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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library


Acorn Atom

Atom Animation

BBC Model B

Animated BBC

Acorn Electron With Plus 1

Animated Electron

Master 128

Animated Master 128

Master Compact

Keyboard Animated Master Compact Keyboard Power Supply and Disc Drive. Note that this one sports a twin drive Animated Master Compact PSU

Twin Disc Drive

This one sports its own power supply. Note the very handy 5.25" to 3.5" format, very useful for transfer of files between PC and BBC. I made this one up by removing the lower 5.25" drive and inserting the 3.5". A simple adaptor converts the power supply cable to the 3.5" drive, remove the edge connector and clamp on an IDC connector. Check the links on the drives are set correctly. That is nearly all there is to it! Animated Disc Drive

A Cub Monitor

Animated Cub Monitor If you look carefully, you can see reflections of helpers and people offering (helpful?) advice on the screen!

Acorn Tape Deck

Acorn Tape Deck

Econet Bridge

This is an Econet bridge, but if I had not told you, it could also be many other things as it is the standard box that has been used for all sorts. Teletext adaptor, Prestel Adaptor and Co-Processor adaptor for instance. Econet Bridge Animation Many thanks to my lad John for helping me make these animations up. He was the one that had to hold the kit steady and rotate it now and again whilst the camera got itself organised.
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