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The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

On Line Magazine

Articles and software submitted to 8BS, not included in the disc based magazine Latest First look for UPDATED too!

15/09/2010 BBC Mode 7 style font by Ollie Brerton

13/07/2010 Article about the amazing DataCentre by Mark Haysman

04/12/2005 Thanks to Jeremy Grayson for providing a recording of the BBC Election Night Special 5/5/2005. At about 0200 David Blunkett was shown losing 6% of his majority to our very own Jonathan Harston. Snippets here of the cuts to Jonathan (Second from the right, hardly recognisable in his 'scrubbed up' form, very impressive). Large Video (10 megabytes). Small Video (3 megabytes)

25/11/2005 Dave Edwards A new game from Dave Edwards You're Alan Partridge. Due for release next year, here is a taster

19/08/2005 John Simpson 65Dis a RISC OS game disassembler with Chuckie Egg disassembly example

23/07/2005 Power connections for a disc drive lead

13/02/2005 Master 512 Recognised disc formats technical information

16/01/2005 Jon Welch BBCTape. Transfer tapes to a disc image using your sound card. Full information within this download

14/01/2005A Month in the life of 8BS. Written in late 1994. Placed back on the 8BS website after a bit of a rest

05/09/2004 GoMMC. An amazing new piece of hardware by John Kortink that replaces floppy and hard discs using a Multi Media Card

11/06/2004 Keith Howell Thanks to Keith for sending this Master 128 Review

27/02/2004 A list of ALL Acorn 8 bit Machines

31/01/2004 C.Duckworth A disc of programs submitted by Charles Duckworth. Chemistry software. The disc contains many programs written for Acornsoft around 1981. Some of the programs need a bit of attention and I would appreciate it if someone could fix them and maybe put in a decent menu for the disc. There are several versions of the same program, some that were sent to Acornsoft, some that were development versions. Directory B contains software modified for Acornsoft. Directory G contains pre Acornsoft versions

19/01/2004 Star Wars demo from GLM 5. Recorded from the BBC emulator to an AVI movie. There are several moments I have left in the AVI where the screen is black as the BBC loads in the next demo

18/01/2004 Bones 1 and Bones 2 demos as AVI movies. Converted by C.J.Richardson

07/01/2004 Nick B Acorn Application Notes in Adobe Acrobat PDF form

05/01/2004 Chris Richardson Disk User Animations as AVI Large File Small File (Right click on the link and 'Save As' to save to your hard disc)

03/12/2003 Chris Richardson Mullard Colour Coding for Capacitors

10/11/2003 Chris Richardson It has been a long time. How about a BBC gathering?

04/11/2003 Jason Watton Omnidisk a disc imaging utility

15/10/2003 R.Harker This is a noughts and crosses game I found on my BBC hard drive. Sent by Richard years ago and never used.

08/09/2003 Raf Giaccio Y2K Fix with ADFS *WIPE and ADFS Utilities ROMS Well worth a look at

04/09/2003 Chris Richardson Repairing a Master 128 AVI. A morning's work compressed into 8 minutes. 15 meg

01/09/2003 Chris Richardson Fitting a Genlock Board into a Master 128

22/08/2003 Philip Greenland Windows GUI BBC Character Generator. Includes uninstaller. Draw your character and then click the generate button. The VDU code appears in the box below

02/08/2003 Sebastian Mennicke A developing BBC Basic emulator

29/05/2003 David Robinson (K5K) Beebview. A neat utility to view BBC graphic files

21/05/2003 Benjamin Ryves The finished Repton game for the TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator

28/03/2003 Benjamin Ryves Repton gif I'm writing the game in Zilog z80 Assembler (a modification of the Intel 8080) that could be bought as an addon to the BBC (yes, it's the same chip - also used in the Nintendo Gameboy and the ZX Spectrum z80). It is one of the first games to implement greyscale (the calculator screen is purely black and white - flickering pixels on and off produces the greyscale effect). Lots of people write odd games for their calculator (www.ticalc.org is a testimony to this). Only the other day, Wolfenstein83 was released - a 3D Shooter in under 19K on an 8-bit 6MHz machine! I upload all my stuff onto www.calc83plus.netfirms.com Ben Ryves

23/11/2002 Alastair Seggie ROM Box Lead

20/11/2002 Mr Angry I was sent this by someone who had a bad experience with..... Well, see for yourself

09/11/2002 Lee Ebay Masterpiece

19/10/2002 Richard Hall Repairing The Legs on a Board

13/10/2002 Alastair Seggie Starturn Lathe Nightmare. HELP!

