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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

The RetroClinic DataCentre

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The RetroClinic page linked to below (and here), states that the Datacentre is now discontinued and to contact them for other options


By Chris Richardson
Images are courtesy of Mark Haysman, the designer and builder of The RetroClinic DataCentre. Click this link for his page
The DataCentre is fitted into the BBC or Master 1Mhz bus and adds a USB port that you can connect almost any USB device to, along with a 16 bit IDE interface, 1Mb of RAM and 64k of NV-RAM.

Currently the supplied software 'RamFS' will import SSD or DSD disc images on USB media to a RAM filing system where the BBC can then use it as it would a floppy disk. Disc images in RAM can also be exported back to the USB media. You can also load and save files and programs direct to USB, as well as image real floppy discs.

A second USB socket on the device can optionally be fitted as a slave device to allow direct connection with a PC.

The DataCentre can be supplied as a kit:

Or ready fitted to a BBC or Master:

Click on either of these pictures for high quality images

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