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Micro User Cover Disc Catalogue

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-- -- -- The Micro User -- -- --

The Micro User magazine cover discs. Thanks to Jonathan Harston for updating and filling in gaps: On 10 Jan 2013 disc images for all of 1983 1984 1985 1986 were updated/added.

TMU-00 The Micro User Tapes T -- --
A collection of Micro User tape images that will run in emulators:
Volume 1 Issues 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12.
Volume 2 Issues 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12.
Volume 3 Issues 1 2 4 5 7 8 9 10 11.
Volume 4 Issues 2 7.
Volume 8 Issues 7 8 9 10.
Volume 9 Issues 1 2 3 4 5 11.
Volume 10 Issues 2 5 6 7.

TMU-83-3 The Micro User Vol1 Iss1 1D 28 39
Introduction. Games - Paddle 1. Paddle 2. Mode Demo (5). CFS Bug Patch. Game - Deathwatch. Triangle Shapes. Random Number Examples. Random Number Bingo. Bubble Sort Examples. Workshop 1 2 and 3.

TMU-83-4 The Micro User Vol1 Iss2 1D 27 51
Introduction. Do-It-Yourself Program 1 and 2. Nim. King Kong. List BASIC Tokens. Horoscope. Bits And Bytes. Disc Formatter. Disassembler. Monitor Demo 1 2 3 4. Graphics Demos (10).

TMU-83-5 The Micro User Vol1 Iss3 1D 29 50
Introduction. Pelmanism. Teletext Programs (3). pH Curve. Colorimeter Interface. Character Manipulation. Air Strike Game. Function Key Program. Monitor Winner. Anagrams. Spring Stretching. Graphics Demos. Joystick doodle (2). OSBYTE Programs (9). GCOL Demo.

TMU-83-6 The Micro User Vol1 Iss4 1D 19 37
Introduction. User Defined Characters. Space Pilot Game. Nomadism Simulator. Digi Sketch Pad. Capering Characters (5). Graphics Demos (4). Download Utility. One Line Program.

TMU-83-7 The Micro User Vol1 Iss5 1D 21 34
Introduction. Set Useful Function Keys. Ten Pins. Cup Runneth Over. Space Pods. Break Key Fixer. Save Screen. Load Screen. Circuit Test. Steady Hands. Printer List Formatter. Graphic Demos (6). Download Utility.

TMU-83-8 The Micro User Vol1 Iss6 1D 26 35
Introduction. Animation Examples (4). Tape To Disc Programs (2). Logical Operators (9). Colourful Characters (4). Programming Loops.

TMU-83-9 The Micro User Vol1 Iss7 1D 29 36
Introduction. Dumb Terminal. VDU 19 Machine Code. Graphics Terminal. Galactic Invaders. Robin And Marian. Sampe Variables. Beeb Bodybuilding. GCOL Programs (4). Disk Benchmark Save And Load. Disk Benchmark Programs (12).

TMU-83-10 The Micro User Vol1 Iss8 1D 29 59
Introduction. FOR/NEXT Demos. Print Formatting (3). Fishing. Graphics Demos (6) - Line Arc, Filled Arc, Filled Circle, Dartboard, Spiral, Animation. RS 432 Link Programs (2). Chessboard. Hardware Bellringer. Hardware Pentest. Contour Plotter. Updated LIST Formatter. Joykeys. Electron User Programs (6) - 3D Plot. Webwave. Capital Idea. Day Of The Week. Define CHR$ Demo. Bomber.

TMU-83-11 The Micro User Vol1 Iss9 1D 29 47
Introduction. Light Pen Utility. Blackjack. Goblins. EPROM BASIC Dump. Capacitor Change. Pendulum Plotter. Shady Characters (8). Sound Demos (7). Electron User Programs (4) - Roman Candle. Catherine Wheel. Rocket. Counting Game.

