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Mad Rabbit PD Catalogue

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-- -- -- Mad Rabbit PD -- -- --

Mad Rabbit Public Domain By Jess Rowbottom. Thanks for Jess for imaging her library and sending it to 8BS. I have copied the text from the original Mad Rabbit PD catalogue into the descriptions.

MRP-CAT Mad Rabbit PD Catalogue
Issue 3 of the Mad Rabbit PD catalogue in PDF format. Including a second searchable copy OCRed by CJR

MRP-000 BB-SMP Sampler Disk 1D -- --
The MRPD Sampler disk containing a random selection of software from the MRPD library

MRP-001 BB-001 Communications 2D -- --
A selection of ANSI terminals, VT52 terminals and file transfers for use with various modems and computer links. Features the RAM and ROM versions of Kermit, and a four-colour 80 column ANSI terminal by Lord Hickery.

MRP-002 BB-002 Welsh Boys PD Sampler 1D -- --
A demonstration disk from the Welsh Boys PD Library. Features a CV generator, trigonometry tester and other interesting software.

MRP-003 BB-003 Red Shift Adventure Games 1D -- --
A collection of text-based adventure games from Red Shift PD: Dreadnought, First Contact and Insomnia. Guaranteed to drive you insane and ensure many sleepless nights.

MRP-004 BB-004 Radio Amateur Software 2D -- --
A disk full of software, including a UU encoder/decoder, a morse code test program, a TNC driver program, moon location prediction program and much more from G4BLT, as recommended by Beebug magazine. Features documentation for many programs on the disk.

MRP-005 BB-005 Pubs Of Wakefield 2D -- --
A guide to many of the pubs in the Wakefield area, complete with maps, locations and ales served. Brian Smith, who wrote the software, assures us that the research was the most enjoyable part. It may seem somewhat dated, but it's quite fun.

MRP-006 BB-006 Datascope 1D -- --
A digital/analogue data analysis system, working with data gathered from the user port and analogue port. Very useful for electronics enthusiasts, or educational establishments on a program to test user-built peripherals.

MRP-007 BB-007 BASIC Music Volume 1 2D -- --
A selection of music which will turn your Beeb into Beethoven. Included on this disk are such classics as 'You Win Again', 'Dinobop', 'Its A Sin' and 'Axel-F'.

MRP-008 BB-008 BASIC Music Volume 2 2D -- --
A second collection of music to make your micro sound like Mantovani. In this collection are such greats as 'Crockets Theme', 'Lazer 3' and always On My Mind'.

MRP-009 BB-009 Odes To British Telecom 1D -- --
A selection of music dedicated to the ongoing mission of BT to amass the greatest profit ever. Written by various comms users throughout the UK, this selection features 'BT Are A Hassle', 'We're Cutting You Off Now' and '192 DIREctory Enquiries'.

MRP-010 BB-010 Starwars Animations 1D -- --
Seven digitised animations, best viewed on a mono monitor or a black and white television. These have been directly digitised, frame by frame, from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Micro Live and Thames Television. A nice set of golden oldies, this.

MRP-011 BB-011 Assorted Utilities 1D -- --
This disk contains an assortment of general utilities, many of which will prove useful. This collection includes a Km/Litre Fuel Consumption calculator, a Random Number drawing program, an Envelope Editor and a Sound-Sample Mix Editor.

MRP-012 BB-012 Fanfare 1D -- --
Fanfare is a teletext display system developed by Alan Phillips. It comes with full manual documentation and a ROM image which may be blown into a ROM or loaded into a bank of sideways RAM.The system includes a full teletext editor and a local display system akin to a Viewdata Bulletin Board generator.

MRP-013 BB-013 Wapping Editor Clipart 2D -- --
A selection of clip art for use with the Wapping Editor from Watford. This selection features digitised images of famous people such as Lady Diana, John Lennon, Elton John and Prince Charles. A loader is included to enable users without Wapping Editor to load and view the files.

MRP-014 BB-014 On This Day 1D -- --
A set of textfiles which have been widely acclaimed on the PC market, and have now been converted for use on the BBC Micro. Over 5000 facts about what happened 'On This Day', including events and birthdays. Now features a file searcher and reader for quick access.

