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Professional, Released On Cassette And ADFS 1D00 Disc


Game Type††††††††† : Quiz Program Compatible With ANSWER BACK Files; Ages 12+

Authors††††††††††† : Keith Spence and M Pendlebury

Standalone Release(s)†† : 1984: ABACK SPORT, Kosmos, £9.95 (Tape) £12.95 (Disc)

Compilation Release(s)†† : None

Stated compatibility††† : Electron

Actual compatibility††† : Electron, BBC B, B+ and Master 128

Supplier††††††††††† : KOSMOS, 1 Pilgrims Close, Harlington, Dunstable,

††††††††††††††††† † BEDFORDSHIRE LU5 6LX. Tel: 05255 3942/5406

Disc compatibility†††† : ADFS 1D00, CDFS 1D00, DFS 1D00




If you like sport...

If you think you know your sports...

If you like playing high-speed computer sports games...

If you think you can challenge the KOSMOS sports team and win...

...then this program is for you!


The program contains a choice of popular sports games combined with a gigantic collection of quizzes covering a multitude of sports subjects. If you answer the questions correctly you can try your skill in the game of your choice. If you don't know the answers, you can always cheat and play the games anyway!


The program contains a total of 800 questions and over 3000 answer options. But that is only the start, you can also create an unlimited number of quizzes of your own design, on any subject. These may be saved on blank cassettes and used whenver you like with your favourite sports game.


The game with a difference - The only limit is your imagination.


The ANSWER BACK - SPORT cassette contains a powerful control program, a choice of high-speed football or tennis games and a massive series of Sports quizzes. Correct answers during the quizzes are rewarded with credit points which may be exchanged for another game's session whenever you like. Each of the 26 quizzes covers a different topic, a full list of which appears in the "Contents" panel.


1. Loading and starting the program

The control program is recorded at the start of side 1 of the cassette. The remainder of side 1 contains quiz files Q1 to Q12, side 2 contains quiz files Q13 to Q26. The control program is NOT recorded on side 2 of the cassette. The control program should be loaded using the command CHAIN "QUIZ" (If your computer has a disc interface, you must first type *TAPE). On successful loading, the screen will show the program title and a list of available facilities. This is known as the Command Menu. At the bottom of the screen, the message "Question Store Empty" will be seen. The question store is actually the part of the computer's memory in which a quiz is stored while it is being used. Only one quiz may occupy the question store at any time.


2. Program facilities

The facilities listed in paragraphs 3 to 12 are available whenever the screen shows the command menu. Individual program facilities are requested simply by keying the first letter of the appropriate command. Your first command will probably be to load a quiz file into the question store (paragraph 3), or you may prefer to try out the games (paragraph 6).


3. Loading a quiz from the cassette (Key L)

The program will ask you to key in the filename of the quiz you wish to try. Key in a filename (Q1 to Q26) from the list overleaf, end with RETURN. If you wish to load the next sequential quiz on the cassette, the filename may be omitted.


4. Beginning a quiz (Key B)

To begin the quiz, key B. You will then be asked to enter your name (end with RETURN). If you have previously entered your name, you need only press RETURN. You will then be asked to specify which quiz format you would like. The options are:


M† =† Multiple choice, where the computer presents a question followed by several answers. All you have to do is select the correct answer each time by pressing A, B, C or D as appropriate.

Y† =† Yes/No, where the computer gives an answer to the question and you have to decide if the answer is correct or not.

S† = Selection of both.


Having made your choice the computer will ask how many questions you would like to try, whether you would like a random or sequential selection from the questions in store and whether you would like to be timed or not. The computer will then ask the first question.


5. Answering the questions

If you answer the question correctly you will hear a high note from the computer, your score will increase by one and you will be awarded three credit points. If you get the answer wrong you will hear a low note and then tell you the correct answer. The KOSMOS's team score will be increased by one.


If you do not know the answer to the question, you can 'cheat' by pressing the DELETE key. You will only receive one credit point however and the KOSMOS score will be increased by one.


When you have completed the number of questions requested, a summary of your performance will appear. You then have the opportunity to have† another look at the questions you answered incorrectly or cheated on.


There are two special commands which can be used whenever the computer is waiting for your answer to a question.


Press Key P =†††† Displays the position number of the question within the Question Store (only required for editing purposes).


Press Key G =†††† Stops the CREDIT indicator flashing and tells the computer you would like to play the games.


6. Playing the games

During a quiz you gain credit points for correct answers or for cheating! These may be accumulated for as long as you like or immediately exchanged for turns in a game. The CREDIT indicator flashes to remind you that you have some unused credit. You can tell the computer you are ready to play by pressing the G key.