TMU-83-12 The Micro User Vol1 Iss10 1D 30 55
Introduction. Strings Demos. Speed Reducer. Phantoms Of Tower Bridge. Moving Pages. Quick March Program. Santa's Saucer. Christmas Card. Beeb Bodybuilding. Error List Lister. Graphics Demos (7). Sound Demos (6). Electron User Programs (4) - Anagrams. Hangman. Meteors. French Verbs.

TMU-84-1 The Micro User Vol1 Iss11 2D 29 63
Introduction. Barrel Battle. Sound Doodle. Noteplay. Printing Pixels. Sparkjet Printout. Self-Modifying Program. TAB Demos. Sound Demos. GCOL Demos (5). Electron User Programs (12) - Kaleidoscope. Combinations. Micro Cosmic Models. Simon Says. Interest Rates. Digital Dice. Quakers. Doodlebug. Buzzword Generator. Fair And Square. Iron Ring. Euromap.

TMU-84-2 The Micro User Vol1 Iss12 1D 26 61
Introduction. Balancing Game. Single Key Entry Programs (3). Recursion Competition Winner. Frogs N Dogs Game. Alien Invasion. Missing Words. EEC Pictire Gallery. Text Encoder. Sound Experimenter. Bodybuilding Clock. Mode Demos. Checking User Input (3). Sound Demos. Mode 7 Graphics Demos (2). Arrays Demos (3).

TMU-84-3 The Micro User Vol2 Iss1 1D 31 48
Validating Input. Serial Port Timesharing. Denary Derrick. Micro User Birthday. Maze Munch. Verify BASIC Programs. Freeze Frame Screensaver. Save Screen. Simple Disk Menu. Simple Bad Program Rescuer. A/D Converter Test Program. Beeb Oscilloscope. Hi-Res Lightpen. Sound Demos (10). COLOUR Demo (5).

TMU-84-4 The Micro User Vol2 Iss2 1D 27 56
Sound Library. Sounds For Sound Library. BBC Owl. Serial Transfer Programs (2). Judgement Room Adventure. Heart Rate Monitor. Magic Squares. Sea Wall Maths Game. Easter Maze. Golf Simulation. April Fool. Envelope Demos (10).

TMU-84-5 The Micro User Vol2 Iss3 1D 24 63
Big Letters 1 2 3. Trapdoor Adventure. Dam Raider. Dug Dig. Spirograph. Envelope Designer. Extended Renumber And Verify. Stepper Motor Controller (2). Prime Number Lister. Mode 7 Centered Text Demo. Mode 2 Centered Text Demo. Sound Demos. Simple Overlays Programs (4). Simple Overlays Procedures (2).

TMU-84-6 The Micro User Vol2 Iss4 1D 14 52
6502 Monitor. Make Data For 6502 Monitor. Quadline 4 In A Row. 3D Road Racer. Areas Of Shapes. Disc Toolkit Programs (2). Rotating Coloured Spokes. Spelling Test.

TMU-84-7 The Micro User Vol2 Iss5 1D 14 41
List Function Keys. Mode 7 Graphics. Confirm Overwriting On Save. Doomrun. Alice's Unbirthdays. Alice's Safe Cracking. Backgammon. Acoustic Coupler Modem. Dumb Terminals (2).

TMU-84-8 The Micro User Vol2 Iss6 1D 17 54
Teletext Screen Editor. Sqwhere Bat-n-Ball Game. Gridman Game. Difference Squares. General Purpose Input Code. Hardware Scrolling Demos (2). Bells Mini Adventure. Castle Of Fear. Disc Editor. Flip Flop Operation. Extended User Port Tester. GCOL 3 Demo.

TMU-84-9 The Micro User Vol2 Iss7 1D 20 51
Teletext Screen Dump. Number Signs Quiz. The Filthy 15 Adventure. Villains. Micro Terminal. Write String To File. Read String From File. Rollerball. Frequency Counter/Timers (4). Video Titling Demos (4).