MRP-015 BB-015 Adult Stories 2D -- --
A collection of adults-only stories - not for children! Please include a signed statement that you are 18 or over when ordering this disk, other wiseit will not be supplied. EDIT CJR this is obviously not possible and so the zip file is passworded. Please be aware that the content of this disk is pornographic.

MRP-016 BB-016 Office Clipart 2D -- --
A collection of amusing office scenes which may be usedasclipart in DTP packages, etc. Features a loader which will sequentially load and display the clipart, which is in screensave format.

MRP-017 BB-017 Lancaster 65C02 Assembler 2D -- --
This is a full-feature 6502/65C02 macro assembler which will allow you to write machine-code programs using a text editor (such as View) and assemble them into full object code files. Other text editors may be used such as Wordwise, Edit and Interword. Features full documentation on use in two textfiles. Many of the machine-code programs used by MRPD were written using this assembler.

MRP-018 BB-018 Animations And Graphical Demos 1D -- --
This disk features demos which will beg you to reconsider your opinion of the power of your Beeb.It features such marvels as the PROMOTE demo, SWAT demo, the SWEET DREAMSbouncing ball demo and much more.

MRP-019 BB-019 Telesoftware Utilities 1D -- --
This disk consists of a suite of programs designed for use with a teletext adapter. The collection includes a program to ‘eavesdrop' on users of the phone-in TELEVOX system, a CRC checking program, and a program to grab the latest news and print it out. Note that due to changes in the teletext system since these programs were written, some tweaking may be required for these programs to run.

MRP-020 BB-020 Game Cheats And Screens 1D -- --
Included in this collection are 24 screens designed for use with REPTON-3, a set of screens for use with REPTON INFINITY (both designed by Andrew Black), an ELITE commander designer, and a cheat for SIMCITY. Please note that the games will be required to perform these cheats and screens!

MRP-021 BB-021 Harston ADFS 1D -- --
HADFS is a filing system which will allow the user to run an ADFS/Econet-style directory structured system without the need for a 1770 FDC chip installed. It is held as a sideways RAM image (but may be blown into Eprom) and comes with adequate documentation and utility programs. EDIT CJR This disk will be out of date. Go to Jonathan's website for the latest version

MRP-022 BB-022 Multifile Database System 1D -- --
This is a comprehensive database system which may be customised easily to fit the user's needs. It features full documentation on use in a textfile.

MRP-023 BB-023 Music 5000 Ample Volume 1 1D -- --
Hybrid's Music 5000 system is required for this disk. It features the 13 Amps suite of pieces and various other tunes including 'If You Knew Susie', 'The Entertainer', and the Pet Shop Boys song ‘Hit Music'.

MRP-024 BB-024 PD Games Volume 1 1D -- --
Enjoy staying indoors with this collection of eleven games, which includes graphics and text games which will entertain everyone. This collection includes such gems as 'The Search For Sanity', 'Power Raider' and 'Crazy Ball'.

MRP-025 BB-025 PD Games Volume 2 1D -- --
Score : A second collection of PD games which include puzzlers from Robin Pike, a text-based adventure and a football manager among others. There's 'Tetriz', a Beeb version of a well-known Russian game, or why not attempt to puzzle out 'Quadrix' - a Rubik's cube-style treasure hunt!

MRP-026 BB-026 Cheats And Utilities 2D -- --
A disk by C.J.Richardson which is chock full of software! Cheats are supplied for games such as Labyrinth, Spyhunter, Swoop, Gisburne's Castle, Chuckie Egg and many more. Other programs supplied include a Shopping List generator, User-defined Character editor, Text Converter, and various BBC Basic tunes.

MRP-027 BB-027 Programming Utilities Volume 1 1D -- --
Several utilities by S.Lazareno - a Super Line Editor, a Screen Editor, a ROM daisy-chaining routine, and full documentation on all programs included. Also included is the 6502 source code for many of the utilities, so that programmers may add their own routines.

MRP-028 BB-028 STD Code Directory 2D -- --
Ever got an STD code and wondered where it's for? Find out with this handy utility by C.J.Richardson which does the opposite of your STD code directory supplied by BT. Performs search by code, by area and by town name.

