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Hints & Answers

Here is a list of commonly asked questions about GATEWAY TO KAROS, together with a set of hints and answers.


The wolves get me whenever I venture into the forest.

Hint: Find yourself a weapon as soon as possible.

Ans.: Either buy something in Thwil, search the eastern cliff-tops or make a quick dash for the forest hut and get the axe.


I keep sinking in the swamp.

Ans.: Although it is possible to get out using a fixed sequence of moves it is best to stay out altogether. There's nothing interesing there!


I can't read the ancient book.

Hint: You need to be wearing a certain magical object.

Ans.: Wear the iron circlet.


The book isn't worth any points and I can't drop it.

Hint: So don't pick it up.

Ans.: Like the famous grimoire of Albertus Magnus, once you have it you can't get rid of it.


What happens in the forest clearing?

Hint: What does a patch of disturbed soil suggest, and what can you do about it?

Ans.: Dig, but find the spade first.


I can't open the steel cylinder.

Hint: It has a slotted end.

Ans.: Unscrew the slotted end with the screwdriver.


What do I do at the mound on the tip of Vorkness?

Hint: What would an archeologist do?

Ans.: Dig, but find the spade first.


The card players in the inn won't tell me anything.

Hint: Try to make them more friendly. You're in a tavern, remember.

Ans.: Buy them a drink.


I can't get any useful information out of the witch.

Hint: Take her the things she requests.

Ans.: Drop the green fern and the red-flowered plant in the cottage. (The herbs grow by a spring near the dolmen.)


There doesn't seem to be enough money to buy everything I need.

Hint: There are three separate hoards of coins, and the total is sufficient.

Ans.: You don't actually need every single object that is on sale, but you can buy them all if you wish. There is enough money to do so, but it won't leave enough to soften up the card players.


I die soon after leaving the witch.

Hint: Entirely your own fault! It's dangerous to double-cross a witch!

Ans.: Only honest adventurers can succeed in the quest, and you know what I mean!


Buying a drink seems to cost an awful lot of money. I hardly anything left.

Hint: So take very little in there with you.

Ans.: Make your other purchases first, then visit the inn.


The ladder breaks when I try to ascend/descend the mine.

Hint: Make yourself lighter.

Ans.: Remove your armour.


I can't get up the shaft in the ceiling of the square room.

Hint: Find something to stand on.

Ans.: Bring the anvil into the room, stand on it and climb up.


The kobolds keep stealing my lamp.

Hint: How can you scare them off?

Ans.: Pull the lever on the copper tube as soon as they appear. (The copper tube is a primitive gun. Didn't you pull the lever the first time you picked it up?)


I fall to my death in the kobold room.

Hint: What can you expect when the floor is full of pits and you have the carpet with you?

Ans.: Don't move around in the dark. (It's OK to move into the dark and out again.)


I can't find the entrance to the Hidden Valley.

Hint: The hermit was referring to a place quite close to where he lives

Ans.: Go north from the hermit's cell, then north-west.


I can't get past the undergrowth.

Hint: You'll have to cut it down.

Ans.: You need the axe from the woodcutter's hut.


A great rock falls on me when I try to go north.

Hint: How can you precipitate an avalanche while standing clear of it?

Ans.: Blow the horn loudly.


I can't get a bulky object into the Hidden Valley.

Hint: This is where a rope comes in handy.

Ans.: Tie the rope to the vertical shaft in the Valley.. When you get the object, sail into the Dogshead tunnel and tie the object to the lower end of the rope. When you next visit the Valley, pull up the object.


I can't get a bulky object out of the Hidden Valley.

Hint: The method used for getting it in can't be used for getting it out. Have you brought the carpet with you?

Ans.: You can carry the harp as you fly on the carpet.


Stalactites fall on me in the pool cave.

Hint: You're making too much noise!

Ans.: Make your music with a quiet instrument.


I can't escape from the Black Grove. My strength just drains away and I die.

Hint: Only magic helps here. What have you got that you could wave, rub or manipulate in some other way?

Ans.: Either wave the wooden rod or ring the bell.


I keep wandering around the Stone Web until I die.

Hint: There is a fixed move sequence to take you out. Magic may be used too.

Ans.: Go north from where you found the rod. South-east from here will take you out of the Web, but beware!


I can't unlock the mountain door.

Ans.: Not without the keep you can't! Keep looking!


I can see a key in the well, but I can't get it.

Hint: It's an iron key. Does that suggest anything?

Hint: Has there been anything to suggest that one of the objects that you are carrying might be magnetic?

Ans.: Tie the string of the black stone (which is a piece of magnetite) then lower the stone down the well.


I get trapped on Kuklos.

Hint: Magic can only be countered by stronger magic. What have you just found?

Ans.: Wear the iron circlet, then try launching your boat.


Eating and drinking don't seem to renew my strength.

Ans.: They do, but only when your condition falls below 256.


I can't get the treasure out of the dragon's cave without being killed.

Hint: Either poison the creature or trick him with magic.

Ans.: Drop the berries for him to eat, or wear the cap of invisibility.


The dragon is dead but I still can't get the treasure.

Hint: Protect your hands.

