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Submitted by Steve Fewell


Set A to #&40. This is the OSFIND (&FFCE) option to open a file for input access only.
Call routine &AAE9 (part of OPENUP) to obtain the filename and place it in the SWA (or issue 'Type mismatch' error if
a String value was not found), Append a '<cr>' character to the end of the SWA (so that the filename is correctly
terminated for the OSFIND routine's requirements), Set X and Y to point to the SWA (&0600), call OSFIND (&FFCE)
to open the file, and return the opened file's channel number in the IWA.

Disassembly for the OPENIN routine

AADF @ 169 064 A9 40 LDA#&40
AAE1   128 006 80 06 BRA 6 --> &AAE9 Get filename, call OSFIND to open the filename specified in the SWA & set IWA to channel#


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