MRP-029 BB-029 Archivers, Translators And Emulators 1D -- --
A selection of software to emulate other systems, archive and import files. Included on this disk is the Spectrum Emulator ROM image, an MS-DOS disk reader (BBC Master only), and various archive/de-archive programs.

MRP-030 BB-030 TBBS 2D -- --
This disk is missing from the collection. TBBS is an ANSI scrolling-terminal bulletin board system - this is the unregistered version (the registered version may also be obtained from us - registration FP-002, price £20.00). Any user can become a System Operator with this software!

MRP-031 BB-031 jMOS Systems ROM 1D -- --
A ROM image containing various utilities which the Beeb is sadly lacking in, including *ROMS, *PRINT, *PARK (for hard drive users), *PLAY and *RECORD for sound-samples, and *STARTUP (in order to run an initialisation file). Documentation is provided for use of this system.

MRP-032 BB-032 Christian Names Dictionary 2D -- --
This disk contains a dictionary of every conceivable christian name and meaning, complete with reader. If you have a double-sided drive, information about zodiac signs is available as well.

MRP-033 BB-033 Startrek TNG Encyclopaedia 2D -- --
A complete catalogue of the first six seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, including episode details, cast details, ship details and schematics. Recommended for any Trekker, from the closet fan to the enthusiastic fan!

MRP-034 BB-034 The NCC Fact File A -- --
This is a factfile containing interesting (!) information about almost every subject - including landmasses, lake volumes, temperature conversions, and much much more! This disk will only function on the BBC Master.

MRP-035 BB-035 Startrek DS9 Database 2D -- --
Star Trek fans wanting a look at the new spin-off series will want to order this disk! It contains digitised pictures of the characters, character backgrounds, an episode guide, and sampled sound, accessed via the LCARS system. Highly recommended! :

MRP-036 BB-036 Startrek Documents #1 2D -- --
A collection of Star Trek texts, complete with reader. Texts include a paper on Warp Physics, a collection of Trek jokes, and several spoof scripts (including "Star Trek: The Next Degeneration - Where No Sane Man Would Go").

MRP-037 BB-037 CCl4 Textfiles 2D -- --
A collection of textfiles from the CCl4 Viewdata System based in Hull. Included in this collection are such classics as 'Indiana Babb and the Grimsby Exchange", "Percy the Pancake" and "Mr Benn's Incredible Adventure". If you are easily offended by Viz-type humour then you are recommended to steer clear of this disk.

MRP-038 BB-038 Technical Documents 2D -- --
A selection of docs about various technical items and about programming. Included is the original specification for the BBC Model B,hints and tips on building your own IBM-PC compatible, QWK mailfile formats, and connecting a BBC Micro to an Archimedes.

MRP-039 BB-039 The Startrek Drinks Mixer 1D -- --
A collection of recipes for mixing your own lethal Star Trek cocktails. This drinks collection contains the directions to make your own "Romulan Cola", "Klingon Grog", "Spock's Bane" and "Randy Yeoman", among others!

MRP-040 BB-040 GCSE History/Geography Revision Notes 2D -- --
A set of revision notes for revising for those GCSEs, in textfile format. Texts cover the WJEC Examining Board syllabus, and are intended as a revision aid (not as sole literature for the syllabus!). A reader is provided for those users who do not possess a wordprocessor such as Wordwise.

MRP-041 BB-041 Fidei Defensor 2D -- --
This is a Christian quiz which is suitable for school RE use. It features a multiple-choice format on different topics from the Bible. Questions supplied are mainly on the New Testament, but there are facilities for writing your own questions. This quiz was given a favourable review in 'The Micro User', February 1990

MRP-042 BB-042 Jim Stirk Educational Collection 2D -- --
This collection contains 20 programs for children aged 2 onwards, including programs about addition, subtraction, deduction, shapes and colours, and music.

MRP-043 BB-043 Disk Duplicator III 1D -- --
This disk features Howard Spurr's Disk Duplicator, which will copy protected disks which cannot be copied through the *BACKUP command. Please note this program will only function on a BBC Model B with 8271 DFS, and will not work on a B+ or Master 128.

