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Professional, Released On Cassette Only


Game Type          : Arcade; Overhead Football Game

Author             :

Standalone Release(s)   : 1989: ARCADE SOCCER, 4th Dimension, £9.95

Compilation Release(s)   : None

Stated compatibility    : Electron Side A, BBC Side B

Actual compatibility    : As stated

Supplier            : THE 4TH DIMENSION, PO Box 444, SHEFFIELD. Tel: 01742 700661

Disc compatibility     : CDFS E00, DFS E00




ARCADE SOCCER really is football action at its very best. Using an overhead view to make gameplay as exciting as possible, it features everything that you could want in a football game. Corners, sliding tackles, throw-ins, goal kicks, dribbling, shooting, passing and much more. But not only does ARCADE SOCCER give you Total Action it also puts you in Total Control.


Firstly you can play with either keyboard or joysticks, against the computer and/or with up to 23 friends. The options are almost limitless; you can choose the skill of the goalkeepers, the speed and length of the game, play 'friendlies' or tournaments and even enter the most coveted of championships - the World Cup.


ARCADE SOCCER lets you control the action - 'It's brilliant.'"


1. The member of your team that you are controlling will be indicated by his jersey flashing black.


2. When a player has the ball, he can dribble it by moving in the direction that he wants to go. He can also kick it by pressing fire.


3. If the player has not got the ball, the fire button does one of two things. If he is close to the ball, it will perform a sliding tackle - this is the only way of taking the ball off another player. If he is not close to the ball, it will switch control to another player on the screen.


4. When a shot is taken at the goalie, he will automatically dive for the ball and will save it depending on his skill level. The higher the skill level, the more likely he is to save it. When playing friendlies, you can adjust the skill of the goalies. But when playing in the World Cup or the Challenge, the skill of the goalies is set by the computer.


Game Controls

ARCADE SOCCER comprises of two basic sections, one controlling all the options and results, and the other where you actually play a game.


When you start a new game you will be presented with Round 1 of the World Cup (top) and the Status Icons (bottom).


World Cup

Round 1 has sixteen teams. To qualify for the next round you must beat the team you are pitted against. Round 2 has eight teams. Round 3 is the semi-finals and Round 4 the final.


Main Controls

f0   This commences a friendly match.

f1   This commences the next World Cup match.

f2   This commences the next Challenge match.

f3   This allows you to enter players into the World Cup (1 to 16 players can be entered). When you press f3, an asterisk will appear to the left of the top left team. Use the 4 cursor (arrow) keys to move this around. Press <RETURN> to select a team. Press <RETURN> again if you wish to 'unselect' a team. When you wish to leave this option press <SPACE>.


Status Icons

There are seven different parameters that you can change to affect the way ARCADE SOCCER plays. (These are at the bottom of the screen). The key that changes the status is given before each explanation.


PLY        TIME       K/J        SOUND      SPEED      SK1        SK2


P(PLY)      -     Selects either 1 or 2 players for use on friendlies.

T(TIME)     -     Matches of 1 to 5 minutes each way can be played.

J(K/J)      -                           You can play either using:      keys only (0)

                                        ply 1 joystick, ply 2 keys (1)

                                        joysticks only (2)

Q(SOUND)    -                           Either sound on or off.

S(SPEED)    -     This allows you to change the speed of the game (SLOW/MEDIUM/FAST).

W(SK1)      -     Skill level of player 1's goalie (friendly only). Team colour is white.

R(SK2)      -     Skill level of player 2's goalie and the playing ability if playing the computer (friendly only). Team colour is red.


In-Game Controls


                Keyboard         1 Player                  2 Player         .

                                                  Player 1          Player 2  

                Left                 Z            CAPS LOCK            L

                Right                X              CTRL               +

                Up                   *                W                [

                Down                 /                A                *

                Fire              <RETURN>            E                £


                               Joysticks can also be used


        f0 Pause On                 f2 Sound On             f5 and f6 Quits Game

        f1 Pause Off                f3 Sound Off



Instructions' Source   : ARCADE SOCCER (The 4th Dimension) Back And Inner Inlay


Review (Electron User) - "World Cup Thriller"

One minute there are no football games for the Electron, then suddenly there's two - or at least one available and one promised. The Fourth Dimension scores first with its ARCADE SOCCER.


The game's main promotional features are that it is the only graphic football simulation available for the Electron and that up to 24 players are catered for. Thankfully, that doesn't mean 240 fingers and thumbs on the keyboard.


You can play a complete World Cup including 24 teams with computer, or human, players controlling some or all them. In one player mode you take on the computer-controlled teams, but with more than one player you may be matched against a human or computer team.


On loading the game you are presented with the first round World Cup match draws and a simple menu system in icon form. You can select which teams to control and choose to play a friendly challenge or cup match. It's advisable to play the first game as a friendly with the speed reduced to Slow so that you can get used to the keys and gameplay. For a friendly you can also adjust the skill of the goalies - to make sure you win I recommend a rating of nine for you and zero for the Electron. In the challenge and cup matches the skill is chosen at random.


The main play area, in Mode 5, is viewed from above with shirts either white or red, although the player who is on the ball flashes black and white. Normally you control the player nearest the ball, but you can flick between any of your players on screen by pressing <RETURN>.


Doing so if he is close to one of the opposition who has the ball results in a sliding tackle - the only type you get - and pressing <RETURN> when you have the ball kicks it in the direction you are facing. You can dribble until tackled or kicked.


The micro controls all the other players on your side, including the goalie. Apart from goal kicks you don't get to control his movement. While this works quite well it does mean that you can't change the player you are controlling while the goalie has the ball.


The ball is large and stays near the centre of the screen while everything else scrolls around it. All the obvious rules of the game are being adhered to, but I haven't been able to establish whether offsides are included. It is possible to play through the World Cup very quickly using the one minute each way option (it seems more like 45 minutes when you're getting thrashed 9-0 by the computer).


You can opt for up to five minutes each way if you prefer a longer game. Everything runs just as it should with first and second round eliminations, semis and finals.


If you are playing on your own I would advise not trying to run more than one team as you might end up playing against yourself! Only the full time scores are shown when two computer controlled teams play each other so you don't have to sit through every match.


Under the challenge option you play each team in turn until you lose. I haven't managed to progress very far, so I can't say what awaits the winner.


The graphics are as good as they could be, with garbage overwriting the top and bottom of the screen above and below the playing window. The sound is limited to a whistle, a ball against boot kicking effect and frying chips cheering and applause. You can switch off the sound, but I didn't find it annoying enough to use that option.


The game is very playable and you get a feeling of real involvement as you knock the ball into the corner of the net straight past the diving goalie. It's definitely one to play again and again, and if you can gather together enough friends it could make for a good day's enjoyment - and not a lot of games can do that.

Janice Murray


* * * Second Opinion * * * (Electron User)

This soccer simulation is in a class of its own - it's brilliant. The graphics are good and the gameplay is addictive and exciting.


My tactics - which worked most of the time - are to boot the ball up-field and leg after it as fast as possible. On gaining possession you can dribble it past the defenders and blast it into the back of the net. Recommended for all football fanatics.

Roland Waddilove


Sound ........................... 5

Graphics ........................ 9

Playability .................... 10

Value for money ................. 9

Overall ......................... 9


"Electron User Golden Game"