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Build Your Own Speech Synthesizer

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Updated 27/03/2017

I found this languishing unsorted in the website where it had been for many years. Submitted by P.J.Shaw (Shawty) of Digital Solutions PD. My apologies to Shawty and everyone else for not attending to this sooner.

If anyone has built or builds this, please contact 8BS.

Click on the image to see the original page. Download the original zipped file of images etc here.

Update 27/03/2017. A note from Shawty:
The amp circuit for the speech synth:

The autocad file used to produce it. Many PCB design applications and electronics software apps can import circuit diagrams in DXF format, so the PCBs and other things can be created automatically, if the bitmap is provided and the autocad is also there for download, it means that folks have the actual circuit to make use of too, for those that have the equipment.

The autocad file is for "Autocad 2016" if anyone has any struggles I can convert it to a more conventional dxf file.

(CJR) Or there is this that may work: https://www.coolutils.com/online/DWG-to-DXF

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