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Acorn User Cover Disc Catalogue

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-- -- -- The Acorn User Magazine Cover Discs  -- -- --

This is the Acorn User section of the library. It starts with ADFS versions which are supplied 6 months to each disc with two discs in each download. See the DFS version descriptions for full info.

-- -- -- Acorn User ADFS Versions  -- -- --

ADFS versions of The Acorn User hold one year for each disc

TAU-1985 Acorn User 1985 ADFS 2A -- --
See the DFS versions for full info

TAU-1986 Acorn User 1986 ADFS 2A -- --
See the DFS versions for full info

TAU-1987 Acorn User 1987 ADFS 2A -- --
See the DFS versions for full info

TAU-1988 Acorn User 1988 ADFS 2A -- --
See the DFS versions for full info

TAU-1989 Acorn User 1989 ADFS 2A -- --
See the DFS versions for full info

TAU-1990 Acorn User 1990 ADFS 2A -- --
See the DFS versions for full info

TAU-1991 Acorn User 1991 ADFS 2A -- --
See the DFS versions for full info

TAU-1992 Acorn User 1992 ADFS 2A -- --
See the DFS versions for full info

TAU-1993 Acorn User 1993 ADFS 2A -- --
See the DFS versions for full info

TAU-1994 Acorn User 1994 ADFS 1A -- --
See the DFS versions for full info

TAU-87-93 Acorn User 87-93 ADFS 1A -- --
ADFS Acorn User Compilation 87-93

-- -- -- Acorn User DFS and Tape Versions  -- -- --

Acorn User DFS versions are as supplied with the magazine

TAU-85-1  Acorn User Dec 84 1D 25 52
Picture Designer plus screen file. Auto printer dump. Data Base. Slow Scroller. *COM. from Basic. Defining function keys in Basic 1 & 2. Defining text window. Joe's Jottings...5 music progs. Timing test prog.

TAU-85-2 Acorn User Feb 85 1D 28 60
Drawing. Colour screen dump for Seikosha printer plus test print. Hints & Tips...Simple Data-Bases(5 versions). Joe's Jottings...Data-base Header for Random Access Filing. NET *Build command utility. Draw and Fill utility.

TAU-85-3 Acorn User Mar 85 1D 19 41
Mode 7 graphics. Keyboard on ADC input for BBC and Electron. Selectable character set version. I's and O's for BBC and Elk. Eventful colours. Fast dump modes 1/4/5. Fastext 80 test. Two more versions of the Simple databases. Circle Algorithms. Machine code circles. Fast circles.

TAU-85-4 Acorn User Apr 85 1D 12 26
Auto resistance measurement. Trap break/reset with on error. Proc_search. Colours by interrupt. Graphs. Budge. Slim characters in mode 2. Slim Characters test. Touch screen using MOS.

TAU-85-5 Acorn User May 85 1D 18 50
Voltmeter settings. Filing system. View driver. Animator. Demo for WW file. Animated files. Capital letters on/off. Lower to upper case converter. No modes on screen. 256 colours. M/code timer. Cursor proc demo. Split WW files. Sound compiler.

TAU-85-6 Acorn User Jun 85 1D 15 38
Drawing. Dynamic F/key strips. CHR$ doctor. 3D printing. Disc and ROM utils. PDG for View. Double height routines. Bulletin board. Colouring WW+ files.

TAU-85-7 Acorn User Jul 85 1D 28 61
Sample data file creation. File read/write. Close files on break. Double width demo. Extend - Basic compiler. ASCII codes to a parallel printer. Number input routine V.1 & V.2. Code creator. SWR Pts 1 & 2. PROCerror - the facts. List all variables names. Clear/set/print resident variables. Auto menu & status progs. Acorn User Adventure with instructions. View 2.1 patch for BBC+.

TAU-85-8 Acorn User Aug 85 1D 22 45
Checking data statements with the Speech system. Bleep prog. Change text colours. Sound with assembly language. Speak with speech synthesiser. Talking typewriter. Interupt driven sound. EasyPlot. Light Grapher. Torch transmitter and reciever using computers relay switches.

TAU-85-9 Acorn User Sep 85 1D 18 49
View suite. Auto menu. Clone. Floating point. Epson descenders. Wordwise edit. ROM disassembler/relocator. Printer benchmark. PDG for View. Simulating on GOSUB. Run Silent Run Deep...game. Simulating Basic II from I.

TAU-85-10 Acorn User Oct 85 1D 31 84
Easy Vufoil display. Dynamic K/strip display. Fractals. Epson JX80 screen dump. Epson JX80 test. Pussy cat pic. Compilation of Network pattern progs. EasyPlot notice board. Paint plus three screens.

TAU-85-11 Acorn User Nov 85 1D 31 99
Benchmarks. Music compiler V.1 & V.2. Hints and Tips. Lineout. Tesselator. Graphic Bonus...Digitised Cat. FreeHand...Paint utilities.