MRP-044 BB-044 Spell Checker 1D -- --
Ever wanted a spell-checker for the Beeb but couldn't quite justify paying out megabucks for one? Buy this disk and you'll wonder how you ever did without it! It's a complete spellchecker for ASCII and View files, and with a bit of tweaking could be used for Wordwise and Interword files too. Features facilities for adding, removing and converting words.

MRP-045 BB-045 The A To Z Of Game Cheats 1D -- --
A list of cheats, pokes and passwords for every game you could ever think of for the Beeb, including Arkanoid, Cybertron, Sentinel, Starquake, Thrust and more, all easily readable and printable from the disk menu. Great value for the nostalgic Beeb gamer!

MRP-046 BB-046 Lars Osterballe Collection #1 2D -- --
A disk chock full of Beeb demos and software from the Danish codemaster. This collection includes various graphics overscan programs, a RAMdisk system, the Promote demo, and PAPOS- (Programmer's All-Purpose Pull-down menu Operating System).

MRP-047 BB-047 Red Dwarf Documents 2D -- --
By popular demand, it's here! This collection of textfiles includes 'Frequently-Asked Questions about Red Dwarf, a complete episode guide, a list of memorable quotes from the series, and much much more; it's a must for every Red Dwarf fan! All textfiles may be read or printed using the easy-to-use textfile reader.

MRP-048 BB-048 Monty Python Scripts 2D -- --
A collection of scripts from Monty Python's Flying Circus, which may be read or printed from the boot-up menu. Included in this collection are such gems as the Pet Shop Sketch, Albatross, Spam and the Cheese Shoppe Sketch.

MRP-049 BB-049 Hector Parr Collection 2D -- --
A collection of programs penned by Hector Parr, including a selection of data handling demonstrations, mathematical routines , and a simple Wordprocessor, Database and Spreadsheet.

MRP-050 BB-050 Music ROMs #1 2D -- --
For all those Beeb users with Sideways RAM, this collection of interrupt-driven musical ROM images is a must! You can work while your computer plays music at you. Also included in each ROM are status commands, synchronisation commands, spectrum analyser and VU-bars. This collection includes such classics as 'Enola Gay', 'Da Da Da' and 'Nothing Can Divide Us'.

MRP-051 BB-051 Startrek Documents #2 2D -- --
A new disk of Trek textfiles to satisfy the appetite of Trekkers everywhere! Included in this collection is the 'Hitch-Hikers Guide To Star Trek', a cross between TNG and HHGTTG... As usual the files may be read or printed using the boot-up textfile reader.

MRP-052 BB-052 Startrek Documents 3 2D -- --
This disk is missing from the collection. Another disk of collectible Trek textfiles. Included is Atax, a complete TNG novel, and a complete guide to every Classic and Animated episode of Star Trek! As usual the files may be read or printed using the boot-up textfile reader.

MRP-053 BB-053 Hydroxide Music 2D -- --
A collection of limited-edition music from the CCl4 Database in Hull (Now With Wings). Features work by Dan Pugh, Ashley Frieze and Kevan Cheyne; works include Dance Of The Ice cubes, Addicts Anthem (and variations), Passion and more!

MRP-054 BB-054 Nectar Collector 1D -- --
A game written by Alex Card and designed for use with the 'Repton Infinity' package by Superior Software, which was originally designed to be released with the 'Play It Again Sam' series. Fly around with Hummy the Hummingbird and collect nectar to feed his ravenous chicks! Supplied with full instructions. PLEASE NOTE REPTON INFINITY IS REQUIRED TO PLAY THIS GAME.

MRP-055 BB-055 Sorceror's Domain 1 & 2 2D -- --
Two superb 'Repton'/Dunjunz'-style games for one player, complete with screen and sprite editors to create your Own scenarios. Full instructions are included.

MRP-056 BB-056 BASIC And Machine Code Tutorials 1D -- --
This is a documents disk containing a tutorial to 6502 machine-code, and a comprehensive tutorial to the BBC-BASIC language. Ideal for those wishing to learn assembler or BASIC at their own pace (this disk is an ideal complement to the BBC BASIC manual).

MRP-057 BB-057 Bazzasoft Adventure Creator 1D -- --
Create your own adventures using this versatile piece of software, which is well-documented. Included are two sample adventures- 'Eridan Rescue' and 'Test Of The Turnip'. Also included is an adventure created with the 'Graphic Adventure Creator' - Time Balls.

