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Fast Access Catalogue

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-- -- -- Fast Access Magazine Volume 1 -- -- --

Fast Access is NOT public domain. You may NOT copy it or pass it on. Volume 1 included a set of cards that contained instructions. These are available as plain scans and PDF files in this section of the catalogue and in the magazine scan section of the 8BS website.

FAC-00  Fast Access Demo disc 1D 20 94
Volume One Demo Disc.

FAC-01-1  Fast Access Vol.1 Issue 1 2D 55 214
Blastout Breakout Type Game. Trace Routine. Sort Routines. Astefix Puzzle. Filestore Assembler, Large Disc Based M/C Programs. Basic Variable Cross Referencer. Disc Fix Utilities. 3D Graphics. F Keystrip Designer. List Roms. Diary. DIY French Tutor. Sampled Laugh. First Of A Series Of Tutorials By Peter Scott. How To Write Games.

FAC-01-2  Fast Access Vol.1 Issue 2 2D 49 191
Goldbank Game. Gloss Game Utils. Cassette And RFS Parameters. Stylish New Fonts. Program Encryption. Jumble Phrases. Cordelia Adventure Game. Pictures. Knightmover Puzzle. Sort Routines Tutorial. The Second Part Of Peter Scott's Programming Tutorial.

FAC-01-3  Fast Access Vol.1 Issue 3 2D 43 203
Space Attack Game. Two By Two Puzzle. Inventory Database. Text Compacter. Font. Terminal. Read A Basic Program Aloud Using SPEECH! From Superior Software. Topologika Games Demo. Cells, Life Routine. Pictures. Part 3 Of Peter Scott's Game Programming Tutorial.

FAC-01-4  Fast Access Vol. 1 Issue 4 2D 58 192
Home Finance Database. * Command Creator. Screen Translator Util. Read And Write Files To Disc Without A Filename. 6845 Programming Demo. Tune. Pictures. Ninja II Playable Demo.

FAC-01-5  Fast Access Vol. 1 Issue 5 2D 61 195
Easibase, Database System, Icon Driven, Pull Down Menus. Pictures. YoYo Game By Peter Scott. Requiem Music. Compare 2 Files On Disc.

FAC-01-6  Fast Access Vol. 1 Issue 6 2D 59 202
Builder, Spelling For Children. Memory Editor. Muzic Tempo Game. Emily Game. Update For Monthly Planner. Pictures. Clipart. Music. Hostages Playable Demo.

Fast Access Cards Volume 1 JPG Fast Access Cards JPG -- -- 15914
Fast Access Volume 1 and 2 are in the FAC section of the 8BS pool, they are available on this website. Fast Access volume one had a set of cards with it. These are JPG scans of the cards.

Fast Access Cards Volume 1 PDF Fast Access Cards PDF -- -- 43216
PDF files of the Fast Access Volume 1 cards. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or above for these. 06 2012 Scans updated, now searchable.

FAC-01-7  Fast Access Vol. 1 Issues 1 2 3 in ADFS A -- 627
ADFS Version Of Volume 1 - Issues 1 2 And 3.

FAC-01-8  Fast Access Vol. 1 Issues 4 5 6 in ADFS A -- 617
ADFS Version Of Volume 1 - Issues 4 5 And 6.

-- -- -- Fast Access Magazine Volumes 2 and 3 -- -- --

Fast Access volumes 2 and 3 were issued on three sides of disc. Unlike volume 1, there was no separate documentation. 

FAC-02-1 Fast Access Vol. 2 Issue 1 3D 77 301
Perfect Writer SWR Based Word Processing Package Using Pull Down Menus. Printer Drivers. Printer Driver Generator. Full Info. Labeller. Grid Printer. Snaker Game. Botanical Gardens Text Adventure. Pictures. Music. Clipart. Mathematical Invaders. DFS Catalogue System.