TMU-84-10 The Micro User Vol2 Iss8 1D 15 54
Multiple Colours In MODE 0. Joystick Input Demos (2). Load Input 3 Or Input 4. Changes To Input Demo 1. Sideways RAM/ROM Demo. Hunt The Wampus. Split Windows Demo. Escape The Goulogs. Waveform Generator. Integer Variable Lister.

TMU-84-11 The Micro User Vol2 Iss9 1D 14 51
Disc Loader. Large Teletext Characters. Two-Player Duel. Blockbuster. Beside The Seaside. Sound Synthesisers (2). Assembling 65C02 Opcodes (3).

TMU-84-12 The Micro User Vol2 Iss10 1D 23 80
Omega Probe. Memory Edit. Christmas Carol On Interrupts. Snow Vaders. Pyramid Painter. Tight Rope Walker. Foot Controlled Training. Miner Bill. Magic Garden. Ladders Game. Fun With Polygons. Disc Save. Formatted Catalogue.

TMU-85-1 The Micro User Vol2 Iss11 1D 24 76
Galactic Tycoon. Matchmaker Game. Printing In-Line Text. Variable Speed Printing. Search Through Program. Rover Game. Two Player Backgammon. Trackerball Test. Trackerball Draughtsman. 6502 Second Processor Programs (4): 1.Invert Screen, 2.Transfer Data, 3.Client Code, 4.Host Code. Graphics Demo Programs (6).

TMU-85-2 The Micro User Vol2 Iss12 1D 26 71
Atomic Protector. Alice Hint Decoders (2). Alice Colours Game. Speech Synthesis Sentence Editor. Helicopter Dogfight. Palace Of Craal. Lower Case PROC Names. Tracker-Ball Driver. Pilot Interpreter. Ultimate Disassembler. Calling The BASIC ROM (2). Machine Code Games Screen Writing Programs (6).

TMU-85-3 The Micro User Vol3 Iss1 1D 31 78
Disc String Search. CataCastles. Dune Adventure. Star Finder. Astro-Mines. Data Maker. Define Printer Pound Character. Flex Game. Add Auto Login To MicroTerm. Intercepting BREAK BASIC 1. Intercepting BREAK BASIC 2. Shinwa Poun Patch. Arc Drawing Routine. Verify Vocab Files. Print Vocab File List. Machine Code Games Screen Writing Programs (4). Strings Demo.

TMU-85-4 The Micro User Vol3 Iss2 1D 23 69
Rabbit Run! X-15 Flight Simulator. Fifteen Filthy Prisoners. Beginning Databases. Mornington Crescent Game. Mouse Calculator. Chatterbox. Voltmeter A/D Converter. Dithering Pixels Programs (2). Dithering Pixels Program Source. Machine Code Games Screen Writing Programs (5).

TMU-85-5 The Micro User Vol3 Iss3 1D 22 49
Alice Navigate. Alice Hacker. Stellar Rescue. Exents Example Code. Events Demo Program. Teaching Clock Programs (2). Mega Fast Plot 69. Sheila Slideshow, Recoder, Playback. Dominoes. Pound And Hash On Epson. Machine Code Games Sprite Code Programs (6).

TMU-85-6 The Micro User Vol3 Iss4 1D 20 78
Anenometer. Mrs Thatcher's Maze. Epson Tye Setter. LPRINT With *LINE . Calling BASIC Routines Programs (3). Activities Matching Game. Cat-Napper. Simon Quackers. Text File Stripper. Shape Recognition. Othello. Machine Code Games Programs: Definer, Sprites, Demo.