TAU-85-12 Acorn User Dec 85 1D 31 64
Guess the letter. Epson Dual-density bit image. Shuggy's Garden. Fractals and recurrsion. Data Compressor. Fonts.

TAU-86-1 Acorn User Jan 86 1D 31 78
Hints & Tips:Date Program.3-D Graphics 5 Programs. Super Painter. Spectramania :Snapper type game. Elite Commander Slogan. Using the B+. Colour Fill demo. Graphics Bonus: Christmas card

TAU-86-1 Acorn User Jan 86 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TAU-86-2 Acorn User Feb 86 1D 31 52
Hints & Tips: Colour Contrast Tester. Joes Jottings:*SPACK, *PACK, *UNPACK, *SSAVE and *SLOAD commands, Shrink1 and Shrink2 screen size demos. Elite Editor .E-Index. Basic Language Extension.

TAU-86-3 Acorn User Mar 86 1D 31 99
Hints & Tips:Disc Sector Editor, Mode 7 Block moving demo. Tunemaker: Edit music and print it out. SWR Utilities. Acorn Forum. CP/M * commands. Master screen switching. Pixel Editor.

TAU-86-4 Acorn User Apr 86 1D 29 94
3-D Shades. Basic Extensions. Acorn Forum. Hints & Tips:Turtle Graphics, Printer Utility. Checksums. Graphics Bonus:KitPic.

TAU-86-5 Acorn User May 86 1D 31 76
Hints & Tips. Acorn Forum:Screen Dump for a daisy wheel printer. Electron Keys:BBC Compatability prog. Tape to Disc transfer. DIY Dumping. Tube Extensions. Mandlebrot graphics.

TAU-86-6 Acorn User Jun 86 1D 29 80
Graphic demos in modes 0-5, Wire frame drawings, Terminal software, Joe's Jottings..eight progs of disc utilities World Cup 86 database, Converting VDU characters into auto-data statements, Spiderman pictures.

TAU-86-7 Acorn User Jul 86 1D 31 101
Hints and tips, First Byte..combining and expanding files, 1770 DFS and ADFS and OSWORD calls, Ambiguous loader, Help files, Printer Commands, View spoolers, View Sheet and View Store utilities, 3 Graphics library pictures.

TAU-86-7 Acorn User Jul 86 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TAU-86-8 Acorn User Aug 86 1D 31 92
Hints & Tips:2 Double height character progs, Cursor prog. Acorn Forum:Cursor bounce. Joes Jottings:Room designer and planner. Moving Pictures. Integrex colour-jet 132 printer test. Graphics Bonus:Thomas Tank and Bert.

TAU-86-9 Acorn User Sep 86 1D 27 102
First Byte:M/C alphabet, memory mover and Graphic demo. Hints & Tips:Graphics Demos. ROMFile:To put programs into SWR . Joes Jottings:9 programs for menu displays. Maze game.Calligraphy and Calligraphy+ and Filer. Graphics Bonus: Tutankamun and Elite.

TAU-86-9 Acorn User Sep 86 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TAU-86-10 Acorn User Oct 86 1D 31 102
First Byte:M/C prog for Proportional spacing on the screen. Hints and Tips: Procedure for printing teletext graphics on your printer and screen mode converter. Joes Jottings: Logo listing. Acorn Forum:One line password protection. Rom Errors. Equation solver . Graph Drawing. Econet Utilities. Graphic compression.View printer driver generator. Graphics Bonus:Snip.

TAU-86-11 Acorn User Nov 86 1D 28 97
Hints & Tips:Scoreboards and Graphics. First Byte:M/Code demos. Joes Jottings: Calculator with Icons for the JoeTop. SuperPlot with two demo screens. Mode convertor to load SuperPlot pics into other graphics packages. Dual screen demo. Printer benchmark tests. Acorn Forum:Electron printer style selector. Graphics Bonus:Flag, Willow Pattern and Seascape.

TAU-86-11 Acorn User Nov 86 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TAU-86-12 Acorn User Dec 86 1D 31 96
Hints & Tips:Format and justify text and Prime number generator. First Byte: M/Code mathmatical functions. Joes Jottings:More programs for your procedure library. Castle of Nightmares . Window demos using SWR. Red Box control progs. Test program for Network facilities. Demo of Network OSWORD call . Graphic Bonus:Witness and Garage.

TAU-86-12 Acorn User Dec 86 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TAU-87-1 Acorn User Jan 87 1D 28 86
Hints & Tips:Graphs and Graphics. First Byte:JSR call demo and Stack demo. Acorn Forum:Function key utility, Master Rom credits and Which Micro?. Kiddy Art. Castle of Nightmares extra screens. Scorpion programs. Gull, a picture to load into SuperPlot. Disc indexer. RS232 File transfer between micros. Graphics Bonus:Micro & Monitor.

