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Free Downloads:

Yes! The software in this catalogue is downloadable and free. Please show your appreciation by email or signing the guest book.For more information about the downloads, please see 'Downloads'


Catalogue format:


Each record in the catalogue follows the format as in this example which is the entry for TBI-23:

TBI-23 Desk Top Publisher 1D 27 88
Different Ideas Disc 37

  1. The catalogue code is TBI-23. Click on this to commence the download.
  2. The disc title is Desk Top Publisher.
  3. Disc quantity, format, and (very occasionally), compatibility codes. Shown in brown. In this example 1D means a single sided DFS disc.
  4. Files used, shown in green (27 In this example).
  5. Kilobytes used, or size of the DOS zip file if appropriate shown in red (88 In this example).
  6. Finally, a detailed description of the disc. In this example it is short but can sometimes be quite lengthy.

If any field of the record is empty or not relevant, two dashes are shown like this: --

These are the format and compatibility codes used throughout the catalogue:

  • T-Tape
  • D-DFS shown as the number of sides (two sides to one disc)
  • A-ADFS shown as the number of discs
  • H-HADFS shown as the number of discs
  • B-BBC B only
  • M-Master/Compact only
  • HD-High Density

    • So, for example:
      1DA represents a disc available as single sided DFS or ADFS L disc.
      2DA represents a disc available as one double sided DFS disc or 1 ADFS L disc.
      2A represents a disc only available as ADFS. The preceding number 2 indicates that 2 discs are required.


Disc Format

All disc images are zipped and in raw format (byte for byte copies of the original real disc with no extra information attached).
Throughout the 8BS pool, file extensions denote the formats that have been used:

.ssd - Single sided DFS image
.dsd - Double sided interleaved DFS image
.ads - Single sided ADFS S image (40 track)
.adm - Single sided ADFS M image (80 track 320k)
.adl - Double sided interleaved ADFS L image (80 track 640k)
.img - Double sided interleaved ADFS 800k (512 section)
.dos - Double sided non interleaved DOS 720k (512 section)
.640.adl - ARC section. ADFS L. Read in using: fdc - bbc640.
.800.adl - ARC section. ADFS E. Read in using: fdc - minsector 0, head 11, bbc800
.uef - Tape file


The Master 512 Section

The Master 512 section of the catalogue was udated on 25/05/2013.

Images are now in two formats:
ADFS 800k with the .img extension so they will directly run in emulators such as Beebem or B-Em
720k DOS images with the extension .dos. So that they will run directly in emulators such as Beebem or B-Em. The zips in each catalogue entry contain the separate files along side the disc images. When I originally created the backups on PC, I simply dragged these files off the floppy disc rather than create an image. I have now rectified this.


Catalogue Sections:

Catalogue Section
The Master 512 section (ADFS 800k, DOS and DOS+ discs)
8-Bit Software Disc Based Magazines
A&B Computing Listings
Acorn Programs (magazine) Listings
Archimedes discs
Alan Blundell's PD collection
The main section built up by myself. Stands for [T]oo [B]ig for [I]ssue!
Beebug magazine
That's me. My little contribution to the plethora
Elbug magazine
Electron Software
PC BBC Emulators
Electron User Disc
Electron User Group Magazines
Fast Access magazine
GLM PD discs
Headfirst PD
Jonathan Harston PD discs
JJF PD discs
JJR PD discs
MRP Mad Rabbit PD by Jess Rowbottom
Music 500/5000 Software Collection
The Acorn User cover discs
The Disk User
The Micro User
The Yorkshire Boys PD discs
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