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Pictures of Folks I Know

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Robert Schmidt of The BBC Lives!
Crispin Boylan
Carl Stock
A BBC supporter
Click the picture for website. Carl suffers from ME
Carl occasionally helps out with the website linked to on Carl's photo 

A Snap from Not The Acorn User Show 2.

Some 8BS Members
Featuring, top row left to right. Peter Shaw, me and Paul Clucas. Bottom row left to right. Jonathan Harston and cat, Andrew Nelson, Jon Ripley and Yorkshire rat. 
This is Mark Usher
Mark Usher

Robbie Harrison who runs the Master 128 website

While I am at it, I had better show you Neil Parry, another 8BS hard worker and Paul Clucas the indispensable.
Neil and Paul 

Chris Frettsome

Richard Hall

Rich has given 8BS a load of help over the years. Thanks to Rich for pointing out loads of unusual auctions and photos for the website on eBay

Paul Harvey
Thanks Paul for all the bits, help in the past and of course editing the BBC Magazine ByteBack

Paul Collins. Thanks for all the scanning whilst juggling becoming a Grandfather

Ian Martin

A keen BBC user. Born with no hands or left leg. Manages to do stuff with the BBC that I would find difficult


Taken many years ago (as are the next 3 photos, in the 1970s), this school mate then at medical school was saying, you daft twit, that camera will never take a picture in here. Since then, I have scanned it and slapped it on my website, so, yah boo sucks Jackson. Sadly, Jacko failed at medicine but not at growing up and getting married and having kids etc.

Ian Whittaker, this fellow introduced me to cigarettes, a nasty habit that I maintained for 10 years. 'Tick' Started as a squaddy and worked his way up through portering at a hospital to a charge nurse somewhere

Nick Winter. Introduced me to motorcycles. He is completely sane, honest.


Graham. A crewmate that I always enjoyed working with. Killed in a road accident (by a banned and uninsured driver) 01/03/2002, like so many each day.

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