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JJR PD Catalogue

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Jon Ripley's JJR PD library

JJR-01 BBC Music Disc 2D 48 186
54 Pieces. Including Christmas, Film and TV themes.

JJR-02 Electron Music Disc 1D 29 34
Tunes for the Electron. Works on the BBC. Film Music, TV Themes.

JJR-03 Graphics Disc 1 1D 30 163
28 Pictures.

JJR-04 Graphics Disc 2 2D 20 361
18 Digitised Mode 0 Pictures.

JJR-05 Graphics Disc 3 1D 21 94

JJR-06 Graphics Disc 4 1D 23 68
Digitised Paintings by Patrick Nagel.

JJR-07 BBC Fonts Disc 2D 55 76
53 Fonts for the BBC and Electron. Easily incorporated into any program. Includes Demo.

JJR-10 Wordsquares 1D 25 27
23 Challenging Wordsquares.

JJR-11 Fractals A-I 3D 20 363
Stunning Fractal Images. Includes Menu And Slideshow Option. More to Follow.

JJR-12 The Odyssey 4D 47 629
The Odyssey by Homer. Translated by Simon Butler.

JJR-13 The Iliad 5D 65 836
The Iliad by Homer. Translated by Simon Butler.

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