TAU-87-1 Acorn User Jan 87 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TAU-87-2 Acorn User Feb 87 1D 27 100
First Byte:Assembler. Hints & Tips:More graph drawing routines. Cross Stitch: design and print out your own patterns or load in some pre-designed ones. Joy- stick ROM. Data Plot using data from View Store. Program Push:Econet Utility . Kiddy Art. Graphics Bonus:Bugs Bunny.

TAU-87-2 Acorn User Feb 87 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TAU-87-3 Acorn User Mar 87 1D 22 92
First Byte:How to use flags. Hints & Tips:How to send characters directly to the printer. AQUONI:Trivial Pursuit type game. Compact series:Text editors. Artificial Intelligence:Make your Micro think??. Graphic Bonus:Earth from Space

TAU-87-3 Acorn User Mar 87 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TAU-87-4 Acorn User Apr 87 1D 31 93
Hints & Tips and First Byte:Display contents of the first 256 bytes of memory, Strip control codes from WP files, Animal guesing game, Animal guessing game editor, Using SWR as a ROM image. Music Special:Ample music file, Music Editor(print out the finished result), Music with graphics demos. Sideways printing. Compact Listings:Choosing screen colours with a pointer, Pick items from a menu with a pointer, Moving sprites around. RAM test. Graphics Bonus:Monster and Lady.

TAU-87-4 Acorn User Apr 87 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TAU-87-5 Acorn User May 87 1D 31 101
Acorn Forum:2 utilities for SuperArt and large digital clock display for the Master. First Byte:Assembler language programs. Hints & Tips:M/Code screen dumps. Calligraphy:Updated version. Joes Jottings:Musical Robots. Network Utilities:Control a remote station. Mandlebrots. Graphics Bonus:Japanese woman and child.

TAU-87-5 Acorn User May 87 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TAU-87-6 Acorn User Jun 87 1D 31 67
Hints & Tips:Partial screen dump, Graphic Window coordinates, Colour Fill , True or false and *SPOOL tip. First Byte:Assembler version of PRINT CHR$65, Read in Assembler, Loop to print 10 stars and Assembler version of MODE2: COLOURS129:CLS. Acorn Forum:Local quirk , Giant teletext graphics, Converting SuperArt and PageMaker fonts, Recursive Tree of Pythagoras and Sideways screens . Joes Jottings:Joes Desktop programs plus associated listings. Drawing using AMX mouse. Printing characters. Lexxia. Graphics Bonus:King and Queen cards.

TAU-87-6 Acorn User Jun 87 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TAU-87-7 Acorn User Jul 87 1D 31 60
Hints & Tips:Calculate day of the week and calculate a calendar for any month. First Byte:M/Code sound, Envelope in Basic demo and Envelope in M/Code demo. Acorn Forum:Angled text, Patch for Cumana QFS and Shadow memory switching on a B+ demo. Joes Jottings:Tracker ball and mouse demo, AIV demo, AIV library routines, AIV demo for LOGO and AIV library routines for LOGO. DFS to ADFS Transfer. Hieroglyphics:WW+ seg prog for new characters. View layout checker. Network page. Race to Varpon. Graphics Bonus:Lowry.

TAU-87-7 Acorn User Jul 87 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TAU-87-8 Acorn User Aug 87 1D 31 89
M/Code Multiplication and Division, Acorn Forum..compression demo, Joe's Jottings..Dates and Calendars including Calendar for Joe's Front End, fourteen one line graphic demos, Multi-Tasking (error in source code so will not run!) Word-pro Utilities, 3 Graphic library pictures.

TAU-87-9 Acorn User Sep 87 1D 28 95
Hints and Tips..Numerical accuracy and transferring ROM images into SWR, First Byte..on screen fonts and file location on an ADFS, Joe's Jottings..redefining characters to Greek, simple version of City Bomber, Coke Can picture.

TAU-87-10 Acorn User Oct 87 1D 29 81
Hints & Tips:View printer driver generator, Spool file drawer replayer, SWR bank tester and printer tester. Acorn Forum:ROM image initialiser, Fleet Street graphics converter, Code key emulator, Basic @ emulator and Auto off screen saver. Joes Jottings:File Creator, File reader and procesor, 3 sort progs and random file creator. Computer Control. Network directory menu. Auto program saver. Graphics Bonus:XOR map, Repton screen, Repton map and Cocktail glass.

TAU-87-11 Acorn User Nov 87 1D 23 62
ints & Tips:WW+ configuration and printer code tester. First Byte:Demos of parameters, Arrays and variables. Acorn Forum:WW+ utility to strip out line numbers from Basic programs,SWR disc copier and hardware scroller demo for the Electron. WW+ entry made easy. Joes Jottings:Framework for producing your own Toolkit with example toolkit for photographers.Recursion examples. Graphics Bonus:BBC Micro.

