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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

About 8BS

[What is 8BS?]
[What is Public Domain Software?]

What is 8-Bit Software?

8BS is a Public Domain Library. 8BS is for 8 Bit Acorn Computer and emulator users and for folks that want to browse and reminisce the old 8 Bit Acorn computers.

The 8BS website is huge. With a very wide range of items which have been submitted by people from all over the world with an interest in the BBC computer. If you are looking for a particular thing, then I suggest you use the search facility on the main 8BS page. Otherwise, get yourself a drink of some description and have a browse around. You will need plenty of time to find everything

8BS has a very large library of Public Domain Software (over 2000 disc images) available for free download from this website.

The vast majority of items on the website can be found from the floating menu at the top of most pages or the site map, link on the main page. Examine the NEW pages to see what I have done to the website recently. Use the SEARCH (Floating Menu Website Utilities, or main page) if you cannot find anything.

If you have anything at all to do with the 8 bit Acorn machines that you want to immortalise, 8BS is the place to do it. Please send it to me using the contact 8BS link on the main 8BS website page.

This is all thanks to Jess who has generously provided 8BS with copious amounts of space on the server. Please click on the link on the front page for Jess's site


Most of the software, images, manuals, magazines and books on this website are copyright free. I do not wish to infringe copyright, so if you find anything on this site that you own the copyright to, firstly my apologies, please contact me via the link on the main page of this website and I will attend to it immediately. Most items on this site were always copyright free. Some items were at one time copyright but the owners of the copyright have given (or sold) the copyright to 8BS. Some items are still copyright but owners have given permission for 8BS to use the material.

I have tried to document the copyright state with any relevant items, so for example when you view 'Fast Access' items, you are informed that 8BS owns the copyright to them.

What is Public Domain (PD) Software?

Public Domain (PD) Software is software that has been released by its author for circulation, free of charge, to anyone that may want it.

An organisation such as 8-Bit Software will gather collections of this software together into a library and present it in a catalogue so that people have a wide choice of free software.

If charges are made, they are to cover the cost of disc, postage and wear and tear on equipment used. Any charges should be minimal and do not reflect the quality of the software or time put in by both the programmer and library organiser.

There are other phrases used to describe similar things to Public Domain Software. Definitions can sometimes be misunderstood and vague.

Shareware. The author includes their address in the documentation and asks for a registration fee. In return you usually will be promised full documentation, full working copies and regular updates.

Donationware. You are expected to make a donation to the author. In return you receive nothing.

Careware. You are expected to make a donation to a charity named by the author. In return you receive a clear conscience!

Freeware. The same as PD but the author retains copyright.

Public Domain programs can be altered and re-distributed by anyone. It is generally accepted that if you use all or part of someone else's program as part of your own, that you give credit to the original author within the program in a REM line and also within the documentation. You CANNOT turn a program from another category into a Public Domain program.

Please do not type in a listing from example 'The Micro User' and put your name to it. If you are unsure about re-submitting to 8BS someone else's program that you have altered, it may be courteous to contact the original author to discuss what you are going to do first. Back to 8BS