As soon as you have finished the current question, the computer will invite you to choose which game you would like to play. You can also use the games independently of the quizzes by keying F for Football or T for Tennis from the main command menu.


Tennis† = The objective is to return the ball each time it comes in your direction. To do this you move your tennis player to the right or left then raise your racquet and strike the ball at the right moment!


Football = The objective is to prevent the KOSMOS team from scoring by moving your goalkeeper to the right or left to block the ball.


7. Creating your own quiz (Key C)

You can create any number of your own quizzes by successively keying in lists of questions and answers in the boxes shown on the screen. Each question must be accompanied by the correct answer and at least one wrong answer. The text for each question and answer should be terminated using the RETURN key. You can use the DOWN ARROW key to move the cursor down to the next line in the question box if required. The last two "wrong answer" boxes may optionally be left blank simply by pressing the RETURN key.


Mistakes in entering text can be corrected with the DELETE key provided the RETURN key has not been pressed, or by keying X (RETURN) as the first character in any answer box to return to the previous one.


Questions and answers may be repeatedly keyed into the Question Store in this way until your quiz is complete. There is room for 30 to 100 questions depending on their length. A message "FILE FULL" will appear should you reach the limit. You can end quiz creation at any time simply by keying END (RETURN) at the start of line 1 of the question box.


8. Saving a quiz on cassette (Key S)

The Save command need only be used when a permanent copy is required of a newly created quiz or of a previous quiz which has been modified.


Enter a filename for the quiz (up to 8 characters). Enter a title for the quiz (up to 24 characters). Insert a blank cassette and switch the cassette player to the record mode when the RECORD then RETURN message appears. On completion of recording the tape should be rewound and the Verify facility requested.


9. Verify a saved quiz (Key V)

This facility should ALWAYS be used to check that a newly saved quiz has been successfully recorded. Enter the filename of the quiz to be verified and switch the cassette player to the play mode. The program confirms that verification is successful by printing "loading" then "OK". If verification fails, press the ESCAPE key and save the quiz again.


10. Add to current quiz (Key A)

This facility may be used to add further questions to a quiz which is already held in the Question Store. Instructions for using the Add facility are identical to those for the Create facility (see paragraph 7).


11. Delete question (Key D)

In order to delete a particular question you will need to know its position within the Question Store. This may be determined using the P command whilst running the quiz, as described in paragraph 5. The Delete command will ask you for the question number to be deleted and will give you a chance to change your mind in case you make a mistake.


12. Insert new question (Key I)

This facility enables you to insert a new question at a particular point in the quiz currently occupying the Question Store. You must first specify the point of insertion required, the question currently occupying that position will then be displayed. After confirming that this is the correct place for the insertion, you can then enter the text for the new question and answers.


13. Contents

Q1† Easy Ones First

Q2† Club Football

Q3† Pot Luck

Q4† Guess the Sport

Q5† Meccas of Sport

Q6† Water Sports

Q7† Cricket

Q8† Olympic Games - Pre 1984

Q9† Sport on Wheels

Q10 Around the World

Q11 Rugby

Q12 1984

Q13 International Football

Q14 Boxing

Q15 Fast and Easy

Q16 Golf

Q17 The Famous

Q18 Athletics

Q19 Horse Sports

Q20 1984 Summer Olympics

Q21 Tennis

Q22 Mixed Bag

Q23 Great Moments

Q24 Football for Know Alls

Q25 1984

Q26 1984 For Know Alls



Instructions' Source†† : ANSWER BACK SPORT (Kosmos) Inner Inlay


Review (Electron User)

Kosmos has developed quite a reputation for its ANSWER BACK programs, and the latest addition to the collection, the sports quiz, keeps up the good work. What you get for your money is more than 750 questions divided into 26 categories.

These must cover just about every area of sport. The questions can be multiple choice, or yes/no answers. The whole program is regarded as a sporting contest - you against Kosmos. Every time you get a question wrong, it's a point for Kosmos. But if you get one right, you will gain the point yourself.[1]

For each correct answer, you also get three credits, and these credits can be cashed in for a choice of two games - football or tennis. In football, you keep goal against a very competent Kosmos forward line, while in tennis you score points each time you hit the ball. Apart from the set questions, the program gives you the ability to create your own quiz.

This doesn't need to have a sporting theme - I've used it to create questions on science topics.


The program is well-written and bug-free. The games, while not arcade standard, demand some skill and are enjoyable to play. The main menu is clear and easy to use.

Rog Frost, ELECTRON USER 3. 3

[1] Evidently, an error occurred in printing the original review which reads 'But if you get one enjoyable to play.'