TAU-87-12 Acorn User Dec 87 1D 24 77
Hints & Tips:BBC Music synthesiser, Electron version of the Synthesiser, High/Low guessing game, decimal to hex converter, Reaction timer and count occurences of letters prog. First Byte: *DUMP hex dump command. Acorn Forum: Utility to repair broken directories, Utility for preserving variables, ROM utility to slow down programs, NLQ and Italic printer driver for View and a *Find utility. Joes Jottings:Designing printed circuit boards and *PACK, *UNPACK commands. Plotter program to plot pointlist. Monitor testing.Graphic Bonus:Westminster Abbey.

TAU-88-1 Acorn User Jan 88 1D 24 81
Hints and Tips: Four segment programs for WW+ to print single and multiple labels, telephone numbers and mail merging. First Byte: Random access filing demos. Acorn Forum: Binary number handling and *CHEAT utility to give auto firing in games. Joes Jottings: Five programs for using IR remote controls with your computer. Flying Wizards game. Data transfer between a Beeb and a Z88. Graphics Bonus: Father Christmas.

TAU-88-2 Acorn User Feb 88 1D 17 47
Hints and Tips: View !BOOT files, Disc menu program and Recursive graphics demo. Acorn Forum: Colour selection for the Arc, Deleting the 'E' attribute on ADFS and software scrolling in mode 7. Joes Jottings: Television Timetable prog . BBC to ARC transfer. Repton converter for Around the World in Forty Screens and Life of Repton. Graphics Bonus: Pencil Sharpener.

TAU-88-3 Acorn User Mar 88 1D 23 45
Hints and Tips: Tower of Hanoi solver, String searching WW+ segment prog. First Byte: Auto-Save utility. Acorn Forum: Disassembler for the ARC, Check utility to avoid over-writing files, *DRIVE utility for ADFS and Digital joystick prog. Joes Jottings: Benchmarks for use with MCL Rom, Simple reaction timer, Advanced reaction timer, Ferris wheel simulation for use with MCL Rom. Auto Rom: utility to build your own toolkit Roms. Archimedes Windows. Mandlebrot generator for the ARC. Graphic Bonus: In the Car.

TAU-88-4 Acorn User Apr 88 1D 23 70
Hints and Tips:View label printing from macro files, Double 'e' with one key press and a Tune after 5 'e's. Acorn Forum: Copy key extension(Beeb with Basic2),Macro assembly utility and airbrush utility for Artisan. Joes Jottings:Mode2 drawing procedures. View document data table generator. 'UNDO' facility for SuperArt. 0, 1 and 4 screen dumps for the LQ 800 printer. Graphics Bonus: Max Headroom.

TAU-88-5 Acorn User May 88 1D 31 82
Hints and Tips: Banner printer, New mode 7 characters using different combinations of the top and bottom halves of double height characters, BasicText formatter, Utility to hide disc catalogues and Controlled on Error . ViewSheet files. ARC Agora: RGB demo, Tint demo, A different look at Life, Fractals and Artificial Intelligence. Joes Jottings: Temperature reading and plotting. Network Page: Using printer servers on an Econet network. Mode4 screen dump for an LQ800. Graphics Bonus: Henry VIII.

TAU-88-6 Acorn User Jun 88 1D 28 66
Hints and Tips:Lotus 123 menus demo, Music manuscript printer, Mode7 screen compressor and expander, Upper to lower case prog, Date Stamp utility for Basic progs and Utility to override printer control characters. ARC Agora: Inbetweening, Sprites for Animation, Print dump module. Step by Step:Link- File converter, Utility for displaying ViewSheet link-files and InterChart file creator. Joes Jottings: Percussion Machine, Drum machine and Master Drum Machine. Music 5000 file: Spanish Tummy by Ian Waugh. Maths in Motion. Graphics Bonus: DeskTop.

TAU-88-7 Acorn User Jul 88 1D 18 64
Hints and Tips: Turbo utility for fast tape save/load, Graphics block copy and Upside Down character invertor. ARC Agora: The ARC's system variables demo, Using system variables, Save/load CMos Ram module and *COMPACT utility. Joes Jottings: Simple spreadsheet. Music: convert TMS files to the 'Autumn' format, Playback 'Autumn' files in Basic and M/code. Utility to list labels in assembly source code. PCW benchmarks for Logo(BBC & ARC).Graphics Bonus: Picture gallery.

TAU-88-8 Acorn User Aug 88 1D 16 84
Hints and Tips: Utility to dump the screen as text, NEC Pinwriter 8-pin dump enhancer, Calculate the power of two and Calculate Scrabble scores. ARC Agora: Screen utilities, Compact text, Print directory tree & interrupts demo. Joes Jottings: Graph plotter to compliment last months spread sheet. Warlord Pt1. Network Page: Teletext file server programs.

