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Submitted by Steve Fewell


Call the &96DA routine to get the Float value.
Jump to &A9D4 with A = &38 to multiply the FWA by the Floating-Point
constant at location &BF38 in the Floating-Point constant table.
The constant value at &BF38 is 0.0174532925. This value is Pi / 180, or Degree. Multiplying
the Float value by this constant gives the value in Radians.

Disassembly for the RAD routine

A9C8   032 218 150 20 DA 96 JSR &96DA Get and Check Float (conv if Int)
A9CB 8 169 056 A9 38 LDA#&38
A9CD   128 005 80 05 BRA 5 --> &A9D4 Multiply FWA by &BF38 (0.0174532925)


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