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The Reptons

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Repton is a excellent game for the BBC
It has quite a following and is one of my all time favourite games
About Repton A description of the game
Game shots Various bits of the games
Sleeves Thanks to Rich Hall for some of these cover scans
Flyers and Catalogue Thanks to Steve Hanson for these things
Repton Passwords Passwords for Repton 1 and 3
Repton 1 and 3 Maps In game maps for Reptons 1, and 3
Repton Guises When Repton stands still for a few moments, he starts to look to the left and right. These are animations of some Reptons doing this
Solutions and Maps Thanks to Impact Games Club: Repton 2 Handdrawn maps and info
This is a screenshot mapset for Repton 2 with linked transporters.
Thanks to Darren Salt for the pictures.
Repton Themes in MP3 Repton 1. Repton 2. Repton 3 intro. Repton 3
Ringtones For mobile phones
Repton on other Platforms Other versions of the game
Memorabilia Odds and ends
Repton 1 AVI 13.6 megabytes
Repton 2 AVI 6.1 megabytes
Repton 3 AVI 5.3 megabytes
Repton 3 ToPD2 AVI 14.3 megabytes
Download videos in AVI. Repton 1 the first screen played through from beginning to end. It had been a few years since I played this, so Repton is bumbling around a bit. Repton 2, just a few moments from the start, including the advert for SPEECH! in the boot up. Repton 3, a short section from the start.. Finally, a new addition, a video of one of my sets of screens 'ToPD2' from CJR02 it has an Ambulance type theme.
PD Screens Free Screens for Repton 3. Download of a disc image.
Repton Infinity Maps and hints for Repton Infinity. Zipped download. Thanks to Hugh Robinson and Dave Moore of STH for this

Youtube Videos

Repton 1 and Maps

Repton 2 and Maps

Repton 3 Maps and Designed Screens

Repton Thru Time

Repton Around The World

Life of Repton

About Repton

Repton, written by Tim Tyler is a 2 dimentional multi directional scrolling strategy game. The player has to solve puzzles in order to complete each level.

The objectives in the Reptons are different in each game. In Repton 1 you must collect all the diamonds to complete the level. In Repton 2, you must collect all the puzzle pieces. In Repton 3 you must collect all the diamonds and diffuse the timebomb on each level. In Repton 1 and 3, on completion of a level, a password is revealed to access this level directly at a later stage.

In Repton 3, to complete the game fully, you must play from start to end without losing a life, kill all the monsters and collect the crown on each and every level. However, it is possible to finish the game without accomplishing these things, but the final message on game completion suggests you try again to make a perfect run.

There are rocks that can be pushed around that fall if not supported underneath or are standing on the edge of a slope. You can only push a rock that is not resting against something and to push a rock you must have a space to stand in to push it, this becomes very apparent in some of the puzzles which can fry your brains trying to work out which rock to push where in what order.

Earth is all over the place. This disappears when you walk over it. It supports rocks and eggs until removed

There are eggs that behave in the same way as rocks but if they fall, they crack and a monster hatches out. The monster will chase after you and kill you. You must kill it first by pushing or dropping a rock or another egg onto it. Of course, if you drop another egg on to it, the other egg will then hatch! The monster will always come more or less straight for you, so if there is a rock or wall in the way, it will be stopped by it

In Repton 2 and 3 There are cages that you must catch a 'spirit' in which then turn into diamonds. The spirits follow a left hand wall. Sometimes you have to push rocks about and pile them up to guide spirits into cages. If a spirit touches you, you die. It is possible to confuse a spirit and make it spin around in one spot permanently if you remove the wall it was following as it passes over it. If you place an object in its path again, it will continue on its journey around the level.

There are safes that turn into diamonds when you walk over a key elsewhere on the level. If there are many safes on a level, they all turn into diamonds when you walk over one key. Sometimes there is more than one key on a level. Safes and cages support eggs and rocks until unlocked. Beware!

There are skulls that kill you if you walk over them and meteors that fall on you if you go on to the surface in repton 2. Repton 3 has deadly fungus which slowly grows and will fill the level unless stopped by an object such as a rock or wall. If you walk on to fungus, or if it grows on to you as you pass it, you die

In Repton 2 you must collect puzzle pieces to complete a phrase on the main screen. The game is finished when you collect the last puzzle piece which is the special character on the first screen

In Repton 1 and 3 there is a time limit. When this expires you are dead. You can add to your time by collecting the special items sometimes in the level

In Repton 2 and 3 there are transporters that carry you from one place to another. They can be used only once and disappear after use. In Repton 2, the transporters carry you between screens. Repton 2 can be looked upon as having only one level but with 18 screens, the transporters carry you between screens. This is why there are no passwords for Repton 2

Repton 3 has improved, redefined characters. It comes with its own level designer and there are several sets of commercial and Public Domain screens for it. These are the commercial ones:

Repton 3 original
The Life of Repton
Repton Around the World in 40 Screens
Repton Thru Time

The last BBC Repton is Repton Infinity. Repton Infinity was a totally customizable game. The player could change not only the look of an object, but also how the objects work

Repton 1, 2 and 3 have also been written for the PC, available from Superior Interactive, see lower down this page for further details.

