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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type††††††††† : Arcade; Sliding Block Puzzles To Defuse Bombs

Authors††††††††††† : Dave Kirby and Paul Shirley

Standalone Release(s)† : 1984: CONFUZION, Incentive, £7.95

††††††††††††††††† † 1989: CONFUSION, Alternative, £2.99

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility††† : BBC Side A, Electron Side B

Actual compatibility††† : As stated

Supplier††††††††††† : INCENTIVE, 54 London Street, READING RG1 4SQ

Disc compatibility†††† : ADFS 1D00, CDFS 1D00, DFS 1D00




"The Scenario : A huge 64 storey automated industrial plant used for the production and storage of deadly Confuzion Bombs versus a highly intelligent and quick thinking mind (yours!)!


The Objective : To destroy the complete complex by eliminating the entire explosive stock pile.


CONFUZION : Its features include Bonus levels, Extra Sparks, Skill Stepping, Speed Spark and Multiplayer options. A totally addictive and frustrating arcade game using a fresh and original playing concept. THE FUZION OF MIND AND MACHINE."



You are in a huge 64 storey automated industrial plant that is used for the production and storage of deadly Confuzion Bombs. This place is considered to be one of the greatest threats to mankind. Having gained access to the computer control room - your mission now is to explode every bomb on all of the factory's 64 levels.


Factory Information


†† SECTION 1††††††† LEVEL† 1 -† 8

†† SECTION 2†††††††††††††† 9 - 16†††

†† SECTION 3††††††††††††† 17 - 24

†† SECTION 4††††††††††††† 25 - 32

†† SECTION 5††††††† LEVEL 33 - 40

†† SECTION 6††††††††††††† 41 - 48

†† SECTION 7††††††††††††† 49 - 56

†† SECTION 8††††††††††††† 57 - 64


You have authorised access to the first level in each of the first six sections (1, 9, 17, 25, 33 & 41).


The assembly lines consist of sliding pallets which were used for the movement of components. The pallets are left covered in sections of fuzewire.



To destroy the complete complex by eliminating the entire explosive stockpile.


Skill Stepping

This feature allows you to continue from the last level completed in your previous game provided you answer Yes to the New Game prompt.


During Play

Move pallets into the adjacent space using up, down, left and right controls. Lay a fuze from the spark to the bombs. The spark will burn along the fuze and blow up the bombs.


All the bombs should be destroyed before the timer fuze burns out - watch this at the top of the screen. Look out for warning signs when the timer is low. Running into dead ends, solid blocks or off the edge of a pallet will reduce the life of your spark.




Level 1 is the ideal floor for becoming familiar with the controls.



You begin with five sparks and will be awarded a Bonus spark after every fourth level.


Bonus Levels

You have no information on BONUS LEVELS other than that they occur at every 8th level!?!


Sprinkler System

In certain areas, the factory sprinkler system releases water droplets which will extinguish the spark if they collide with it.


2 Player Consideration Option

Whilst competing with opponents who can amass six bonus sparks in the time it takes to lose all yours, Confuzion allows you to restart your game without having to wait for the other player to finish.


Planning Ahead

While a bomb is exploding advanced players can program a route into a buffer which will be executed at high speed on completion of the explosion.



If you find difficultly in controlling the pallet movement - try defining the keys for the opposite directions. i.e. down as up and up as down. This has the effect of controlling the space, rather than the pallets.



Relax with Confuzion - The Music by Private Property (side 2 of tape).


Game Controls

Z - Left,†† X - Right,†† : - Up,†† / - Down,†† <SPACE> - Speed,†† <ESCAPE> - Abort


Use the following keys on the title screen:

f0 - Player Mode 1 or 2

f1 - To redefine player 1 controls

f2 - To redefine player 2 controls

<SPACE> - Select level


Select Level Screen

Up Control - Step up level

Down Control - Step down level

Space Bar - To start game



Instructions' Source†† : CONFUZION (Incentive) Back and Inner Inlay


Review (Electron User)

What an absolutely brilliant game! Remember when we were children, how we used to play with those slide puzzles where squares had to be moved around to create a picture? Well think of that and you've got a good idea of CONFUZION. Dark, evil forces - the editor's friends - have set up a factory manufacturing deadly confuzion bombs. It's your mission to destroy all 64 levels of the factory by detonating the bombs.

The screen is made up of squares, each containing a section of fuzewire. You have to move these squares about so that a spark can travel along the fuzewire to ignite the bomb. This is not as simple as it might sound. Your spark only has a limited life, as shown by the timer at the top of the screen. Its life is made even shorter by running into a dead end - no fuze - or off a block into open space.

Later levels become even harder as drops of water - which will extinguish your fuze - fall from the factory's sprinkler system. Each level becomes progressively harder, with more and more bombs to detonate and more water drops.

The keys are easy to handle and are user-definable. More than one person can play, but there are several common features missing. There's no sound on and off and no Hall of Fame. But to make up for this you can skip completed screens. And the reverse side of the tape will have you humming along as you play the game.

All in all an excellent game, guaranteed to keep you addicted for hours.

Chris Day, ELECTRON USER 3. 2