TMU-85-7 The Micro User Vol3 Iss5 1D 24 77
Draughts. RAMification Library Creator. RAMification Handler. Sideways ROM/RAM Saver. Mutant Fly. Machine Code Convert To Lower Case. Machine Code Swap Two Variables. Machine Code Floating Point Routines (2). 5 Card Busy Beaver. Screen Compression Source. Screen Compression Demo. Micro Disco. 24 Hour Clock. 3D Noughts And Crosses. Double Height Characters. Machine Code Games Scoring. Machine Code Games High Scores. Beeb Numeric Keypad. Beeb Numeric Keytest.

TMU-85-8 The Micro User Vol3 Iss6 1D 11 51
Mouse Organ. Harbour Command. Disk File Recoverer. Machine Code Games. RND Generators (2). Jackpot! Fruit Machine Game. Formatted String Output. Flash Utility.

TMU-85-9 The Micro User Vol3 Iss7 1D 20 56
Ball Lightning. Al's Smiley Hunt. Machine Code Game Simple Demo. BBC B+ 7 Programs: 1.OS Action Address 2.Variable Pointers. 3.Clear Shadow RAM. 4.PageRAM Read/Write. 5.PageRAM Integers. 6.PageRAM Strings. Display Error Handlers. Extended Error Handler. Read Error String. Quarters Four Way Dominoes. Variable Lister. Body Build 1 Tremelo. Body Build 2 Filter Sweep.

TMU-85-10 The Micro User Vol3 Iss8 1D 9 58
Karate Warrior. Alice Adventure. Scrolling Message Source. Disc Scanner. Solitaire. Case Statement Example.

TMU-85-11 The Micro User Vol3 Iss9 1D 12 70
Whodunnit? Alice Adventure. Wordwise Function Keys. BASIC Program Analyser V3. Green Gloop Gulper. Sideways Screen Clear. MODE 8, 9 And 10. Sideways ROM Disabler.

TMU-85-12 The Micro User Vol3 Iss10 1D 15 96
Event Driven Memory Dump. Wizard's Castle. Alice Adventure. BASIC Program Analyser v3. Wordsquare Editor. Molecule Chamber. Alphabet Train. McBase Database. Squares. Al's Subhunt. Multiplexed Input/Output.

TMU-86-1 The Micro User Vol3 Iss11 1D 13 69
Play Alonga Music Programs (2). Megaroids. Find And Replace. Disc Copy Source. Wordsquare. Claustrophobia. Fives. Alice Adventure. Sound Sampler.

TMU-86-2 The Micro User Vol3 Iss12 1D 20 75
Automatic Up/Downloader. Add WHILE/WEND To BASIC. WHILE/WEND Demos (2). Ploy. Elite Commander Editor. Elite Commander File Layout. In The Castle Of Tipaka. USS Endeavour Game. File To Fie Assembler. 512 Byte Sector Formatter. Function Key Verifier. Fast Program Verify Source. Body Building Echo Chamber. Body Building Frequency Shift. INSTR Music Demo.

TMU-86-3 The Micro User Vol3 Iss1 1D 21 51
Morris Miner. Machine Code Demo. Beginning BASIC 3 4 And 5. Read Disc Sector IDs. Read 8271 Special Registers. Write 8271 Special Registers. Read Disc Sectors. Character Definer. Load Characters To Memory. Poster Pete's Puzzle. Eleusis Puzzle. Bubble And Quick Sort BASIC. Quick Sort Machine Code. Body Building Sound Sampler. Execute Run Time BASIC Code.

TMU-86-4 The Micro User Vol4 Iss2 1D 26 53
Simple Enigma Coding. Self Listing Program. Hyperspace Puzzle. Set Up View Function Keys. Mousetrap. Print Character On Printer. Send Characters To Printer. Extended Fonts Source. Extended Fonts Demo. Notepad. Hexer Memory Editor. Ghouls Of Azzod. PLOT 21 Demo. Sideways Printing. Double Height Data. Nested WHILE/WEND In BASIC. Nested WHILE/WEND Demo. Beginning BASIC Programs (6).

