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Archimedes Disc Catalogue

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-- -- -- Archimedes -- -- --

ARC 1 to 10 are a token collection of Archimedes stuff.
Tested in Arculator 2.0. 9th June 2021 . The 800k images (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10) seem to be unreadable. If anyone can do something with these, please let me know.

For a huge collection of software for the Archimedes, go to APDL. ARC-11 is a rather large zipped file of APDL PD and Freeware software taken from there on 10th June 2021. With many thanks to David Holden, Aaron Timbrell & David Bradforth

ARC-01 Archimedes 1 A -- 640
Various games and utilities. !Billion - desktop text adventure game having the number of variations in its title. !Cells (not working). !CustomVDU Mode Control. Deskfonts 3 scaleable desktop fonts. !Hangman - Hangman using some rarely used words. !Interferon - virus killer (now rather out of date) !Ladders - snakes and ladders. !Multi - display sprites from any mode, including simulation of high-res VGA on older Acorns. !Neko - watch the cat go after your mouse pointer. !Packdir - file compression utility. !Solitaire2 - strategy game. PD Games List. Copied using fdc bbc640. I had to rename the file extension from .adf to .adl and select 'all files' to get this image to run in Arculator 2.0

ARC-02 Archimedes 2 A -- 640
Two text adventures: Mysterious Lands text adventure. A text adventure in which you must save the lands from anarchy by finding the sceptre of light. Old Dreams, escape the space ship. Copied using fdc bbc640. As with all of the 640k images, the file extenson needed to be changed to .adl to work in Arculator 2.0

ARC-03 Archimedes 3 A -- 640
! a utility: click the icon instead of using F12. !ARCOutlin - display just important parts of text e.g. headings. !Bank - Accounts package. !Converter - metric to imperial unit conversion running in a window. !Logga -logs the length of time a program thet you flag has been used for. !STDCodes, !Warfarin, !Xchanger - (some data missing here so these don't run properly). ARCOutline - example file for !ARCOutlin that doesn't work! DH1990 - garbage file. Music - empty directory. Copied using fdc bbc640

ARC-04 Archimedes Radio Ham 1 A -- 800
Software for radio enthusiasts - compressed files requiring !ArcFS (included). OtherModes (KAM_arc), Packet (ComLnk_arc, Riscy_arc, Stream_arc, Term93_arc, Tnc_arc). Copied using fdc bbc800 minsector 0 head1 1

ARC-05 Archimedes Radio Ham 2 A -- 800
Copied using fdc bbc800 minsector 0 head1 1

ARC-06 Archimedes Radio Ham 3 A -- 800
More software for radiohams - SSTVdemo, TRACKdemo. Copied using fdc bbc800 minsector 0 head1 1

ARC-07 Archimedes Radio Ham 4 A -- 800
Encoders: 7plus, UUcode. Requires !SparkPlug (supplied) . Copied using fdc bbc800 minsector 0 head1 1

ARC-08 Archimedes Radio Ham 5 A -- 800
FAX drivers. Example pictures and Draw files. Copied using fdc bbc800 minsector 0 head1 1

ARC-09 GIF Files. A -- 640
Twelve high-quality GIFF images: Astronaut, Clown, Disphi, Lisa Robot, Orchid, Pacman, Pinocchio, Roger Rabit, Rose, Sonic the Hedgehog, Strawberry splash into water, Tutenkhamen.You need !Translator or similar to view these or to convert to Paint files for use as desktop backdrops. Copied using fdc bbc640

ARC-10 APDL Library Disc A -- 800
Old (1995ish) catalogue disc from APDL, lists of (see !Index): Careware, Clipart, Commercial, DTP, Movies, For Sale, Games, GIFs, Graphics, Hard Disks, Individuals' catalogues, literature, magazines and demos, PC emulator related, Sounds. Better to visit APDL's website for more up-to-date info at http://apdl.co.uk Copied using fdc bbc800 minsector 0 head1 1

ARC-11 APDL as of 10 June 2021 ZIP -- 1.2Gb
The Archimedes Public Domain Library downloaded from http.www.apdl.org.uk on the 10th June 2021. This is a very large zip file containing explanatory text, catalogues and all of the Archimedes library in separate zip files within the one massive zip. With many thanks to David Holden, Aaron Timbrell & David Bradforth

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