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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type          : Arcade; 3D Racing Game In OUTRUN Style

Author             : Gordon J. Key

Standalone Release(s)   : 1990: E-TYPE, 4th Dimension, £9.95

Compilation Release(s)   : None

Stated compatibility    : Electron Side A, BBC Side B

Actual compatibility    : As stated

Supplier            : THE 4TH DIMENSION, PO Box 444, SHEFFIELD. Tel: 01742 700661

Disc compatibility     : CDFS E00, DFS E00




"Take control of £70,000's worth of gleaming 'E-Type' and head off for the drive of a lifetime. This is your chance to tear along alnes, deserts and motorways at speeds over 150mph. There are hazards galore including other cars, roadworks, pedestrians, trees, rcks, bushes, oil spills and many more. E-TYPE has been programmed by the author of the unanimously acclaimed HOLED OUT - Gordon Key. Gordon has ingeniously converted this superb racing game for BBC and Electron computers. It retains all the best features of the Archimedes version plus a few new features for added enjoyment."


The objective of the game is to cover as much distance as possible during the different stages of the gane. Each stage has its own time limit which will be shown at the beginning of the stage. The stages vary in difficulty and length.


You can select the tracks individually or select the ALL option. If you select the ALL option then to qualify for the next stage you must complete the current stage in the time limit. If you have any remaining, you will have the opportunity to gain extra mileage. Players who achieve the best distances will have the chance to enter their names in the E-TYPE Hall of Fame.


Track Lengths

1) 6 MILES   2) 9 MILES   3) 12 MILES   4) 15 MILES   5) 18 MILES


The Car

Your vehicle is a 5.3 litre 12 cylinder V12 E-Type. It has a 5 speed semi automatic gearbox for slick gearchanging and is capable of over 150mph.



The E-TYPE dashboard shows six dials. From left to right, these are as follows:  1) Ammeter, 2) Fuel gauge, 3) Oil pressure, 4) Water temperature, 5) Rev counter, and 6) Speedometer.


Playing Guidelines

Almost all objects on the road are to be avoided. Crashes, collisions and even minor bumps will at best slow you down and thereby waste time. Exceptions to this are the warning triangles which gain points and the suicidal boys in blue standing on the road. You receive a time bonus for putting them out of their misery. It may be necessary to hit these unfortunate devils if you are to have enough time to complete the stage.

Once the required miles have been completed, you will no longer be given time bonuses for wanton bobby slaughter.


At the side of the road are various objects such as rocks, trees and bushes. Again, hitting these should be avoided as most of them will cause you to crash. You can use the skill level option to cary the number of crashes that the car can take before it is completely wrecked.


The lower the skill level, the less hits your car will take however you will score more points for the distance covered.


Technical Information

Due to slight differences between monitors, there is the possibility that the interrupt colour switching may not occur in quite the same position on your screen. In E-TYPE, we have included a special routine for you to adjust this. Simply pause the game and use the up/down keys to adjust the boundary.


Game Controls

Z - Steer left,   X - Steer right,   * - Change up gear,   ? - Change down gear

<RETURN> - Accelerate,   <SPACE> - Brake,   P - Pause game toggle


You may use a joystick if you prefer. Push left and right to steer. Push up to accelerate, pull down to brake. Hold fire and push up to change gear up. Hold fire and pull down to change down a gear. Pressing fire with joystick centred will also change

down a gear.


Game Options

On loading the game, you have the following options:

T            -   Toggle through the tracks

S            -   Toggle through the skill levels

J            -   Select joystick control

K            -   Select keyboard control

Q            -   Toggle sound effects

SPACEBAR     -   Play game



Instructions' Source   : E-TYPE (The 4th Dimension) Back And Inner Inlay


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