Repton 4 was brought out for the Archimedes only


Thanks to Rich Hall for some of these scans of Repton game covers

Repton Guises

This is how Repton has appeared in various Repton games:

Repton 1 Repton 2
Thru Time










Around The





PC Repton
PD Screens


Topd 2 3



PD Screens
Trog Upaka







In Game Shots
Repton 1

Click on the small picture to enlarge. Click 'Back' to return here
Repton approaches an egg sat on some diamonds
Repton has just pushed the egg off the diamonds, the egg falls
An egg cracks open
Out hatches a monster
Repton is about to collect a key (to the right) and open the safes

Repton 2

Repton approaches a transporter. Note the skulls and meteors falling from above on the surface
Repton approaches a puzzle piece
Repton has pushed a rock up against a safe and is being approached by a spirit
A spirit just about to enter a cage
An egg stood on some earth
Repton digs the earth, the egg fall and cracks
Out hatches a monster

Repton 3

Repton 3 has a lot of redefinable graphics in it. This is taken from Repton Around The World, America
The fungus grows!
How to get the spirits into the cages?
Safes and a key


Flyers and Superior 1987 Catalogue

Thanks to Steve Hanson for these


By Gary McCallum for the Nokia

Tempo: 112 388*, 2, 3, 2, 19, 0**, 38, 2, 3, 4, 59, 0**, 48#, 5, 6, 5, 4#, 5, (hold 4)99#, 0**, 788, 6, 5, 6, 5, 4, 3, 4, 3, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 5**, 6, 1*, 2, 3, 2, 1, 6**, 199*

By C.J.Richardson for the Motorola
Tempo 1 - means on bottom row
If there is no - then it is on the middle row:
a1 g-1 a1 g-1 f-2 R2 a1 g-1 a1 B1 c2 R2 C1 c1 d1 c1 C1 c1 d3 R2 c-1 d-1 f-1 g-1 a1 g-1 f-1 d-1 f-4
HEAR IT IN MP3 OK, a bit short, but I only have room for this on my model

Benjamin Ryves Repton Game

Repton game for the TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator. Zipped download.

PC Repton

A PC Version of Repton. This runs a little fast if you are using a newer PC. It could maybe do with something to slow it down somehow. Any volunteers or suggestions?


Added 15/04/2011:

Superior Interactive has produced PC versions of Repton 1 2 and 3 (amongst a few others too, Ravenskull, Pipeline, Ricochet).

The Repton 3 PC version is very similar to the BBC version. It plays the same, even down to the keys used (as the keys can be user defined). It has exactly the same screen block size of 28x24 characters.

There is not a lot more that I can say about the game itself other than what has been said elsewhere on this page, in my opinion it is a perfect Repton 3 game.

The only real difference of note is that the final completion screen is a picture rather than the simple text of the BBC version.

BBC levels can be placed into the game using the editor which comes packaged with Repton 3 (sadly there is no import function).

There are two graphic modes to the game . High definition and low definition. Each of these also has two modes, standard and user defined. It is possible to swap between high resolution user defined, high resolution standard and low resolution modes whilst playing the game. It is my understanding with low resolution that the customised, if defined, will be used, otherwise the standard low resolution is used.

The low definition graphics can be re-drawn within the editor on a 32x32 grid. BBC defined characters (which are 16x32) will therefore directly translate to this by doubling up on the horizontal bits. This makes the game look and feel like the BBC version with the only difference, a progress section to the right of the play area (which can be toggled on and off).

The custom high definition graphics must be designed outside the editor using whatever program you have. To make a set of custom graphics, you must create up to 216 64x64 .bmp images which are then imported into the editor.

Screens and graphics can be saved and loaded separately into different level files. Screens can be manipulated within the editor, shuffling levels around within the file.

You could easily manually copy screens directly from the PC version into the BBC version.

There are new ways of drawing (as you would expect of course) with selection of areas, drawing in outline and fill, copy/cut and paste. Making designing new screens very simple.

Finding out how to access the low resolution graphics in the game was a matter of experimentation as it was not documented anywhere within the very good game and editor help. It was explained to me that the low resolution graphics may attract bad reviews and the option was left as an 'Easter Egg', for those who really wanted to find it.

High scores can be uploaded to the Superior website from the game.

There are a number of add on sets of screens, with more on the way (I have been working on some myself).

For each level, game progress is displayed graphically by a series of 8 coloured tick boxes, indicating whether you have finished each screen successfully and whether you have done so without losing a life.

If you are a Repton lover, I can highly recommend downloading the trial game and giving it a go. I am fairly sure you will be right at home with it straight away.

Screenshots Of Superior Interactive PC Repton

High Resolution Custom Graphics High Resolution Original Graphics Low Resolution Custom Graphics Loading Screen Menu The Editor Youtube Video



Pens, ruler and Badge. Thanks to Steve Hanson for these things

Thanks to Richard Hanson for this Image of the Fluffy Repton
featured in some of the Repton 3 completion screens: