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JG Harston PD Catalogue

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-- -- -- Harston PD -- -- --

Jonathan Harston has his own PD library. He has written his own disc filing system called HADFS. The system is similar to ADFS and will run on any machine fitted with DFS. You will need 16K of sideways RAM or a ROM. The JGH PD library is available from 8BS in DFS format only. To obtain compilation discs in HADFS or ADFS, contact J.G.Harston at 70 Camm St, Walkley, Sheffield S6 3TR. UK. 

JGH-HADFS6 HADFS Version 6 and Manual  2D -- ---
Harston Advanced Disc Filing Systen Version 6 on DSD SSD disc images with the manual and source. HADFS is a full hierarchial filing system similar to the NFS and ADFS systems. It runs on any 6502-based BBC computer, with any disk hardware. HADFS is freely distributable, but remains copyright © J.G.Harston. Website: http://mdfs.net/Software/HADFS/

JGH-00 Catalogue/Info Disc  2D 57 344
The JGH catalogue/Info Disc. Text files on this disc explain what HADFS is and what is available from Harston PD

JGH-01 ABZ Teletext Editing Suite  1D 31 132
Teletext editor, instructions and sample pages

JGH-02 HADFS System Startup  2D 28 473
This disc contains all the software needed to start using HADFS fully. Containing the manual, utilities and programming examples.

JGH-03 Utilities 1  1D 26 66
Various utility programs: *Assem, *MCode, *MDump, *Mouse, *PrList, *Repair, *VList; *CLoad, *CSave, *Explode, *Break, *ETree, *FileInfo, *ROMs, *SrLoad, *SrSave, *ScrLoad, *ScrSave, *LoadCMOS, *SaveCMOS, *SetExec, *SetLoad, *SetType, *Stamp; *lpS, *MakeLP, *XCopy, *TreeCopy, *TxSave *Show.

JGH-04 Pictures 1  1D 26 187
Compressed pictures: Aldrin, Arnee, Asterix, China, Disk, Globe, Jarre, Moon, Obliter, Planets, Pyamid, RayTrc, TaiPic, Valky, WMap1, WMap2, WMap3, WMap4, WWolf and *ScrLoad and *ScrSave screen compression commands.

JGH-05 Archivers  1D 7 89
BBCZip, Archiver, *ScrLoad and *ScrSave, *DSUnZip.

JGH-06 Roms 1  1D 20 135
CharROM 1.23, DisAssem 1.05, Z80 BBC BASIC 1.26, HADFS 6.00, Extended View, *ROMS, *SrLoad, *SrSave, *SrWipe, *RMLoad, *RMList, RMLib, ModuleInfo.

JGH-07 Music 1  1D 24 117
All Creatures Great and Small Theme, Arena II, Arpegiator, Beverly Hills Cop, Black & White Rag, Chariots of Fire, Cheers Theme, Close to the Edge, Cold Tea, Equinox 5, MASH, Captain Pugwash, Captain Pugwash II remix, Sky Toccatta, ZooLook, MIDI driver, MIDI interface details.

Midi Plan JGH Midi Plan -- -- --
Plan for a midi interface

JGH-08 Z80 Utilities 1D -- 161

JGH-CPM-1 Acorn CP/M Disk -- -- 118
Acorn CP/M

JGH-09 Small-C v0.72  1D -- 351
Small-C 6502 compiler for the BBC, with extra documentation written by J.G.Harston

JGH-10 View Utilities  1D 31 165
SpellCheck by Alan Blundell, EDtoVIEW converter, MakeLP printer generator, Extended VIEW, Scroll text browser.

JGH-11 Pictures 2  1D 23 139
Compressed pictures: BUNNY, CASTLE, CHIEF, CLOWN, DALEK, GHOST, GRIM, M128, M128C, NORWAY, PAWNS, PIANO, UNIONJACK and *ScrLoad and *ScrSave

JGH-12 File Index  1D -- 50
Index all the files in your disc collection

JGH-13 Music 2  1D 28 179
DreamScape, Foggy Mountain, Piano Rag, Ghost Busters, Bear Necessities, Dr Who, Voyage Voyage, Domino Dancing, You Pay My Rent, Oxygene, Always On My Mind, Addiction

JGH-14 Menuing Systems  1D 8 25
Mark Bannister's System menu, EcoMenu, etc

JGH-15 DOS Utilities  1D 10 69
 Alan Blundell's DOSCopy & DOSUtils and BBC-DOS

JGH-16 Character Fonts  1D 24 188
DefChar, DefIcon, Ikon Editor, CharRom, *CLoad, *CSave, and various character fonts

JGH-17 Informant Help Rom  2D 44 94
Informant programmer's help rom and source

JGH-18 Utilities 2  1D 25 41
 Various library utilities: *Assem, *MCODE, *MDump, *Mouse, *PrList, *REPAIR, *VList; *CLoad, *CSave, *Explode; *Break, ETREE, *FileInfo, *Roms, *ScrLoad, *ScrSave, *SetType, *Show, *SrLoad, *SrSave, *Stamp; *MIDIon

JGH-19 Econet   1D 11 37
*TALK, EcoMenu, *Stations, *Machines, NetMon2

JGH-20 Music Editor  1D 8 21
 Allows creation of staved music

JGH-21 Icon Editor  1D 8 21
 Defines icons - 16 by 16 pixel pictures

JGH-22 Painter  1D 17 39
 Mouse or keyboard driver simple painting package

JGH-23 Automata  1D 18 34
 Automata programs; Game of Life, Bugs Eating Grass, etc.

JGH-24 MUGINS  1D 26 163
Multi User Game Incorporating Network System. Dungeons and Dragons style game.

JGH-25 Xterm Email 1D -- --
Xterm terminal and BBS email utilities

JGH-26 Compression Tools 1D -- --
Zipping, unzipping tools with manual

JGH-27 Econet  Email Programs 1D -- --
Emailer for Econet and ADFS

JGH-28 Kermit 1D -- --
Communications package

JGH-31 Tube Utilities 1D -- --
Tube Utilities, including *GO, *MDUMP, *TUBE, and Z80, PDP11 and ARM BASIC.

JGH-32A RISC OS Library utilities -- -- --
AddToResFS, LoadCMOS, ReadOSVers, RMSave, SaveCMOS, SYS; network utilities CheckStn, CLI, CV, EX, Free, GetStnNum, LEX, LogOn, SetStation, Stations, SyncTimeTimeSet, Users, Vers.

JGH-32N BBC/Master Library Utilities -- -- --
Collection of useful utilities suitable for a local hard drive system library or network system library.

JGH-34 USB Utilities 1D -- --
USB keyboard, mouse, printer support

JGH-35 HADFS System 6.1 -- -- --
HADFS System as of 1st September 2021

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