TMU-86-5 The Micro User Vol4 Iss3 1D 25 48
Create Thin Characters. Load Thin Characters. *TUBEON and *TUBEOFF Source. Catalog II. Cavern Quest. 4-Site. List Messages In Red Moon. Additional Lives In Red Moon. Self Listing Program. Reverse Polish Puzzle. Beginning BASIC Programs (9).

TMU-86-6 The Micro User Vol4 Iss4 1D 14 43
Rainbow Lightpen. Pendragon (BBC Only). Spacebase. Sideways Printing. Beginning BASIC Programs (7).

TMU-86-7 The Micro User Vol4 Iss5 1D 8 38
Royal Wedding Sliding Puzzle. Double Disk Catalogue. View Printer Driver Creator. Create DATA with CMOS Data. All Capitals.

TMU-86-8 The Micro User Vol4 Iss6 1D 28 43
Beginning Machine Code Programs (5). Fruitworm. Olivetti Ink Jet Test. Screen Dump Programs (2). Force To Upperase Programs (2). Confirm SAVE Overwriting. Bodybuilding Geiger Counter. Swap Case Of Input. Test If Printer Ready. Machine Code Text Printing. Hash Searching Programs (5). Beginning BASIC Programs (4).

TMU-86-9 The Micro User Vol4 Iss7 1D 25 80
Patrick The Pear Picker. View Preview Printer Driver. Palette Switching Demos (4). Calling BASIC with Events. Formatted String Printing. Any Questions Instructions. View Wordwise Learn Keypresses. Any Questions Magazine Version. Any Questions Free Version. Rock Fall.

TMU-86-10 The Micro User Vol4 Iss8 1D 17 72
Coloured Lights. Mode 7 Epson Printer Dump. Mode 7 Olivetti Printer Dump. Text Compression. Witch Hunt. Auto Run BASIC Program. Computer Weather Vane. Quasimodo's Quest. Any Questions Computer Studies. Any Questions Music.

TMU-86-11 The Micro User Vol4 Iss9 1D 17 65
Dual Screen Source. Dual Screen Demo. Casting Shadows. Printer Star Commands. VIEW Ruler Cursor. Multicoloured Life. Maltese Cross. BOS Editor Source. Analogue Port Monitor. Matrix Keypad Test. Any Questions Office Practice. Any Questions Do It Yourself. Any Questions Eight Times Table.

TMU-86-12 The Micro User Vol4 Iss10 1D 10 48
Times Table Test 4 Way Scrolling. Christmas Box. Santa's Sleigh. Flood Fill Source. Flood Fill Demo. Keep Variables Over Break.

TMU-87-2 The Micro User Vol4 Iss12 1D 16 75
Rhondo Game. Save a Life. Collision Detection. Date Stamp. Liat Hold. Wordwise Plus Index. Compressor. Choice. Map Test. A to D Convertor

TMU-87-6 The Micro User Vol5 Iss4 1D 19 72
Prof McBrolly. Checksums. Raglan. Prommer. Button ROM. Agriculture Simulator. Video Digitiser Programs (3). *DOG. Faint Characters

TMU-88-2 The Micro User Vol5 Iss12 1D 16 65
Pinball. RAM Wars. Get it Right! File Recovery. Star Gazing. Z88 Adventure, Tables and Spell

TMU-88-3 The Micro User Vol6 Iss1 1D 19 54
Pipeline. Hide and Seek. Minicom. Z88 BBC Archiving. Z88 Balance. Sketch. Draught. Label Highlighting. Alpha Sort. Easter Day. Anagram. Simple Terminal

TMU-88-4 The Micro User Vol6 Iss2 1D 22 60
Darts. Cat Flap. Solid Graphics. Fax Page Creator. Super Shift. Cursor Column Display. Disc Editor. Record Collection. Added BASIC Commands. Template. Break Message. Password. CSaver. LISP Routines in ASCII. Less Typing. Z88 Printer Server

