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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library


Nowadays emulators are very easy to download, install and use so a lot of the old information on this page has been removed. Just follow the recommended links here and have fun.

For a full list of emulators, see The Stairway to Hell here.

The last time I checked (9th April 2021) the list wasn't quite up to date but it's a good starting point to find what you are looking for.

I highly recommend the two emulators I use most: Beebem, and B-Em.

I used to laboriously read BBC discs in to the PC using various now outdated bits of software that I have now removed from this page. One thing worth leaving though is this for DOS image creation:
Virtual Floppy Drive at http://vfd.sourceforge.net/

Now, the best way of creating disc images as I type this (9 4 2021) is to use John Kortink's GoSDC. More or less plug and play hardware that uses an SD card to transfer between PC and BBC.

Using an HD floppy as DD, note that after about 100 uses the HD floppy is going to be wrecked. Use an opaque material to cover the hole by the way.

Emulator Roms

These are now supplied with the emulators but I am leaving them here for old time's sake

Master 128
Master 128 3.50
Master Compact
Master ET
Olivetti Prodest PC128S (Italian Compact)
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