MRP-058 BB-058 Small C Compiler 2D -- --
This is a complex C compiler which is held in a sideways RAM image. It features full documentation. Unfortunately we're not too sure how this disk works, but it should prove interesting to users who have a knowledge of the C language. This disk is NOT recommended for the beginner in C!

MRP-059 BB-059 Byte The Apple 2D -- --
Due to the demand for more Beeb music, we are proud to release this disk which contains all four albums of music from 'Byte The Apple', including Beeb versions of music by The Human League, Duran Duran and Kraftwerk.

MRP-060 BB-060 Lars Osterballe Collection #2 2D -- --
A second disk of software from Denmark. This collection features such gems as a sample tracker, sideways RAM configuration status, a new BASIC prompt and the infamous To place Madonna pictures!

MRP-061 BB-061 Lars Osterballe Collection #3 2D -- --
A third disk of excellent software from that clever Danish man. This disk contains excellent graphical software such as a 64-colourpalette, a sixteen-colour MODE2, a sound-envelope designer, and the impressive 3-channel sampled Robocop demo.

MRP-062 BB-062 Lars Osterballe Collection #4 2D -- --
Is there no stopping this man? Disk 4 features SUPREME, complete Elite-style space trading game, a spinning star-sphere animation, and Pantheon - shoot-em-up/puzzle game.

MRP-063 BB-063 Lars Osterballe Collection #5 2D -- --
Yet more from the man in Denmark. This disk includes a small FORTH shell, a sprite designer (although this requires AMX Super Art and a mouse), and a VU-Meter demo.

MRP-064 BB-064 Dave Walsh Educational Collection 2D -- --
This disk contains a collection of simple maths practice programs - such as Racing Car Subtraction and Higher/Lower, and a collection of language practice material - such as Hangman and an Anagram game.

MRP-065 BB-065 Christmas Samples Mixes 1D -- --
A collection of seasonal mediocre sampled-sound mixes from The Welsh Boys. Includes such sampled hits as 'Do They Know Its Christmas' and 'Rock n Roll Christmas'. Shop early for Christmas (as they say...).

MRP-066 BB-066 RISK! 2D -- --
A complete version of the classic board game, where world domination is the ultimate aim - includes maps, colour-coding and strategies. For the aspiring dictators who want to play on their own, this version is for the BBC 'B' with DFS.

MRP-067 BB-067 Master Enhanced RISK! 1A -- --
An enhanced version of the game supplied on disk BB-059, but using the BBC Master's enhanced graphics and memory, and supplied on an ADFS disk. EDIT CJR, I assume that meant BB-066 and not BB-059

MRP-068 BB-068 PD Games Volume #3 2D -- --
Amongst other titles, this disk contains the 'Village Of Secrets' adventure and various machine-code games written by the author of "Sorceror's Domain I & II" (and includes enhanced versions for machines with SRAM). This disk also contains the complete solution to 'Insomnia!' (supplied on disk BB-003), so you can actually get to sleep at last.

MRP-069 BB-069 The Informant ROM 2D -- --
A complete help system in a ROM image, which contains over 20k in squeezed text help. Invaluable for programmers of 6502 machine-code, this gives help on a wide range of subjects from MOS calls to memory mapping and VDU codes. Features full documentation and source code for the image.

MRP-100 HW-100 Thermometer Probe Kit Instructions 1D -- --
The thermometer probe kits comprise a set of probes which interface through the BBC Computer's analogue port in order to manipulate temperature data over a period of time. Probes may be placed in a wide range of environments - place a probe outside to record the temperature shifts outside, or place one inside your computer and write a system to alert you if your computer is beginning to overheat! Full instructions on construction and calibration are included, together with an 80 track DFS disk containing demonstration programs. A small knowledge of electronic construction and soldering may be required, as well as an awareness of BASIC programming. Five kits are available:
HW-101 Kit and parts for 1 probe £5.00
HW-102 Kit and parts for 2 probes £6.00
HW-104 Kit and parts for 4 probes £8.00
HW-100 Software and instructions only £2.00.
EDIT CJR KITS NO LONGER AVAILABLE! This entry has HW-100 only.

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