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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

926F Get result of expression from BASIC Text Pointer A & convert to Integer

Submitted by Steve Fewell


If called from &926D then decrement the BASIC Text Pointer A offset.
Set BASIC Text Pointer B = BASIC Text Pointer A.
Get result of expression.
Convert expression result to Integer - or Type Mismatch error (if String value).
Set BASIC Text Pointer A offset (&0A) = BASIC Text Pointer B offset (&1B) to
set Text Pointer A to point to after the expression.

Disassembly for the Get result of expression from BASIC Text Pointer A routine & convert to Integer

926D   198 010 C6 0A DEC &0A
926F / 032 047 157 20 2F 9D JSR &9D2F Ptr B = Ptr A & Get result of expression
9272   032 191 150 20 BF 96 JSR &96BF Check value & convert to Integer (if Float), error if String
9275   164 027 A4 1B LDY &1B
9277   132 010 84 0A STY &0A
9279 ` 096 60 RTS


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