FAC-02-2 Fast Access Vol. 2 Issue 2 3D 71 291
Icon Art Graphics. Mode 4 And 1 WIMP Drawing Package. Botanical Gardens Solution. Tape To Disc Utilities. Single Keystroke Basic Keywords. Educational Treasure Hunt Game. Graphics. Scrabble Game. Custom Menu System. Tunes. Clipart. Sliding Block Puzzle.

FAC-02-3 Fast Access Vol. 2 Issue 3 3D 75 314
Video Titler. Wordsearch Producer. Labeller Update. 65C02 Machine Code Monitor And Disassembler. Neu-Zone Tank/Aircraft Battle. Dragonslay Game. Biochip Munchman Type Game. 6502 Registers Tutorial. SWR Fast DFS Backup. Music. Picture. Clipart.

FAC-02-4 Fast Access Vol. 2 Issue 4 3D 77 300
Mode 8 Painting Package. Music Suite (Master Only), Records Music From Other Programs. Chess Timer. Make Basic Programs *RUN. Bagman (Master Only) Repton Type Game. Program Encryption. Transformation Matrices. 3D Mandelbrot Graphics. Educational Pairs Game. Music. Pictures. Clipart.

FAC-02-5 Fast Access Vol. 2 Issue 5 3D 65 304
Expert System Shell With Example Database (Animal Identification), DFS Only. Reading A Thermometer Tutorial. Dungeon Arcade Game. Mode 7 Screen Designer. Magazine Compiler And Viewer. Part 2 Of The Music Tutorial. Bingo, Prints The Cards Then Plays The Game. Music. Picture. Output ROM, Total Control Of Epson And Compatible Printers. View Printer Driver And Associated Utilities.

FAC-02-6 Fast Access Vol. 2 Issue 6 3D 59 295
Mode 5 SWR Based Drawing Utilities. Yukon Gold Adventure Game. Disassembler, Disassemble Memory, 2nd Processor, ROM Or Disc. Disassemble From Source, Basic Or ADE. Burette Tutorial. Picture. Music Tutorial Part 3. Screen Fades.

FAC-02-7  Fast Access Vol. 2 Issue 1 in ADFS A -- 314
The ADFS Version Of Issue 1.

FAC-02-8  Fast Access Vol. 2 Issue 2 in ADFS A -- 314
The ADFS Version Of Issue 2.

FAC-02-9  Fast Access Vol. 2 Issue 3 in ADFS A -- 318
The ADFS Version Of Issue 3.

FAC-02-10  Fast Access Vol. 2 Issue 4 in ADFS A -- 324
The ADFS Version Of Issue 4.

FAC-02-11  Fast Access Vol. 2 Issue 5 in ADFS A -- 325
The ADFS Version Of Issue 5.

FAC-02-12  Fast Access Vol. 2 Issue 6 in ADFS A -- 315
The ADFS Version Of Issue 6.

FAC-03-01 Fast Access Vol. 3 Issue 1 3D -- --
Disc A: Artwork - Graphics program, user guide and example.
Disc B: Watchout - Crime prevention game. ChordDir - Guitar chord directory. Analyse - Retrieves information from the current drive about the disc and the files contained on it. Seth - Random sentence generator. ROMFix - Patches MDRAW ROM (from Volume 2 Issue 6 disc A) to work on the Master.
Disc C: Truelove - Image. Notdivus - Music. Quiz - Trivia quiz with 3 question files and question file program. Forum and instructions.

FAC-03-02 Fast Access Vol. 3 Issue 2 3D -- --
Disc A: PodManJoe - Master only game. Macro - Programmer's aid, machine code macro routines. Statistics - Plot from a given data file. MOS - Articles and examples regarding the MOS.
Disc B: Diploma - Text Adventure. CasIndex - Cassette indexer. BadROM - BAD Music ROM. Pixeledit - Mode 7 graphic editor Model B only.
Disc C: Mastering Sound Using BASIC - Example. Burn - Graphic. Connect 4 - Game. Instructions for programs on this issue.

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