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ElbUG Magazine Catalogue

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Elbug Magazine Cover discs

ELB-0 Elbug Magazine Intro Cassette 1D 10 28
DFS version of the uef tape. Introductory Cassette. See tape version for the file listing. Boot menu added to DFS version and two of the filenames shortened for compatibility.

ELB-0 Elbug Magazine Intro Cassette T 9 28

ELB-1-1 Elbug Magazine Vol.1 No.1.  1D  10 23
Munch Man Game. Sound Wizard Utility. Graphics Example. Double Height Characters. Highlo Card Game. Union Jack Display. Key Set Program. Hedgehog Game

ELB-1-2 Elbug Magazine Vol.1 No.2.  1D 12 29
CAD. 3D Headings. Christmas Card. Return of the Diamond. Football Krazy Game. Bad Program Rescue. Robot Attack Game. Santa's Parcel Game. Square Dance

ELB-1-3 Elbug Magazine Vol.1 No.3. 1D 12 30
Mars Lander Game. 3D Rotation. New Character Set. Reversi Game. Ellipto Graphics Program. Bad Program Lister. Dive Bomber Game

ELB-1-4 Elbug Magazine Vol.1 No.4. 1D 13 24
Block Blitz Game. Moving Chequer Board. Killer Dice Game. The Spider and the Fly. Envelope Editor

ELB-1-5 Elbug Magazine Vol.1 No.5.  1D 14 28
Invasion of the Aliens. Fabric Patterns. Dominoes Game. Utility Editor. Elevator Mania Game

ELB-1-6 Elbug Magazine Vol.1 No.6. 1D 12 32
Hunt the Numbers Game. ASTAAD Plus Extensions. Invisible Alarm. Selective Renumber. Lunar Escape Game. Dancing Lines Display. Four in a Row Game

ELB-1-7 Elbug Magazine Vol.1 No.7. 1D 14 32
Flip Flap Game. TV Monitor Test. Using The Cursor Keys. Character Manipulation. Brain Teaser Winner. Stock Market Game. Screen Freezer. Galactic Invasion

ELB-1-8 Elbug Magazine Vol.1 No.8. 1D 10 26
Cassette Indexer. Manual Calibration. Electron Breakout Game. Disc Lights. The Flowers of Hell. Program Protection. Pontoon Card Game

ELB-1-9 Elbug Magazine Vol.1 No.9. 1D  10 27
Graphics Example. Build a House. Mini Text Editor. Dartboard Game. Codebreaker Game. Harmonograph. Kayak Capers. TV Test Card

ELB-1-10 Elbug Magazine Vol.1 No10. 1D 16 40
Program Compacter. Fireworks Display. The Memory Game. Electron Graphics. Digger Game. Brain Teaser Winner. Astro Wars Game

ELB-2-1 Elbug Magazine Vol.2 No.1. 1D 8 29
Analogue Joystick Adaptor. Musical Text. Whirlpool Graphics. Red Alert Game. Ski Racer Game. Wee Shuggy Game

ELB-2-2 Elbug Magazine Vol.2 No.2. 1D 13 42
Christmas Carol. Text to Order. 3 Short Games. Solitaire Game. Zoom Program. Zoom Competition Data. Power Boats Game. George and the Dragon

ELB-2-3 Elbug Magazine Vol.2 No.3. 1D 16 29
3D Surfaces. Mini Text Editor Update. Text Editor. File Handling Examples. Making Tunes. Improved Trace Facility. Caterpillar Game. Patience Card Game

ELB-2-4 Elbug Magazine Vol.2 No.4. 1D 14 28
Beginners Programs. Making Music Examples. Spreadsheet. Body Popping. Workshop Examples. Pretty List Utility. Spiderman Game. Caterpillar Game. Para-Invaders Game

ELB-2-5 Elbug Magazine Vol.2 No.5. 1D 11 29
Beginners Programs. Backwards Text. Length of Program. Spreadsheet. Workshop (Sorting). Keyboard Sounder. Brickie Nickie Game. AI Program

ELB-2-6 Elbug Magazine Vol.2 No.6. 1D 14 40
Beginners Programs. Workshop Examples. Flowchart Designer. Free Memory Display. LunarBug Game. Polar Curves. Air Raid Game. Si Bheag Si Mhor (Tune). Scrumpy Game

ELB-2-7 Elbug Magazine Vol.2 No.7. 1D 17 35
Stonehenge Display. Multiple Windows. Logic Examples. Binary Search Demo. Hashing Search Demo. Trackman Game. File Handling Example. Brainteaser Winner

ELB-2-8 Elbug Magazine Vol.2 No.8. 1D 11 28
3-D Text Generator. Jigsaw Puzzle. Beginners Examples. View Printer Driver. Faster Circles. Hatrace Game. Water Ski Game

ELB-2-9 Elbug Magazine Vol.2 No.9. 1D 12 38
Pop-up Calculator. New OS Commands. Workshop Examples. Data Structures. Builder Bob Game. Boxes Game. Swan Trap Game

ELB-2-10 Elbug Magazine Vol.2 No.10. 1D 12 30
Recursive Trees. Loan Repayment. Workshop Example. Data Structures Examples. Roulette Game. Graphical Display. Moon-pod Game

ELB-3-1 Elbug Magazine Vol.3 No.1. 1D 15 42
BEEBUG Filer Part 1. Picture Decompression. Picture Compression. Basic Compiler Part 1. 3D Hidden Line Removal. Workshop Example. Quasimodo Game. Mixed Modes Demo

ELB-3-2 Elbug Magazine Vol.3 No.2. 1D 13 32
Basic Editor. Beebug Filer. Personal Diary Manager. Diary Creator. Workshop Sort Routines. Chinese Chequers

ELB-1 Elbug Magazine Vol.1 A -- 302
The ADFS version containing the whole of volume 1

ELB-2 Elbug Magazine Vol.1 and 2 A -- 428
The ADFS version containing the whole of Volume 2 and Volume 3 (1 and 2)

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