TMU-89-05 The Micro User Vol7 Iss3 1D 18 52
Video titling. Slow box. Domino theory. Card index database. Soundex demo. Odd one out. Sprites. Yahtzee! Sound synthesizer

TMU-89-06 The Micro User Vol7 Iss4 1D 22 60
5 Alive game and designer. Emulating Archie. Making movies. Evoluton simulation. Whole body joystick. Program debug utility. Anagram hunter. Table expert (educational)

TMU-89-07 The Micro User Vol7 Iss5 1D 25 62
Fractal. Fred drip game. Classic solids. Text scroller. Full immediates. Magic wand (body building). Sprite programs and designer

TMU-89-08 The Micro User Vol7 Iss6 1D 27 58
Merrills. Sprite Demos. Fractal Magic. The Gate. Date Analysis. Fast overlays. Overlays. Teletext update

TMU-89-09 The Micro User Vol7 Iss7 1D 31 84
Crystal sea. Archie wimps. Sprites. Colidas. Flick book. Memory dumping. Quick menus. Beehive

TMU-89-10 The Micro User Vol7 Iss8 1D 14 30
Orbits. Sideways RAM wipe.

TMU-89-11 The Micro User Vol7 Iss9 1D 20 68
Wizard's revenge. Even more fractals. Challenge. Label printer. Screen Saver

TMU-89-12 The Micro User Vol7 Iss10 1D 23 78
Jingles. Spinner. Helper (SWR). File protection. Archimedes find file

TMU-90-01 The Micro User Vol7 Iss11 1D 27 60
Snowman's revenge. Chameleon. File converter. Print some sums. Jingles. Sums

TMU-90-02 The Micro User Vol7 Iss12 1D 30 146
Golf game, designer and course. Contents maker. Debugging Forth. Tree sort. File converter. Chamelion 2. Maths worksheets

TMU-90-03 The Micro User Vol8 Iss1 1D 30 139
Dickie Brickie. Demons. Stratagem. Golf course. Maths worksheets. View converter

TMU-90-04 The Micro User Vol8 Iss2 1D 21 96
Cheshire cat. Wormy num num. Indexit. Saver. First Great year. Convert to View and Interword. Golf course decompact and compact. Golf course. Stratagem

TMU-90-05 The Micro User Vol8 Iss3 1D 26 107
King Albert patience. Random numbers. Supercal. Database. BBC WIMPS. Hac Man. Golf course.

TMU-90-06 The Micro User Vol8 Iss4 1D 26 141
Pipe mania. Sun dial. Snake. Slides database editor. Program lister. Hac man index. BBC Wimps part 2. Database manager. Guessing game. Diary planner. Golf course

TMU-90-07 The Micro User Vol8 Iss5 1D 29 124
Blue meanie. Canfield. Ultima. Variable lister. 1oK Scroll. BBC WIMPS. Slides database editor

TMU-90-08 The Micro User Vol8 Iss6 1D 13 44
Lunar eclipse. RAM board tester and firmware. TX81Z programmer. Ultima. Press COPY

TMU-90-09 The Micro User Vol8 Iss7 1D 18 47
Car race. Griddles. Print codes. Pocket sundial. Decimal out. Ramboard test program

TMU-90-09 The Micro User Vol8 Iss7 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TMU-90-10 The Micro User Vol8 Iss8 1D 21 46
Scorpion patience. Tidbit teazer. SRbuild. Short utilities, wipesrc, tmpconv, coder, polygon, patch. Random access files. Ramboard test program

TMU-90-11 The Micro User Vol8 Iss9 1D 19 44
Danger dog. Extended palette. PI. Wordwise plus database routine. Short utilities, tplayer, intcalc, wordwrp, outline

TMU-90-11 The Micro User Vol8 Iss9 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TMU-90-12 The Micro User Vol8 Iss10 1D 29 102
Pipe loonacy. Exile cheat and mapper. Making waves. Auto basic saver. Ball bounce demo. Three dice probability. Red shift Christmas demo. Wordwise plus database. Short utilities, guessgm, micrchk, quadsol

