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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library


Back to 8BS Pugwash. Does any more need to be said?

An album taken from here dedicated to the Olivetti Prodest PC128S (The Italian verdion of the Master Compact). Here is a bit of information to go with it:
We are proud to present "Olivetti Prodest". Pierlo's third album is a fine cross section of his ingenious signature styles. Say hi to the funky disco clavinerd, the fat-headed sweaty 4 to the floor club hits, the dreamy synth patterns, the futuristic nostalgia breaks.

"The title is an hommage to the prematurely disappeared italian PC manufacturer," says Pierlo. "The Olivetti Prodest PC128s was my first personal computer. It was my brother's actually. But we used to play Basic games on it together, around 1988. My favorites were U-Boot, Barbarian and Xor. Also Trappola Per Tori was dope, even though nobody could survive Livello 1. Xor gave me nightmares actually, those strange symbols were kinda disturbing."

The following discs in the 8BS pool contain something to do with music. Examine the catalogue for further details:

512 54
8BS 08 10 13 17 20 21 27 28 36 38 46 49 50
A&B 3-2
BBC 5 13 15 28 38 68 80 81 92 95 108 119 126 140 157 161
BUG 3-2 3-4 3-8 3-9 3-10 4-1 4-2 4-6 4-8 8-10 7 10-10 11-9 12-8 28
CJR 12
GLM 1 10
JJR 1 2
TDU 9 12
JGH 7 13 20
ELB 2-1 4
EUD 85-9 12
EUG 0 1 2 34 37
FAC 1-5 1-6 2-1 2-3 2-4 2-5 2-6
TAU 85-1 85-11 86-3 87-4 87-5 87-12 88-6 88-7 88-9 88-12 89-10 90-5 90-7 90-9 90-11 90-12 91-5 91-8 91-12
TBI 06 10 51-2 55-2 55-3 55-7 62 77-1 77-2 77-3 87 90 114 147 150-9 158 192 193
TMU 86-10 91-11 91-12 93-4 93-6
TYB The whole section


The whole section

Music Recorded Directly From a BBC

Download .wav Size Download .mp3 Size
Captain Pugwash 590K pug.mp3  136K
Captain Pugwash 136K pugwash.mp3  136K
Pugwash2 NOT BBC 192K    
Pugw2 Thanks JGH 11Mb Pugw2 806K
    Pugwash. My favourite 1.7Mb
    Pugwash 3 98K
Cold Tea 706K coldtea.mp3  608K
Galaforce 435K galaforce.mp3 
Magic Roundabout 135K roundab.mp3  116K
Who Dares Wins 2,838K wdw.mp3  458K
Demo 452K demo.mp3  505K
    Firetrak.zip 1471K

BBC Sound Samples

These sounds were sampled on a BBC. You may be quite surprised if you have not heard them before.

There are a lot of these in the 8BS PD library.
I connected my Master via the audio out to my PC soundcard to record these and then reduced the quality considerably to reduce the file size before zipping them up as .wav files. However, the end product is (I think) acceptable. See what you think.

Download .wav Size Download (.mp3) Size
Nineteen 520K 19.mp3  536K
Megamix 610K megamix.mp3  615K
Megamix 2 755K megmix2.mp3  898K
Robocop 308K robocop.mp3  348K
Thunderbirds 644K thunder.mp3 650K
Top Gun 469K topgun.mp3 434K
The Wizard 436K wizard.mp3  476K
Radio 345K radio.mp3 376K
Trev 258K trev.mp3  263K
Waste of Disc Space 161K waste.mp3  212K

Music and 500/5000 Software

(Also see the MUS section of the 8BS Catalogue) I recorded the following stuff directly to the PC soundcard via the Music 5000 which was of course controlled by my Master 128. I recorded them as .wav files, converted them to MP3 and then zipped them.

Music 5000 MP3s

Title Size
13 Amps Part 1 1461K
13 Amps Part 2 1011K
13 Amps Part 3 2786K
13 Amps Part 4 2209K
13 Amps Part 5 1005K
13 Amps Part 6 467K
A Christmas Tale 2579K
Allegro Non Troppo 1807K
Ample Blues 1041K
Bar 12 1785K
Chopin Prelude in E Minor 984K
Hail Thee Festival Day 1142K
Hit Music 4102K
Huba Luba 1547K
Italian Concerto 3rd Movement 2897K
Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head 857K
Ruba Dub 2472K
Save a Prayer 3170K
Small Town Boy 3214K
Suzie 1892K
Take 5 1368K
Taos 338K
The Lantern Song 310K
The Ritz 1541K
The Snow is Dancing 1913K
Xmas Forever 1781K

Here is an off 8BS website link to a page about the Music 5000. This includes sound downloads of the actual Music 5000.  Music 5000 Link

UMI 2B Midi Sequencer

Thank you to 6funswede from Stardot for finding the manuals for this. Here is an offsite link to a page about the UMI MIDI sequencers from the company Umusic in London. Here are the manuals. Image courtesy of Matrixsynth.

Here is a message from 6funswede regarding the UMI:

In Norway, our UMI doctor is struggling to get two 1984 UMI 2B sequencers to work properly. Do you know any UMI users who are also a bit technically minded? Please tell me about them. Here is our UMI doctor: YouTube Video, click/tap here to watch

Please use the 'Contact 8BS' link to send a reply to this plea for help.

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