3 1D 15 45
Census, Word Square Solver, Enhancing Listo, Pool Perms, Gravity and Orbits Pt.5, Fast Circles, Hide and Seek (find the Gribit) game, Big Numbers:Division and Multiplication

BUG-12-4 Beebug Disc Vol 12 Iss 4 1D 26 70
Census programmes, Trig Values and Tables, Star LC24-200 Screen Dump, Printer Driver for Vie2, Loan Repayment Calculation, Mr.Toads Machine Code Corner, Hearing Test, Basic Editor

BUG-12-5 Beebug Disc Vol 12 Iss 5 1D 19 85
Census Programmes, CD Cataloguer, Quasimodo game, Multiple Chardes, Large Numbers:Square Roots, PI Demos, Compression Techniques

BUG-12-6 Beebug Disc Vol 12 Iss 6 1D 28 75
M-Base:general database, Savings Investigator, Manic Mechanic, Virtual Arrays, Missile Navigation, WW Users Notebok, Spirograph displays, Census

BUG-12-7 Beebug Disc Vol 12 Iss 7 1D 19 89
Beebart. Mbase Generalised Database Part 2. Putting ADFS Directories to Work. Pyramid Patience. Quick Sort. Relocator. Robol. Perpetual Calendar

BUG-12-8 Beebug Disc Vol 12 Iss 8 1D 26 80
Graffer Pt.1, M-Base Pt.2, Auto ADFS Directories Pt.2, Minotaurs Maze, Text Conversion, File Handling, M/C Corner, WW Users Notebook:Multiple Letters, Ample Music Files

BUG-12-9 Beebug Disc Vol 12 Iss 9 1D 17 60
Extended Keyboard Pt.1, Dual Dump, Graffer Pt.2, Fish, Body Popping, Date Handling, Cute Key Cutes, Super Fruits game

BUG-12-10 Beebug Disc Vol 12 Iss 10 1D 21 94
Extended Keyboard Pt.2, Screen Saver, Cubert game, Merelocs, Square Dance, Date Handling Routines, Disc Menu, Envelope Printing for View, Stonemason: Roman numerals

BUG-02 Vol. 2 ADFS -- 435
See the DFS version description for full details

BUG-03 Vol. 3 ADFS -- 576
See the DFS version description for full details

BUG-04 Vol. 4 ADFS -- 592
See the DFS version description for full details

BUG-05 Vol. 5 ADFS -- 600
See the DFS version description for full details

BUG-06 Vol. 6 ADFS -- --
See the DFS version description for full details

BUG-07-A Vol. 7 +V.6-10 ADFS  2A -- --
See the DFS version description for full details

BUG-08-A Vol. 8 ADFS 2A -- --
See the DFS version description for full details

BUG-09-A Vol. 9 ADFS 2A -- --
See the DFS version description for full details

BUG-10-A Vol. 10 ADFS 2A -- --
See the DFS version description for full details

BUG-11-A Vol. 11 ADFS 2A -- --
See the DFS version description for full details

BUG-12-A Vol. 12 ADFS 2A -- --
See the DFS version description for full details

BUG-13 10th Year Anniversary 1D 23 93
Stealth. Quad. Draughts. Perpetual Calendar. Crossword Compiler. World By Day And Night. Keystrip Designer. GARP. Multi-Column Printing. Recursive Trees

BUG-14 Card And Board Games 1D 21 73
 Aces High. Chinese Chequers. Cribbage. Elevens. Roll Of Honour. Patience. Solitaire. Twiddle

BUG-15 General Utilities 1D 29 98
Printer Buffer. ROM Controller. Sprite Editor. Sprite Animator. View Printer Driver. Screen Editor. Multi-Column Printing. Epson Character Definer. RFS Generator. BEEBUG Mini Wimp

BUG-16 Filer 1D 21 60
 Database. Accounts. Graphs. Sort

BUG-17 Arcade Games 1D 19 77
Builder Bob. Ebony Castle. George And The Dragon. Manic Mechanic. Minefield. Pitfall Pete. Quad. Knight's Quest

BUG-18 Applications 1 1D 29 102
Business Graphics. Video Cataloguer. World By Day And Night. Phone And Address Book. Page Designer. Letter Head. Mapping British Isles. Selective Breeding. The Earth From Space. Appointments Diary

BUG-19 Applications 2 1D 31 135
Share Investor. Temperature Monitor. Monthly Desk Diary. Foreign Language Tester. 3D Landscapes. Real Time Clock. Label Processor. Crossword Editor. Julia Sets

BUG-20 Printwise 1D 24 101
Includes fonts, font editor and test editor

BUG-21-A Masterfile A -- --

BUG-21-D  Masterfile II 1D 15 78

BUG-22 View  Spellchecker 2D 11 237
Complete with 6000 word dictionary

BUG-23 Disc Utilities 1D 19 48
Sector Editor. Recover. Move Down. Menu. Indexer. Tape to Disc. Link. Overlay. 40/80 Expander. Dual Catalogue. Format/Verify

BUG-24 Best of Beebug Utilities 1D 24 72
Compiled by Steve Allsopp. 3D Text. ASK ROM help utility. Multi Catalogue discs. Basic Rom Image Creator. Master Alarm Clock. Personalised Logos. Mr Toad's FX ROM. Midas, Front End

BUG-25 Best of Beebug  Games 1D 19 93
Compiled by Steve Allsopp. Burger Time. Ebony Castle. Pentominoes. Roller Rally. Zeus. Jason Mason. Knight's Quest. Wizard 2

BUG-26 Beebug C 2D 51 157
Beebug C

BUG-27 Beebug Members Pack 1D 20 72
The Beebug New Members Welcome Disc

BUG-28 Beebug Murom. Musical Jukebox 1D 28 84
A jukebox-style music compilation of eleven 4-channel pieces, each of which load in separately in turn. The tracks are: ANNA MAGDELENA, BLACK AND WHITE RAG, BREAKFAST IN AMERICA, CAVATINA, ELEANOR RIGBY, GAUDETE, LOVE STORY, MY GIRL, SONATINE, TWO PART INVENTION NO. 1 and TWO PART INVENTION NO. 8

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