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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type : Arcade Shoot-'em-up

Author : John Chayter

Standalone Release(s) : 1983: FELIX IN THE FACTORY, Micro Power, 7.95

Compilation Release(s) : 1987: PRES GAMES DISC 1, PRES, 9.95

1988: 10 COMPUTER HITS 3, Beau Jolly, 9.95

Stated compatibility : Electron

Actual compatibility : Electron

Supplier : MICRO POWER, 8/8A Regent Street, Chapel Allerton, LEEDS

LS7 4PE. Tel: 01532 683186.

Disc compatibility : ADFS 1D00, CDFS 1D00, DFS 1D00




The object of the game is to keep the Generator, situated in the bottom right of the factory, filled with oil. If the oil level, shown at the bottom of the screen, gets too low the lights will start to flicker and eventually the Generator will stop.


To oil the Generator you must guide Felix down the ladder, along the conveyor belt jumping over packages, up past the Gremlins to the oil can and then back to the Generator. To help you past the Gremlins, use the pitchfork which is hanging on the wall somewhere and run at the Gremlins knocking them off the walkway.


Another hazard in the factory is the Giant Rat. This will run across a level from time to time. A bag of rat poison is provided which you can jump up to grab. This can be dropped on any of the walkways, and if the Rat runs into it you get a 1000 point bonus. You can jump over the Rat but you cannot jump over the Gremlins.


You can only carry one object at a time, and you drop the oil can if you can run into a wall or fall over on the conveyor belt. If you trip over the packages on the conveyor, you will be given the chance to get up again, but if you reach the edge of the screen you will lose a life.


An extra life is awarded when you reach a score of 3000 points.


Game Controls

P - Left, Cursor Down - Right, A - Up, Z - Down, Cursor Up - Jump/Drop



Instructions' Source : FELIX IN THE FACTORY (Micro Power) Inner Inlay


Review (ELBUG)

Felix is a factory worked who is left on his own one day. His job is to keep the generator from running out of oil. He is armed only with a spear to kill the monsters and help make his task of re-fuelling the generator easier.


The generator's consumption requires frequent journeys to get the oil can. If the generator does run out, then that spells trouble for Felix!


This is probably the best game available for the Electron, and well worth the cost! Rating: *****

Alan Webster, ELBUG 1. 3



Review (Electron User)

You know what it's like - you go into work for your shift and no one else has turned up so it's all left to you. Again. Well, that's what's facing you as you play the part of Felix, the hero of this game.

Your main job is to keep the generator oiled. Easy enough, but the previous shift has left the oil cans all over the factory and you have to collect them before you can oil it and keep everything running smoothly. This is where the work comes in. The factory is a split level affair; the different levels being joined by ladders. Before you are able to collect the oil cans, you have to negotiate a package-carrying conveyor belt.

It doesn't help that the place is infested with Gremlins and giant mice which attack you without warning or provocation. Of course you can use the pitchfork and the bags of poison that are lying around the place to ward them off but all this takes times and the generator is running out of oil every second. And when you've succeeded your only reward is a still harder game!

It's not easy but it is fun; a fast game calling for quick reflexes and a sense of humour as you try to keep production flowing. The instructions are clear and adequate, the controls simple and easy to use. The program's sound and graphics use the Electron's capabilities to the full.

All-in-all it's a good version of an old idea, and children love it. If you want an amusing action game for your Electron then FELIX IN THE FACTORY is one to be considered.

Eileen Young, ELECTRON USER 1. 4