TMU-90-12 The Micro User Vol8 Iss10 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TMU-91-01 The Micro User Vol8 Iss11 1D 31 80
Wizblob. Colours. Calendar. Quelle heure est-il? Que hora es? Wieviel uhr ist es? What is the time? Short utilities, Keytune, Errors, Textchk, Graph, Anagram. Wordwise plus database

TMU-91-02 The Micro User Vol8 Iss12 1D 26 72
The gate part 2. Graph plotter. Shopping list. Function key strip maker. Dragon curve generator. ISBN checker program. Short utilities, Murder, Textfade, Password, Wordcount, Clock

TMU-91-03 The Micro User Vol9 Iss1 1D 31 61
Make four. Bugs. Product of primes. Touch pad program. Worksheet programs. Function key strip generator. Function key generator. Short utilities, Disable, Fader, Staves, DTPconv, keywrds

TMU-91-03 The Micro User Vol9 Iss1 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TMU-91-04 The Micro User Vol9 Iss2 1D 31 84
Exile cheat, mapper, editor. Strange attractors. Font styler. Errors. Routines, Base converter, hall of fame, standard dev, quick commands, spirals. Hac man. The gate. Function key maker

TMU-91-04 The Micro User Vol9 Iss2 T -- --
Tape version in uef format

TMU-91-05 The Micro User Vol9 Iss3 1D 20 43
PROC's and FN's. Sort evaluator. Permutations. Master only Danger dog. Font styler. Hall of fame. Quick commands

TMU-91-06 The Micro User Vol9 Iss4 1D 19 61
Bloc busta. Home Brewed wine (viewsheet). BBC Demo. Strange attractors. Elite cheat. Magic square. Utilities, converter. Mean/sd

TMU-91-07 The Micro User Vol9 Iss5 1D 26 80
Thruster. Chaos. Perspective drawing. Strange attractors 3D. Data encryption. Screen scrolling. TV monitor test program. BBC calendar program. Utilities, circles, gallons/litres, big text, menu program

TMU-91-08 The Micro User Vol9 Iss6 1D 25 60
Sample player. TV monitor/test program. Teletext screen editor. Teletext carousel grab. HPGL plotter data input. HPGL plotter program. Magic square. Routines, Circles, Gallons/litres, big text, menu program

TMU-91-09 The Micro User Vol9 Iss7 1D 13 51
Veg! Thruster. Triangular Tiling. Mode to mode.

TMU-91-10 The Micro User Vol9 Iss8 1D 12 39
Taippei. Mozaic madness. Digital clock. Safe scientist on food. Brain game. Graphics characters. Alphanumeric characters

TMU-91-11 The Micro User Vol9 Iss9 1D 15 91
Jigsaw. DFS disc partitioning. Safe scientist on Genes. CV editor. Password program. Addicto anthem. Music

TMU-91-12 The Micro User Vol9 Iss10 1D 23 97
Santa's slip up. ADFS indexer. Safe scientist on sound. Music stave printer. Xmas from Andy Nibbs. Publisher. Music

TMU-92-01 The Micro User Vol9 Iss11 1D 19 76
Arena 6502. Character graphics. Graphic cursor graphics. Safe scientist on density. Screen blanker. Quick keyword entry. Sound sampler and software. Basic variables help ROM. Welsh Boys PD samles

TMU-92-02 The Micro User Vol9 Iss12 1D 11 56
ROM and RAM animations. Safe scientist on springs. Sample player version 2. JJF PD ZEDON game

TMU-92-03 The Micro User Vol10 Iss1 1D 24 80
Arachnoid game, designer and screens. Pointless line program. Safe scientist on lenses. ROM and RAM demo programs. JJF PD examples, Bare necessities, Bomber, Star Wars animation, Dr Who theme