TAU-88-9 Acorn User Sep 88 1D 24 101
Hints and Tips: Catalogue message(DFS), Directory wiper, Volume ROM and Sample piece of music for Volume ROM. ARC Agora: Mouse pointer editor, Example mouse definition...severed hand and Sprites for windows demo. Bezier curves. Flow charts ARC wimp demo. Proportional/ micro spacing View printer drivers. Graphics Bonus: TV station logos. Warlord Pt2.

TAU-88-10 Acorn User Oct 88 1D 23 88
Hints and Tips: Colour separator, Electron Basic keywords, STRING$ demo, StarBox, Cassette inlays and Barchart demo. ARC Agora: *FIND utility, Source code for podule RAM, Blow modules into podules, Spiral graph demo and Digital clock. 3-D Pentominoes game. Joes Jottings: Ideas processor (Beeb and Master versions). Imagen: interactive adventure generator plus demo game. 6502 code for double height characters. Graphics Bonus: Beeb advert.

TAU-88-11 Acorn User Nov 88 1D 16 58
Hints and Tips: Function/Procedure lister, Double width text, WW+ segment program to read time from Teletext adaptor and utility to display memory graphically. ARC Agora: PC & ST to ARC to read MS-DOS discs, TAK benchmarks for the ARC and Display 456 ARC colours . Joes Jottings: Crosswords. Life. Mode1 screen dumps for HP LaserJet. Graphics Bonus: Robot Marilyn.

TAU-88-12 Acorn User Dec 88 1D 20 94
Hints and Tips:8 colours in mode1, Utility for *WIPE in ADFS, Electron keypad utility, Lower case Basic commands (B/B+) and Print-screen prog. ARC Agora:*MEMORYI bug fix module, Podule ROM loader, ARMcode quick sort routine, ARC implementation of Graphical Kernel System. Plotter quality dump for dot matrix printers. Graphic demo to use with HRdump. Bad FS recovery utility. Ample and Music 500/ 5000 music files. Graphics Bonus: Moon Flight.

TAU-89-1 Acorn User Jan 89 1D 31 80
Random Maps/Landscapes.

TAU-89-2 Acorn User Feb 89 1D 20 137
Screen Disc Dump. Laserjet Dump.

TAU-89-3 Acorn User Mar 89 1D 14 62
 Arc Agora. Sideways Ram. Rose. Hodgepodge. Graphics

TAU-89-4 Acorn User Apr 89 1D 24 101
SWR Routines. ARC Colour Display. View Multi-Column Previewer. Teleprompter. Druid Game. Automatic File Chainer.

TAU-89-5 Acorn User May 89 1D 16 83
Electron Function Key Enhancer. JP101 Screen Dump. Mode 7 Plotting. UDC's in SWR. Line editor. Keystrip Generator and Editor. !Boot File Creator. Ray Tracing

TAU-89-6 Acorn User Jun 89 1D 22 54
Proportional Printing in View and WW+. Interword Overtype. Arc Joystick Emulation. Monthly Bill Handling. Postscript Program with 5 examples.

TAU-89-7 Acorn User Jul 89 1D 18 47
Fonts. *RUNnable Basic Programs. ARC Fast Lines and Seasonal Graphics Demo. Colliding Galaxies Simulation. Filofax Page Printer. WW+ Grammar Checker.

TAU-89-8 Acorn User Aug 89 1D 28 70
WW+ Menu. Druid Designer.

TAU-89-9 Acorn User Sep 89 1D 18 55
Landscape Generator.

TAU-89-10 Acorn User Oct 89 1D 19 69
Ample music files, Arc Agora(4 files), Mini menu, Picture shrink, String spooler, Scrolling message, ADFS file wipe, Satellite tracking, Random music improviser, ADFS Manager, Relaxing Ripples(Arc).

TAU-89-11 Acorn User Nov 89 1D 28 98
Prime numbers, Calendars, Text scrolling(Arc), LIST IF commands for Basic I & II, Timing long jobs, DFS file recovery, OS vector list, Firework graphics demo, View printer driver.

TAU-89-12 Acorn User Dec 89 1D 25 99
Knitting Pattern Designer.

TAU-90-1 Acorn User Jan 90 1D 22 89
Risc Revue...Solitaire. Perfect number generator 1 & 2. Total disc compactor. Eight Bits...Scrolling message generator. Display directory sizes. Universal menu system. Hemera diary. Word games...Spellmaster/RomSpell/ViewSpell check function. SpellMaster/RomSpell/ViewSpell pick function. Wordsquare generator. Trackword solver. ARC versions of the same progs. Repton Infinity screens.

TAU-90-2 Acorn User Feb 90 1D 26 57
Eight Bits...WW+ Canyon game. WW+ adventure game. New vector list utility. Text previewer for View. Passwords. Useful '*' command. Risc Revue...Cellula Automata. Square roots in ARM code. Grab system sprites. Roll 1992. ARC triangles. Photofiler. Which day?. Convert ASCII to EBCDIC.

