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Safe ROM Extraction

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Of course, there is always the option of using a ROM extraction tool designed for the job rather than trying any of the techniques shown below!


By Chris Richardson

Recently, much discussion has filled the BBC mailing list concerning the removal of ROMs from the BBC.

I thought I would document pictorially a couple of the methods mentioned

First of all, Jonathan Harston uses a blanking plate from a PC to ease a ROM from it's socket:
To show that it does not really matter what you use as long as you are careful, Mark Usher eases a ROM from his BBC with a knife:

Here I am using my favourite and long serving tool, the bent screwdriver. Ease it under one end of the ROM:

Gently prize it up whilst working the blade right under the ROM

Supporting finger placed on the top of the ROM:

Ease it from both ends if you need to:

Evidence of successful removal, very few bent legs:

I considered wearing rubber gloves, but did grab hold of the earthed central heating pipes in my home before commencement of the procedure.

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