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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

The Shows

8BS was invited to two Acorn User Shows. They were both at the Exhibition Center in Harrogate. This is the first.
The Acorn User Show 1994

This is the second.
The Acorn User Show 1995

Following this, Jonathan Harston threw his doors in Sheffield open to a further two get togethers for 8BS. This is the first.
Not The Acorn User Show 1996

This is the second.
Not The Acorn User Show 1997

24/07/2004 and 25/07/2004 8BS attended the Classic Gaming Expo UK in Croydon
CGE UK 2004

30/07/2005 and 31/07/2005 The Classic Gaming Expo UK in Croydon
CGE UK 2005

20/04/2013 The Wakefield Acorn and RISC OS Computer Show
Wakefield 2013

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