TAU-90-3 Acorn User Mar 90 1D 19 98
Eight Bits...Sort address etc. in View. Standard input function. Enhance Stop Press images. Check ADFS programs for NET suitability. Risc Revue...Main compactor/de-compactor. Create 'Scrunge' files. Mode 13 screen rippler. Construct your own RISCOS applications. COBOL implementation. Turnip, whacky ARC graphics.

TAU-90-4 Acorn User Apr 90 1D 31 100
Eight Bits...Link ViewSheet files. *Spoolon command for the Beeb. Two modes on one screen. Back to front. Easter day calculator. Risc Revue...Monitor protection. Heap sort demos. Extension to demo prog. Cellular Automata. BAU tree game. COBOL. Disc servicer. Artificial Intelligence. Sentence interpretation.

TAU-90-5 Acorn User May 90 1D 20 81
Hybrid 5000 Music files. Eight Bits...Demon Graphics on the BBC. Draw graphics from ViewSheet. Partition hard discs for use on a Master 512. Recover data from a hard disc. Strum music sequencer. Life in the fast lane. Multiprecision arithmetic. Solids in rotation. ARC DFS reader.

TAU-90-6 Acorn User Jun 90 1D 23 86
Risc revue...Implosion. Create sprite implosion demo. Colliding Galaxies. Timezones throughout the world. Eight Bits...Inverted commas for InterSheet. Machine code square root. Last command repeater. Image analysis. ARC file finder. Roman utilities. Drop kick SWR utility.

TAU-90-7 Acorn User Jul 90 1D 33 101
Music for Ample owners. Risc Revue...Simulated wave interface. Confirm icon demo. Checksums. Genetic Algorithms. More Image analysis. Windows for the Beeb. Crazy characters. Classic Eight Bits...Disc sector editor. Polar graphics demos. Vertical print. Tree game. Modes 1,2,4 & 5 M/C screen dump. Mode 0 screen dump. Mode 0-6 screen dump.

TAU-90-8 Acorn User Aug 90 1D 23 95
Mandlebrots for the Beeb(suite of 5 programs). Risc Revue...Pairs Game. Square roots. New Newmodes prog. Eight Bits...Screen converter. Image processing. 3D Tank game for the ARC or A3000. Classic Hints and Tips... To seperate colours on screen. Tower of Hanoi. Print screen at the press of a key. Multi-column View. ROM cut and paste. Program date stamping.

TAU-90-9 Acorn User Sep 90 1D 24 94
Risc Revue...Powers(amazing numbers). Fastlife(ARC Life). Convert BBC screens to ARC format. Eight Bits...BBC Goblet(enhanced version). Master & ARC Goblet. Passwords. Ray tracing. ARM programming. Image processing. Ample music.

TAU-90-10 Acorn User Oct 90 1D 17 37
Risc Revue...Sprires. Huge numbers. Screen sort. 3D Dotty with equations. Faster sprite printing. Eight Bits...Newmodes. Pretty mazes. Cassette inlays. 136 columns for WW+. Character redefining with umlats and accents. Data encryption. Fractal triangles.

TAU-90-11 Acorn User Nov 90 1D 21 46
Eight Bits...Big mode 7 characters. A type identifier. Auto-save routine. HPGL plotter. Pic-Pac...Beginning of a series of programs for a working Graphics package. Ample Music files.

TAU-90-12 Acorn User Dec 90 1D 24 89
Risc revues...3D routines. Arithmetic. New version of Stretch. Eight Bits... Master Clock. Digital Clock(needs RTC). Wire World ARC animation. Ample music. ARC address book. More Pic-Pac routines. ARM programming. Graphics Bonus.

TAU-91-1 Acorn User Jan 91 1D 27 75
Guitar Chords. Eight Bits: Serpinski Gaskets, File altering utility, Basic move utility, Date stamping utility, File identification system. Hatrix game. Nine more files for Pic-Pac.

TAU-91-2 Acorn User Feb 91 1D 19 93
Photo Filer. Hatrix extra screens and screen designer. Eight Bits: File searching, Basic program protector, 3 screen blanking utilities.

TAU-91-3 Acorn User Mar 91 1D 17 78
Eight Bits: Variables in EXEC files, WW+ Calendar seg prog. Risc Revue. Psion transfer(ARC). Pieces of Eight: Three Dee, Maths in motion graphic display. Death before Dishonour(ARC).

TAU-91-4 Acorn User Apr 91 1D 27 60
Risc Revue. Hatrix for ARC users. Pieces of Eight: Maze game, Fractals, Sounds. Exile editor.

TAU-91-5 Acorn User May 91 1D 31 102
Ample Music files. Eight Bits: Fast circles, Squashed print, Batch processing. Core War. 24 pin font designer. Dot Matrix postscript utility to convert InterWord(or other) files so they can be printed on a PS printer. Pieces of Eight: View PDG, View spooler, View previewer. Softie: Function key save utility(Master only).