10/10/2002 Mark Bush A New and FREE Y2K Fix For the Master

07/10/2002 John Ilsley Electronics Articles from John Ilsley

06/10/2002 Gary McCallum Nokia Repton 3 Ring tone Tempo: 112 388*, 2, 3, 2, 19, 0**, 38, 2, 3, 4, 59, 0**, 48#, 5, 6, 5, 4#, 5, (hold 4)99#, 0**, 788, 6, 5, 6, 5, 4, 3, 4, 3, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 5**, 6, 1*, 2, 3, 2, 1, 6**, 199* HEAR IT IN MP3
This by C.J.Richardson: Motorola Repton Ringtone Tempo 1 - means on bottom row. If there is no - then it is on the middle row: a1 g-1 a1 g-1 f-2 R2 a1 g-1 a1 B1 c2 R2 C1 c1 d1 c1 C1 c1 d3 R2 c-1 d-1 f-1 g-1 a1 g-1 f-1 d-1 f-4 HEAR IT IN MP3 OK, a bit short, but I only have room for this on my model

03/10/2002 Jon Hogeslag Xcat Catalogue Extender (TBI-174)

12/09/2002 Philip Mulrane Ample Patch. A utility to patch the Ample ROM enabling the use of any of the Ample Software with any ROM

10/06/2002 James Watson Rocket. New BBC Game. Info from The Admiral: A sideways scrolling game. Best on a real BBC. The scrolling is as good as rocket raid and there is no flicker with the rocket even at the top of the screen, except on BBC emulators. For every screen roll the landscape will take about 60 bytes or less depending on how much detail you want. I hope in the long term this game will develop into the same professional level as rocket raid and Nevryon. I hope to have multi-load levels so I can keep it in mode 2 and include a lot of graphics and detail.

08/05/2002 S.Flintham Joining 2 BBCs.

06/05/2002 The Admiral PC Arcadians ver1.1

13/04/2002 Ian Wolstenholme Flashing LEDs Thanks to Ian for this article on how to make the BBCs LEDs flash

08/04/2002 The Admiral PC Arcadians ver1.0 This is an ongoing project to recreate this classic bbc micro game for the PC. The game will develop into two versions, an identical BBC micro version and a jazzed up PC version. Any feed back good or bad is welcome. Email:- admiral6502@hotmail.com

01/04/2002 G.Dyer Tape Load Reliability on an Electron Updated 18/05/2002 A Word Document Describing the Modifications

10/02/2002 P.Turnbull Amp Connectors (Disc Drive PSU)

12/11/2001 C.J.Richardson The BBC Mode 7 Font

15/10/2001 Glyn FDC Info

26/09/2001 Steve Fewell BASIC 4 ROM Routines

08/04/2001 Angus Duggan Home Made Eprom Programmer. Plans and Software

20/03/2001 Questionnaire (humour)

16/03/2001 C.J.Richardson Cheating on a BBC emulator

08/03/2001 Article from the Guardian about Acorn and the BBC Micro

01/03/2001 C.J.Richardson Vine Master Overlay Track negative and info

26/02/2001 C.J.Richardson Cheat for Citadel 2

02/02/2001 Nick Payne Postage Problems

16/01/2001 Humour

21/11/2000 Various Repton Passwords from TBI-45

4/09/2000 Radio 4 Program about the BBC B. 3 megabyte mp3

20/08/2000 C.J.Richardson Keyboard Repair

12/03/2000 Alasdair Davis Comal

04/03/2000 Colin Culpitt-Smith (K2B) Master 128 Y2K Fix

13/02/2000 C.J.Richardson BBC RGB to SCART socket wiring

20/01/2000 Martin Hodgson BBC Emulators on the Acorn

28/12/1999 Edmund Burke The Demise of Acorn

24/12/1999 Edmund Burke Master 128 Y2K bug fix

08/12/1999 C.J.Richardson Removing a ROM from a BBC

18/10/1999 Edmund Burke Cyber Roast

15/10/1999 Elite. The most popular BBC game

02/10/1999 Fitting an 8271 DFS to a tape only BBC

13/09/1999 Price list from WeServe dated 14/03/1986

28/08/1999 Stuart McConnachie Converting a PC mouse to work on a BBC

03/08/1999 C.J.Richardson Why, when the BBC is undoubtedly the best computer ever made, did Acorn lose its grip and let it all go down the toilet? Invitation for discussion. Here are the replies!

19/07/1999 Chris Hatton (Darkmoon) A nice AVI of the BBC owl

19/07/1999 Chris Hatton (Darkmoon) Firetrak sounds

12/06/1999 C.J.Richardson User Port Ideas. 6 Zipped bitmap scans of various plans that I have made of things I have done with the User Port. Input, Output, Test bed, Robot and test beds

09/06/1999 Martin Hodgson Using an 8BS CD on an Archimedes

05/06/1999 Mark Usher Creating game maps Includes downloads of Castle Quest and Citadel maps. Not ordinary maps! Pasted together screen dumps

02/04/1999 C.J.Richardson Using a CD Player on a BBC

02/04/1999 Martin Hodgson Using Internet Resources on an Acorn Machine

19/02/1999 C.J.Richardson I want to fit a DFS to my tape only BBC I want to transfer BBC to PC.

16/02/1999 C.J.Richardson Games Solutions.

21/08/1998 Emulators

1998 ish Mike Mallett Internet Help