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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type          : Compilation Of Cheat Loaders

Author             : Unknown

Standalone Release(s)   : 1988: CHEAT IT AGAIN JOE 1, Impact, £2.95

Compilation Release(s)   : None

Compilation Comprises   : 1.  ARCADIANS

                    2.  BONECRUNCHER

                    3.  CITADEL

                    4.  DEATH STAR

                    5.  DESPATCH RIDER

                    6.  ELITE

                    7.  ELIXIR

                    8.  KOURTYARD

                    9.  PHANTOM

                    10. PLAN B

                    11. QUEST

                    12. RAVENSKULL

                    13. REPTON

                    14. REPTON 2

                    15. STAR WARS

                    16. STARSHIP COMMAND

                    17. STRYKER'S RUN

                    18. THRUST

                    19. THUNDERSTRUCK 2

                    20. XOR

Stated compatibility    : Electron

Actual compatibility    : Electron

Supplier            : IMPACT, Neepsend House, 1 Percy Street, SHEFFIELD S3 8AU.

                    Tel: (0742) 769950

Disc compatibility     : CDFS E00, DFS E00




Joe is a keen games player but tends to get a bit stuck. Imagine his delight at finding this superb selection of easy cheats to get him going. These cheats work not only with the original version of the games but also with the following compilations: PLAY IT AGAIN SAM 1 & 2, SUPERIOR COLLECTIONS 1, 2 & 3 and ACORNSOFT HITS 1 & 2.


N.B. You load the 'cheat' from this cassette before you load the game.


The order of the cheats on each side is shown below. Insert the cassette, type *TAPE and press <RETURN>.


Now load the cheat. Eg to load the STARSHIP COMMAND cheat, then CHAIN"StarshipCo" (as shown below), press <RETURN> and start tape.


Watch the screen for further instructions and you will be instructed when to load the game.


Side One

ELITE                  CHAIN"Elite"

CITADEL                CHAIN"Citadel"

RAVENSKULL             CHAIN"Ravenskull"

THRUST                       CHAIN"Thrust"

REPTON                       CHAIN"Repton"

REPTON 2               CHAIN"Repton2"

STAR WARS              CHAIN"StarWars"

QUEST                  CHAIN"Quest"

STRYKER'S RUN          CHAIN"StrykersRu"

BONECRUNCHER                 CHAIN"Bonecrunch"


Side Two

PLAN B                       CHAIN"PlanB"

XOR                    CHAIN"Xor"

ELIXIR                       CHAIN"Elixir"

THUNDERSTRUCK 2        CHAIN"Thunderstr"

DEATH STAR             CHAIN"DeathStar"


ARCADIANS              CHAIN"Arcadians"

KOURTYARD              CHAIN"Kourtyard"

DESPATCH RIDER         CHAIN"DespatchRi"

PHANTOM                CHAIN"Phantom"



Instructions' Source       :  CHEAT IT AGAIN JOE 1 (Impact) Inner Inlay


Review (Electron User - Double Review Of CHEAT IT AGAIN JOEs 1 and 2)

- "Making Things Easy For Gamers"

After I started the Arcade Corner column I began receiving, at regular intervals, copies of The Pokes Disc, a collection of pokes and cheat routines for many of the best-selling Electron games.


These offered exceptional value for money: Priced at the level of a budget game, they offered help - in the form of pokes, passwords, hints and tips - for almost every possible aspect of many of the top games.


This enterprising venture was the brainchild of Mark Gidley, a highly talented individual who also devised all the pokes.


CHEAT IT AGAIN JOE is, in effect, an updated version of Mark Gidley's Pokes Disc, with Impact Software's marketing muscle behind it. It comes as two volumes - with a third being released soon - on either tape or disc, and each is available separately. However, the two really complement each other, and I would certainly recommend buying them together.


When I first heard that CHEAT IT AGAIN JOE was under development, my feelings were mixed. Certainly, this produce could raise a number of problems, both legal and moral. When I received my copies, however, I was glad to see that CHEAT IT AGAIN JOE avoids any such transgressions. The cheat routines are themselves encrypted and give nothing away to anyone who manages to disentangle them.


In common with its Pokes Disc predecessors, JOE offers exceptional value for money to fans of many of the major titles released in the last couple of years. For a mere £3, tape owners receive a generous selection of pokes for 20 top titles. However, Disc drive owners fare even better: For an extra £2 they get pokes for the Disc versions of 20 games, plus all the pokes from the cassette.


CHEAT IT AGAIN JOE is certainly rather unusual, in that - to the best of my knowledge - it is the first offering of its kind released by a major company.


I have often received letters saying that routines featured in my column have drawn old games out of the cupboard and given them a new lease of life; JOE offers the same.


The collection seems to have been designed with the novice user - or at least the novice hacker - in mind, and a great deal of thought has been put into making the system easy to use. The tape or disc is loaded in loaded in the usual way: CHAIN"" and <SHIFT><BREAK> respectively. Once the first part has finished loading, the micro presents you with a list of names of the games featured in that volume.


Using the cursor keys moves a highlight bar up and down the screen and pressing <RETURN> selects the game. Alternatively, pressing the Spacebar presents another page of game titles. When you've selected a game, the micro tells you about the cheat facilities provided for it and another press of the Spacebar brings up a request for the version of your game.


In some cases, such as Superior's REPTON 2, JOE caters for both the original stand-alone game and a compilation version.


The disc version of JOE caters for all four versions of REPTON 2 - the original tape, the original disc, the Superior Collection tape and the Superior Collection disc.


Once the version is selected the appropriate poke routine is loaded and you are prompted to insert the tape or disc. Follow the on-screen instructions and the game will load, apparently normally, but with all the promised modifications in place.


As one who can claim to specialise in this sort of thing, I know how long Mark must have spent devising the pokes in these compilations, and the result is very worthwhile.

Martin Reed


* * * Second Opinion * * * (Electron User)

Ordinary games players often need help when tackling difficult arcade games. Would I use it? Not on your Nelly! I'm determined to master the games the hard way.

Janice Murray


Sound ......................... N/A

Graphics ...................... N/A

Playability ..................... 9

Value for money ................ 10

Overall ......................... 9