TAU-91-6 Acorn User Jun 91 1D 30 67
Risc Revue. 24 pin (Pt2) character designer. Prime numbers. GWamp(ARC). Gobble(ARC). Pieces of Eight: 3D Life, Dot-Fill, Col-fill. Games Listing(ARC).

TAU-91-7 Acorn User Jul 91 1D 21 87
*Info: 3 D Maths, Squiggle game. Gamecore(ARC). View previewer. Pieces of Eight: 3 D Landscapes, Polyominoes, 2 Scroll routines, Comms.

TAU-91-8 Acorn User Aug 91 1D 25 91
3 Graphic demos...Ferns, Trees and Coastline. Sequel: music sequencer. Pieces of Eight: Spectramania(Snapper type game), Solver, Spider, Quadline.

TAU-91-9 Acorn User Sep 91 1D 25 84
Atoms game. Coral, Jiggle, Eyestrain: graphic displays. File sizer. Juggling. Wide VDU(BBC B only). Shopping database. Pieces of Eight: Code to generate LDPIC and SVPIC and mode converter. Graphics Bonus: Tiger and Techno. ARC owners programs.

TAU-91-10 Acorn User Oct 91 1D 28 98
Graphic displays: Frond, Gobble, Fragger. Font designer plus two font files. Pieces of Eight: Train game, Hexlife1 and Hexlife2. TAU-91-11 Acorn User Nov 91 1D 27 Files Wireworld: graphic display. SWAT: scrolling text. Surface, Henon, Tree2, JDup: graphic displays. Pieces of Eight: Pythagoras trees, 1 D Life, Crossword compiler. Menu editor(ARC).

TAU-91-11 Acorn User Nov 91 1D 27 99
Font designer. Train Game. Hexlife 1. Hexlife 2

TAU-91-12 Acorn User Dec 91 1D 31 87
Comb sort demo. Fast HexLife1. Fast HexLife2. Error trapping demo. Multi-tasking. Spoole8: graphic demo. One line recursion. Disc indexer(ARC). Pieces of Eight: KiddiArt, Theme Music Editor, Sideways printing, Bezier curve demo, Clangers sound demo.

TAU-92-1 Acorn User Jan 92 1D 27 87
*Info: Thin Text, Proportional characters, Mindmaster, Serpininski snowflake. Pieces of Eight: SuprePlot, SuperPlot converter, Super Paint, Sprite editor(ARC) Life.

TAU-92-2 Acorn User Feb 92 1D 23 80
Machine code Clouds. ADFS directory lister. Resistor colour coder. One line stars. One line waves. A-Z of programming(compacted files). Doodle(ARC). Lypunov Fractals(ARC).

TAU-92-3 Acorn User Mar 92 1D 23 82
Gridmaker. MicroArt. Fire generator. Shift/Control help. Pools predictor. Assembly for the ARC. 2 Epson printer utilities: Dump and variable size text. Liquid - ARC. Graphics bonus: Spark.

TAU-92-4 Acorn User Apr 92 1D 21 91
Bezier Curves. Psychedelic circles. Mortgage calculator. Intelligent Mind Master. Face Bender. Chords. Assembly for the ARC.

TAU-92-5 Acorn User May 92 1D 17 82
Megafont demo. Input demo. One line fractals. One line waves. Turtle. Turtle2 for the Master. Colliding Galaxies. Roman number calculations. ARM programming. Graphics bonus: Tiger.

TAU-92-6 Acorn User Jun 92 1D 20 52
Termite...Eight Bit Turing machine. Countdown solution maker. Planets. ARM programming. 'C' Pt1 (ARC). Sound (ARC).

TAU-92-7 Acorn User Jul 92 1D 19 37
Sound (ARC). Water World. BBC-DLI. 'C' Pt2 (ARC). ARM Programming.

TAU-92-8 Acorn User Aug 92 1D 16 102
Fractal Ferns. 3 D Stars screen saver. Sideways scroll. Crossed keys checker. Colour Wheel. Hemera Diary. ARM Programming. 'C' Pt3 (ARC).

TAU-92-9 Acorn User Sep 92 1D 21 68
City Bomber. Mindread ESP. Rippling routine. Collaborating colours. Maze Muddle. Wizalon game. Codename Druid. ARM Programming. Sound (ARC).

TAU-92-10 Acorn User Oct 92 1D 17 75
Rippler. Revised Water World. FX Demo 1. FX Demo 2. Chat (for Econet) Genetics.

TAU-92-11 Acorn User Nov 92 1D 12 30
Calligraphy. Fireworks. DeskLearn: Question and answers program.

TAU-92-12 Acorn User Dec 92 1D 18 77
5 Compression demos. Getting key presses. Keyreading. Fractals made easy. One line album covers.