TMU-92-04 The Micro User Vol10 Iss2 1D 28 80
Balls of destiny. Arachnoid screen designer. ROM and RAM PROC examples, Sprite definer, Sprite mover, Example sprites. Sound sample programs

TMU-92-05 The Micro User Vol10 Iss3 1D 21 102
Arachnoid machine code. ROM and RAM, Define5, Animate, DEmo. Safe scientist heart. PD Turbo publisher

TMU-92-06 The Micro User Vol10 Iss4 1D 15 54
ROM and RAM, New animator, 3 Animation demos. Safe scientist logic. A postman knocks. 3 New modes for the BBC. TV controller

TMU-92-07 The Micro User Vol10 Iss5 1D 31 94
ROM and RAM Drumkit, Example beats, Enveloper. Safe scientist on levers. JJF PD Ghostbusters, Time Elapsed, Robocop sample, Spinning globe, Entropy game

TMU-92-08 The Micro User Vol10 Iss6 1D 11 86
ROM and RAM battleships. Safe scientist on insulation. Mirrors. JJF PD Snacker, Clip art

TMU-92-09 The Micro User Vol10 Iss7 1D 9 54
Rom's snake game. 8BS PD Power raider. ECG simulator and info

TMU-92-10 The Micro User Vol10 Iss8 1D 25 81
Pretty write. Sneak thief. Pixel mapper. Cashbook. Elysia. Mechaworm. Myriapod.

TMU-92-11 The Micro User Vol10 Iss9 1D 19 61
Roulette. Castle of fear. Blockbuster scoreboard. Lightgun. Reflections. Pixel mapper

TMU-92-12 The Micro User Vol10 Iss10 1D 15 26
Quick compressor. On screen clock. Quadcube game. Block cursor

TMU-93-01 The Micro User Vol10 Iss11 1D 12 57
Push the bale. Morse. Online calendar. Piano player. Telephone mania

TMU-93-02 The Micro User Vol10 Iss12 1D 14 34
Valentine. Mode 2 graphics package. Sand simulator. Klect game. Cyberdoc on current affairs. Morse code. 8BS PD Text box and styles, Spirals

TMU-93-03 The Micro User Vol11 Iss1 1D 13 51
Uni-sample. Cyberdoc on cooking. Star commander utility. Pirate's gold game. Palette display. Morse code

TMU-93-04 The Micro User Vol11 Iss2 1D 17 72
Time Slip game demo. Banjo music demo. Count in bases. Timetable printer

TMU-93-05 The Micro User Vol11 Iss3 1D 7 15
Bright eyes game. Protected input routine. Modes 0-2 screen fader. How many days has it been?

TMU-93-06 The Micro User Vol11 Iss4 1D 15 83
Defender. Crow-go sound and music. 3-D demo. Fractions to decimals. Music 5000 music

TMU-93-07 The Micro User Vol11 Iss5 1D 15 66
3's and 5's dominoes game. Demo creator. Check your differentials. Password for your micro

TMU-93-08 The Micro User Vol11 Iss6 1D 20 39
Maze duel. Waterworks (pipeline type game). Blockin (tetris type game). Sprint fundraiser. Sensor

TMU-93-09 The Micro User Vol11 Iss7 1D 29 98
Campanology, the bells, the method. 3D maze. Autorun for BASIC. Word search. PD Graphics, Coke can, Letterbox, Shapes, PD games, Fall, Marbles, Paras, Short. PD Utilities, Basic reader, Big ben, Cursor, Numconv

TMU-93-10 The Micro User Vol11 Iss8 1D 10 61
Huffman compression. Heatseeker. Day at the races

TMU-93-11 The Micro User Vol11 Iss9 1D 21 99
Sliding compression. Address book. Colours of darkness

TMU-93-12 The Micro User 1D 24 85
Q Master. Compression/Decompression

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