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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type          : Arcade Fruit Machine Simulator

Author             :

Standalone Release(s)   : 1983: FRUIT MACHINE, Alligata, £7.99

                    1984: FRUIT MACHINE, Alligata, Free In Dixons Ten Pack

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility    : Electron

Actual compatibility    : Electron

Supplier            : ALLIGATA, 178 West Street, SHEFFIELD S1 4ET

Disc compatibility     : ADFS 1D00, CDFS 1D00, DFS 1D00




Keeping your money in your pocket, enjoy all the excitement of beating the one-armed bandit! 10p a go.


Choose how much you start with and see how much you win in this addictive and exciting game with full machine code tumble. Addictive and exciting gamble or collect routine plus high resolution graphics and realistic sound effects.


Game Controls

1, 2, 3 - Nudge Down/Hold

4, 5, 6 - Nudge Up

<SPACE> - Start/Random Nudge Stop

G - Gamble,   C - Collect



Instructions' Source   : FRUIT MACHINE (Alligata) Inner Inlay


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