TAU-93-1 Acorn User Jan 93 1D 22 29
Julia Sets, Mine maze game, and four keyboard demo programs.

TAU-93-2 Acorn User Feb 93 1D 18 38
Solids. Scroll. OSWRCH1.

TAU-93-3 Acorn User Mar 93 1D 21 64
Bell Ringing demos and Graphic displays of the stars.

TAU-93-4 Acorn User Apr 93 1D 31 87
Sorts. Hexlife. Error Trapping.

TAU-93-5 Acorn User May 93 1D 18 90
Warlord Adventure.

TAU-93-6 Acorn User Jun 93 1D 11 29
Three character animation demos. Life for two prog.

TAU-93-7 Acorn User Jul 93 1D 13 63
Text Adventure, Metric converter, Zarch graphics plus five games, Battle Ships, Star Commander, Parachute and 2 Wordsearch games.

TAU-93-8 Acorn User Aug 93 1D 11 57
Cycle Graphics. Grids.

TAU-93-9 Acorn User Sep 93 1D 14 99
 Graphics Demo. TV Snow

 TAU-93-10 Acorn User Oct 93 1D 28 71
Repeat of the Feb 87 cover disc

 TAU-93-11 Acorn User Nov 93 1D 12 79
8BS supplied the content for this disc. Selection of programs from 8BS Issue 29

TAU-93-12 Acorn User Dec 93 1D 18 83
Selection of programs from 1987

TAU-94-1 Acorn User Jan 94 1D 31 78
Selection of programs from Jan 86

TAU-94-2 Acorn User Feb 94 1D 29 101
Selection of programs from 1987

TAU-94-3 Acorn User Mar 94 1D 12 47
8BS supplied the content for this disc. Selection of programs from 8BS Issue 32

TAU-94-4 Acorn User Apr 94 1D 24 101
April 89 cover disc

TAU-94-8 Acorn User Aug 94 1A -- --
August 1994 cover disc in ADFS 800k format. Unchecked by myself

TAU-94-9 Acorn User Sep 94 1A -- --
September 1994 cover disc in ADFS 800k format. Unchecked by myself

TAU-94-10 Acorn User Oct 94 1A -- --
October 1994 cover disc in ADFS 800k format. Unchecked by myself

TAU-87  1987 Compilation. 2D 62 276
Kiddie Art. Disk Indexer. Theme. Pythagoras. Side Print. Monitor Test. View PDG. Synthesiser.

TAU-88  1988 Compilation. 1D 30 134
Plotter Dump. AutoRom. Plotter Dump. Micro Sherlock. Imagen. View Drivers. 24 Pin Dumps.

TAU-89-93  Compilation A -- 611
Compilation. A 611K An ADFS ONLY disc taken from an ACORN CD ROM. Contains lots of hints and tips, also lots of software. NO MENU.

TAU-01  Portfolio 1D 25 190

TAU-02  Calligraphy 1D 17 102
Similar to Fontstyle, type in text and then choose which of the ready made fonts you would like to print in. Or design your own Fonts.

TAU-03  SWR Utilities 1D 31 90
SWR Utilities

TAU-04  Printer Help 2D 56 258
Printer Help

TAU-05  Graphics Utilities 1D 31 93
Graphics Utilities

TAU-06  Education Disc 1D 31 97
Education Disc

TAU-07  Games Disc 2D 40 122
Ten games on this disc that include: Warlords, space text adventure. Run Silent, submarine hunting. Quadline, connect four type game. Vapor. Mastermind. Castle. Polyominoes. Lurch. Maze. Wizalon

TAU-08  Gallery 1 1D 31 198
These two discs (TAU 8 and 9) feature nearly 50 pictures including every day objects such as Coke cans, TV Stra, cartoon characters etc. The discs also include Super Painter to create your own masterpieces and Pixel to edit your own blown up sections of the pictures. The pictures on Gallery can be dumped using, for example, Screen Thief, to be found on TBI-68

TAU-09  Gallery 2 1D 27 200
Gallery 2

TAU-10  Network Utility Disc 1D 12 147
Network Utility Disc

TAU-11  Gallery 3 1D 29 173
26 pictures

TAU-12 Finest Favourites 1D 24 51
[Non-official, No menu] A disc compiled from the tape of the same name, this features some of the best utilities from the early years of The Acorn User magazine. Works on BBC B, B+, Master and Electron. Thanks to Dave Edwards for this

TAU-13 Games Compendium 1D 18 62
[Non-official, No menu] A disc compiled from the tape of the same name, this features some of the best games from the early years of The Acorn User magazine. Works on BBC B, B+, Master and Electron. Thanks to Dave Edwards for this

TAU-14 Best of Acorn User 1D -- --
Transferred from the tape of the same name

TAU-14 Best of Acorn User T -- --
In tape - uef format

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