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Professional, Released On Cassette Only


Game Type : Strategy; Flight Simulator

Author :

Standalone Release(s) : 1984: 747, Doctorsoft, 9.95

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility : Electron

Actual compatibility : Electron

Supplier : DOCTORSOFT, 258 Coneygree Road, Stanground, PETERBOROUGH

Disc compatibility : Unknown.




"Flightdeck Software's 767 is an advanced, real-time flight simulator with all the state of the art aids, as used on a real Boeing 767, the most advanced airliner in the world. The Simulator can be used as an instrument flying procedure trainer up to Instrument Rating standard as required by the Civil Aviation Authority.


You can fly down an Instrument Landing System to six different runways and then takeoff to a new destination. The documentation takes you through twelve easy-to-follow lessons to help you build up your flying skills.


This program will keep you occupied for endless hours and at the end of it all you would be able to fly the real thing!


'Everything has obviously been so well researched and tightly programmed that the airfields are not only accurately shown, but are also stored in the computer to be the right distance from each other! So it is feasible to take off from Stansted and land at Birmingham, provided you have enough ability. If you don't, don't despair, for there is even an autopilot option which is invaluable during the early stages.... Flying the 767 make the adrenalin flow!' - A & B Computing November 1984"



Instructions' Source : 767 ADVANCED FLIGHT SIMULATOR (Flightdeck) Back Inlay and



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