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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

8-Bit Software Site Map

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Here is, in one page, all the useful information and help from elsewhere on the 8BS website

8 Bit Acorn Webring The 8-Bit Acorn Webring. Or rather a webpage of links that used to be a webring
8BS Catalogue The entire collection of free and downloadable BBC discs
8BS CD on Archimedes Using an 8BS CD with disc images on an Archimedes
8BS History The story of 8BS right from the start
8BS Magazine Information about and view the original 8BS disc based magazine
8BS Magazine View the 8BS disc magazine
A&B Scans of the A&B magazine covers
About 8BS Information about 8BS
Acorn A discussion about Acorn, why I think it failed
Acorn App Notes Acorn Application Notes in Adobe Acrobat format. Thanks to Nick B
Acorn Emulation Emulation of the BBC on an Acorn machine
Acorn History The 8 bit history of Acorn
Acorn Magazines A list of all the Acorn 8 bit magazines
Acorn Programs Acorn Programs magazine cover scans
Acorn User Acorn User Magazine scans
ADFS Utilities Raf Giaccio's ADFS Utilities ROM
All Acorn Machines A list of all Acorn 8 bit machines
Ample Patch A patch to bypass the Ample music synthesizer system software protection
Animations Animated BBC related items
Atom About the Atom
Barnsley Rovers A page dedicated to my Granfather and the 9th and 20th Barnsley Rover Scouts. There are scans of 2 logs here that are well worth looking at
Basic Disassembly Basic ROM disassembly
BBC B Technical information about the BBC B. Mapped scan of the motherboard and linked information about it
BBC B+ Technical information about the BBC B+. Mapped scan of the motherboard and linked information about it
BBC Emulators Information about BBC Emulators and links to the ROM downloads
BeeBug Beebug magazine cover scans
Board Repair Repair to legs on a Watford 12 ROM board
Bones Demos 1 2 The Bones Demos as AVI movies. Bones 1. Bones 2
Byteback The ByteBack Magazines. Scans
C++ Basic Emulation An article and download about BBC Basic emulation on the PC
Carol's Cats My Daughter's Cats
CD on BBC A short article about using a CD player on a BBC
Cheat Discs A download of cheat disc images
Cheating in an Emulator Cheating at games on the BBC emulator. Includes using a PC program to hack the emulator
Christmas Seasonal page. Not always on the website
Comal About the Comal language
Credits Thanks to all of these people
Cub Monitor Packing a Cub Monitor. You will find the cub monitor manual on the 'Manuals' page
DataCentre The RetroClinic DataCantre USB for the BBC
DFS on a Tape BBC The ins and outs of fitting a Disc Filing System to a tape only BBC
Disc Drive Connectors An article about BBC disc drive connectors
Disk User Disk User Magazine scans and PDFs
Domesday Photos of the Domesday System
Download info Information about the downloads from the 8BS website
Ebay Master A Master supposedly sold on Ebay
Econet Econet Utilities and info. This page is a little sparse at the moment. I need help here please!
ElbUG Magazine ElbUG Magazine scans
Electron Technical information about the Electron. Mapped scan of the motherboard and linked information about it
Electron Games Electron games reviews. Also very useful as a guide to all Acorn 8 bit games
Elite An article about the Game for the BBC
Elite All about one of the best BBC Games
Emulator Someone's thoughts on why the real BBC is better than an emulator
Enquiry Form  
Eprom programmer Angus Duggan's home made Eprom programmer
EEPROMs on the BEEB Programming EEPROMs for the BEEB using the PC
Extend Catalogue Extended Disc Catalogue
fdc info Some help for the file transfer software called fdc
File Transfer Transferring files between BBC and PC. Everything I know about the subject including filetypes and all sorts of other info
Fit a DFS Disc interface fitting instructions. Includes a list of the required parts
Fit a Genlock Fitting a Genlock video titling hardware into a Master 128
Flashing LED How to make the BBC LEDs flash
Font BBC Mode 7 style font for the PC by Ollie Brerton
