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What is available?
There are a large number of Public Domain BBC disc images on the 8BS website. There are many other downloads of things such as manuals, magazines, game maps and walkthroughs that I have made available. Many discs of software are available for download from here FREE!

Please show your appreciation by emailing me or signing the guest book.

Examine the 8BS Catalogue to see what is available.

Most of the disc images have been read in to the PC from 80 track BBC discs

The disc images available are in zipped .dsd, .ssd, .adl, .adm .dos or .img format
.dsd are interleaved double sided DFS disc images.
.ssd are single sided DFS disc images.
.adl are interleaved ADFS L  images.
.adm are single sided ADFS M images.
.dos are 720k dos disk images. Found in the 512 section
.img are Acorn ADFS 800k images. Found in the 512 section.

What Can You Do With The Images?

  • Emulators such as Beebem and B-Em use the images. More info: Transfer Of Images page - Emulator page
  • Write the images to a BBC formatted floppy disc for use on a BBC
  • The program FDC will write these images back to a BBC disc
  • The program BBCIM, will split the images up into files or convert the image into other formats
  • Xfer will transfer the images to a BBC via a serial link

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