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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type          : Arcade; SINISTAR Clone; Space Battle

Author             : Peter Johnson

Standalone Release(s)   : 1984: DEATHSTAR, Superior, £7.95

                    1991: DEATHSTAR, Superior/Blue Ribbon, £2.99

Compilation Release(s)   : None

Stated compatibility    : Electron

Actual compatibility    : Electron, BBC B, B+ and Master 128

Supplier            : SUPERIOR, Department C, Ground Floor, Regent House, Skinner

                    Lane, LEEDS 7

Disc compatibility     : ADFS 1D00, CDFS 1D00, DFS 1D00




You have four basic controls: two to turn your ship clockwise and anticlockwise and the FIRE and STARBOMB controls. The FIRE button will destroy the Workers and Warriors, whereas the STARBOMB is your only defence against the mighty Deathstar.


A collision with either a Worker or a Warrior will cause no damage to your ship, nor will colliding with a Planetoid.


Initially the objective is to fly around each Planetoid, spraying it with bullets until it starts to emit glowing Crystals. Then you should fly over the Crystals to pick them up - each Crystal is worth 200 points and gives you a Starbomb.


Your opponents are the Workers (coloured red) and the Warriors (coloured blue).


The Workers have several tasks to perform:-


* waiting near your ship while you mine Crystals,

* waiting near Warriors as they mine Crystals,

* pursuing free Crystals and transporting them back to the Deathstar.


The Warriors' main jobs are:-


* mining Crystals,

* guarding the Deathstar,

* attacking your ship.


The Deathstar is built in one piece at a time by the Workers. When 20 pieces are in place, the Deathstar is complete and the screen will flash different colours to indicate its attack is imminent.


A good strategy is to collect a full supply of 24 Starbombs, find the Deathstar by releasing a Starbomb and following its path (the Deathstar will appear on the radar screen), wait for it to be completed, and then run away from it releasing Starbombs whenever it is on screen with you. Also ensure that you shoot any Warriors that are on screen with you, as they can shoot you. The Workers which collect the Starbombs may be shot to reclaim them. If you successfully destroy the Deathstar, you progress to the Worker Zone, the Warrior Zone, the Planetoid Zone and the Void Zone (in which there are very few Planetoids present), with a bonus screen between each zone.


Radar Screen

When viewing the radar screen, which is shown at the top of the game screen, the game characters are shown as coloured blocks as detailed below:-

Your Ship........White             Warrior.........Blue

Worker...........Red               Deathstar.......White


                    15,000 - Destroying the Deathstar

                     5,000 - Each Deathstar piece

                       500 - Each Warrior

                       250 - Each Worker

                       200 - Collecting a Crystal


Game Controls

Z - Rotate Anticlockwise,   X - Rotate Clockwise,   RETURN - Fire,  SHIFT - Starbomb

<COPY>/<DELETE> - Pause Off/On,   <ESCAPE> - Restart game



Instructions' Source: SUPERIOR COLLECTION 3 (Superior) Inner Inlay

Review (Electron User)

DEATHSTAR is a super fast, all-action arcade classic. It's the sort of game that you can't put down. You've got to have just one more go. My dinner went cold on more than one occasion.

As the name suggests, the action takes place out in space. Among the asteroids are two types of alien ships - workers and warriors. The workers are a pretty harmless bunch, but the warriors can be nasty at times.

The asteroids contain valuable crystals which can be blasted free and picked up by both you and the aliens. The aliens use them to build a huge battle ship, virtually indestructible. You convert them into starbombs, the only defence against the Deathstar.

If you manage to make it until the Deathstar has been completed, then the only way to survive is to release all your starbombs. If you've managed to collect enough, the Deathstar will be destroyed. If not, it'll catch you up and destroy your ship.
Destroying the Deathstar takes you on to the next screen. The warriors harass you more and it's difficult to mine the asteroids for crystals.

If you manage to destroy the Deathstar again, it's into warp drive and off to the next screen.

As you progress, the number of asteroids become fewer and they become more difficult to mine. To make matters worse, the warriors become more aggressive as well.

The graphics are excellent and the scrolling is very smooth in all four directions. The pace is fast and furious even on the starting screen. This action-packed game is recommended for all arcade gamers.

Roland Waddilove, ELECTRON USER 3. 2