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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type : Arcade; Sporting Contest

Author : Dave Wainwright

Standalone Release(s) : 1984: BRIAN JACKS' SUPERSTAR CHALLENGE, Martech, 7.95


Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility : BBC Side A, Electron Side B

Actual compatibility : As stated

Supplier : MARTECH, Martech House, Bay Terrace, Pevensey Bay,


Disc compatibility : CDFS E00, DFS E00




The object of this game is to challenge and try and beat Brian Jacks in a series of eight physically demanding events. These events have been chosen by Brian to test not only the competitor's strength and stamina, but also their skill and co-ordination.


The instructions have been kept to a minimum. Most of the strategy involved is for you to discover.


IMPORTANT: Unless stated otherwise, the power in each event is increased by moving the joystick from side to side, or by tapping the "Z" and "X" keys alternately.


1. Swimming

Every so often, you have to breathe. To achieve this, simply press the fire button or the return key at the right moment. Failure to breathe correctly, when your head is under water for example, will have an unfortunate effect on your swimming ability.


2. Canoeing

Correct lane drift by holding stroke longer on one side.


3. Archery

The elevation of your shot is changed by pushing the joystick up or down or pressing the "*" key for up, and the "?" key for down.


4. Cycling

To change up a gear, move the joystick up or press the "*" key. To change down a gear, move the joystick down or press the "?" key.


5. 100 meters


6. Squat thrusts

Moving the joystick left or tapping the "Z" key will move you in one direction only and similarly, moving the joystick right or tapping the "X" key will move you in the opposite direction.


You have to do as many squat thrusts as you can in 60 seconds. A squat thrust will not be counted if either your knees do not come up to your elbows or your feet do not cross the line.


7. Arm Dips

You have to do as many arm-dips as you can in 60 seconds. An arm dip will not be counted if either your shoulder does not reach the judge's fist or your arms do not fully straighten again.


To complete one arm dip press the fire button or the return key to start moving down. Move the joystick from side to side or tap the "Z" and "X" keys to arrest this fall and then to push yourself back to the start position.


8. Football

The object of this event is to dribble a ball around cones and then to try and score a goal. You have three goes at this, but you only have two minutes in which to do it.


Movement around the field is by using the keys "Z", "*", "X" and "?". By pressing two keys at once, the number of directions of movement can be increased to eight.


When in front of the goal aim the cursor by using the joystick of the same keys as above. You will have to be quick.


Speed of movement around the pitch is increased by pressing the fire button or <RETURN>.



Instructions' Source : 1O COMPUTER HITS 3 (Beau Jolly) Inner Inlay


Review (Electron User)

The object of this game is to challenge and try to beat Brian Jacks in a series of eight activities. The skill of play is entirely dependent upon your ability to manipulate five keys of the keyboard or use a joystick and fire button. The instruction for each event are very brief and it takes several attempts before a good technique can be developed.

The first challenge is a 50-metres swim. Using Z and X, you have to co-ordinate your strokes to keep a straight line. Periodically, you have to take a breath by tapping the RETURN key. On the earlier rounds, it's relatively easy to beat Brian.

Still in, or on, water, canoeing follows. Although you still use the Z and X keys to paddle, the technique is subtly different. The archery section that follows requires you to hit a moving target by predicting its movement and judging correct elevation of the bow. The wind speed is given as a guide. This challenge certainly needs practice.

A cycle race makes up the fourth section. This time the keys are used to drive the pedals. Careful use of the gears has to be made to enable a fast speed to be accomplished. The next event, the 100-meters sprint, is the simplest of all the


The superb graphics of many of the sections are highlighted in the squat thrust competition. Using the familiar Z and X keys you move the body through four stages
between being stretched fully out and the squat position. Again, the technique requires practice and development before a high score can be achieved.

The arm dips have equally impressive graphics. To lower the body, the RETURN key is tapped once. Raising it requires several taps of Z and X which are also used to arrest the fall of the body.

The final section is a football challenge. I found this most difficult to understand. The instructions with the package are extremely limited and non-existent in the program. You first have to collect the ball, dribble it between the cones and then into the red semi-circle.

I didn't realise when I fell over the first cone that I'd lost the ball. Then I tried to move the ball to the centre of the screen and not go into the semi-circle. Once in the semi-circle you have only a few seconds to aim your kick and fire. Be warned - the goalkeeper is very good!

At the end of each event the scores for you and Brian are shown and the running totals displayed before the next challenge.


Overall, this program meets the high standards set by other Martech programs I've used. While there's a great emphasis on key-tapping, I was pleased to see that there were considerably different techniques to be adopted for tackling the various challenges.

John Woollard , ELECTRON USER 2.12