Game Disassembly Main page containing the available game disassemblies
Game Maps Game maps by Mark Usher. These are joined screenshots
Game Solutions A collection of BBC game solutions
Game Maps A collection of game maps made up from screenshots
GoMMC An amazing new piece of hardware to replace floppies and hard drives using a card
Guestbook View or sign the 8BS guestbook
Hints and Tips A couple of hundred hints and tips
Home Made BBC Photographs of a home made BBC B computer
Horrors Various bad things about things in general
Humour Light relief
Interface Scans of the Interface magazine covers
Internet A very old article about using the internet
Internet Using the internet on Acorn hardware. An old article
John Ilsley The John Ilsley articles including an introduction to electronics. Build a moisture detector, continuous alarm, low voltage warning and lightpen
Join 2 BBCs Joining 2 BBCs with the RS423 ports
Keyboard repair Repairing the Acorn 8 bit keyboards with photos
Let's Compute Scans of the Let's Compute magazine covers
Links Links to other mainly BBC related websites
Magazines The Acorn 8 Bit magazines and links to PDFs
Manuals Manuals related to the Acorn 8 bit machines. Includes scans of manuals. Manuals in HTML format and finished OCRed manuals. Games and cheats. All recovered from The BBC Documentation Project. Also including the Hubert Nooiijen section, a substantial number of PDF scans
Master 128 Technical information about the Master 128. Mapped scan of the motherboard and linked information about it
Master 512 Interrupts The Master 512 Interrupts
Master CMOS Sorting out the Master battery backed CMOS
Master Compact Page of images and mapped information
Master Repair Movie in AVI format of a Master 128 repair. Download
Music 500/5000 Setting up emulation of the Music 500 and Music5000
Master ROM Upgrade The Master 128 MOS Upgrade. All about the changes from the original MOS
Mouse Converting a PC mouse to work on the BBC
Mullard Codes Mullard capacitor colour code conversion
Music BBC related music. Includes downloads of disc images, .wav and .mp3 files
Native Disc Formats Different disc formats. Useful info for reading discs in using fdc
New What's new on the 8BS website
Omnidisk Disc imaging utility by Jason Watton
People Photographs of folks I know
Photographs A very large collection of BBC related photographs
Postage Postal Service Horrors
Prices A Weserve pricelist from 1986 for BBC related items
Primary Numbers An article about, yes, primary numbers
Questionnaire Light relief
Repton Passwords Maps Repton 2
Reviews A large collection of BBC software reviews
Roast A type in listing to time your roast. Also an exercise in transfer of text from PC to BBC
Rom Removal Various methods of ROM removal
Scans Scans of leaflets, manual covers and software packaging covers
Scart BBC B RGB to SCART wiring
Shows Photos and video from several shows that 8BS has attended over the years
Startup Sounds BBC startup sounds
Starturn Lathe The Starturn lathe problem that someone had
Submissions The 8BS website 'On Line Magazine'
Tape Reliability An article about tape loading reliability on the Electron
Tape to Disc Articles from Albert Schofield about transferring tape to disc
Teletext Font Info on how to make a BBC teletext font on the PC
Teletext Font A page containing a set of Teletext Characters
Testing a BBC Restoration of a BBC in pictures
The Disk User Disk User Animations as AVI Large File Small File (right click link and 'Save As' to save to your hard disc)
The Micro User The Micro User Magazine scans
Tools Disc and BASIC manipulation tools
Tyndale In the footsteps of Tyndale
Y2K Fix Mark Bush's Y2K for the Master 128 year 2000 bug (bugged)
Y2K Fix Raf Giaccio's fix for Mark Bush's bugged Y2K fix
Y2K Fix Raf Giaccio's ROM fix for the Master 128 year 2000 bug. This includes an ADFS *WIPE command
Y2K Fix Edmund Burke's software fix for the Master 128 year 2000 bug
Y2K Fix Colin Culpitt-Smith's software solution to the Master year 2000 bug
Y2K Fixes All the Master year 2000 bug fixes
You're Alan Partridge A new game by Dave Edwards.

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