Ans.: Wear the gloves.


I keep getting shipwrecked.

Ans.: Read the descriptions of your surroundings with great care and sail parallel to the coast.


I get lost on the open sea.

Hint: Navigate more carefully! But if you do get lost, try the usual things with magical objects (waving, rubbing, ringing, etc).

Ans.: Don't sail directly away from the coast, but if you do get lost, wave the rod or ring the bell!


The Kraken keeps destroying my boat and killing me.

Ans.: He's a large and powerful beast. You need to be very well armoured indeed to fend him off. Furnish yourself with all the weapons and armour you can find.


I come to grief in the Needle Rocks/Whirlpool.

Hint: Stay clear!

Ans.: You are given sufficient warning to stay clear of these hazards if you are alert.


I keep losing my way in the mountains and falling over precipices.

Hint: This is confusing terrain. It all looks the same! How can you make the places look different?

Ans.: Drop objects and map the mountain passes. Be prepared to save and continue a few games before you find all the moves which lead to precepices.


Is the carpet a magic one? I can't get it to fly.

Hint: Yes it is, but you can't use it whilst carrying it, and you must command it explicitly or it can be dangerous!

Ans.: Drop the carpet, stand on it, and command it to fly to a named place.


I can't cross the pit in the passage.

Hint: You need something to act as a bridge.

Ans.: Put the plank across it.


Even with the plank, I can't bridge the pit.

Hint: Put out the fire. You need water; lots of it!

Ans.: Break the big jar. This can only be done with the hammer.


I can't get past the griffen.

Hint: There is a certain missile which will kill him.

Ans.: Throw the metal sphere at him.


I can't get past the serpent.

Hint: He hates loud noises!

Ans.: Blow the horn loudly.


I can't turn the iron wheel.

Hint: How do you free a rusty wheel?

Ans.: Oil it with some of the lamp oil from the flask.


My lamp doesn't last long enough.

Hint: Don't waste it.

Ans.: Turn it off when you're not in the dark.


The lamp won't light.

Hint: If you've already had it lit, then it's probably empty. If not, remember that it isn't an electric lamp that can just be switched on.

Ans.: You need a tinder box to light it with. (You also need exactly the right words LIGHT LAMP).


I can't refill the lamp with oil.

Hint: Is it wise to pour oil onto a lighted lamp?

Ans.: Turn off the lamp, then fill it.


I've explored the lake cavern, but I think I must have missed something

Hint: Very probably. Have you investigated the waterfall?

Ans.: Go behind it. But go south-east to get out safely again!


I get in sight of something interesting then I get electrocuted.

Hint: One of Khoronz's infernal devices! However, there's nothing magical about this one. How can you render it harmless?

Ans.: Short curcuit the current by connecting the plates with the wire.


What does the mirror do?

Ans.: Nothing (at least, not in this adventure). But it's a valuable treasure.


I can't get beyond Khoronz's laboratory.

Hint: Buttons numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Now where have I seen numbers written before?

Ans.: Rub the crystal. The secret combination will then be revealed.


The door of the room east of the laboratory won't open, even though I have the key.

Hint: The key is useless here. The clue you need is the ancient book.

Hint: Words alone unlock the secrets of the dark. What magic words have you seen lately?

Hint: You need a two-word phrase. It was once carved over the gateway at Skarp castle, but some of the lettering has crumbled away. There are two anagrams of the complete inscription to help you piece together what remains. Have you found these yet?

Ans.: The words required are ARCANA TENEBRAE. (EARBENETANACRA also does something)


I can't raise the stone slab in the small room.

Hint: A lever is useful.

Ans.: You need the iron bar.


The volcano erupts and kills me.

Hint: Make adequate preparations before taking the harp.

Ans.: There are several ways of escape. If you leave your boat on the beach at Pykon Bay and acquire the means to deal with the serpent and the griffen before taking the harp, then you will have enough time to be safely at sea when the climax of the eruption occurs. Experienced players will find other (magical) ways of escape which are faster and less error-prone. [I think he means the carpet!]


Sometimes my condition starts droping very rapidly. It doesn't seem to particularly depend on where I am.

Hint: Certain objects, although precious, are highly inimical until you get them home. What are you carrying?

Ans.: Don't walk around more than you can help with Vork's crown and cup. Use the magic carpet to fly them to the Gate.


I can't find the Gate again. It seems to have vanished!

Ans.: It is a weird object. It can only be approached from the west side. To take two examples: If you go south from the marshy hollow, you will see it on a hill to the east. If you go north from the ore-wahing mill, it will come into view the same way.


I can pass through the Gate but it doesn't take me anywhere.

Ans.:                                  That's right. It will only take you home if you are carrying the Talisman (and that is another hint!).


I don't seem to be able to carry all the valuable objects to take them back through the Gate.

Hint: Are you wearing absolutely everything that is wearable? Have you discarded everything (except the bag) that can't be worn and isn't treasure?

Ans.: There are twleve wearable objects, most of them treasures and some of the others (such as the sword and mail) quite valuable. (Yes, you can wear the sword if you are wearing the belt!) The objects which must be carried rather than worn number 14. All of these (except the essential bag) have a high points value. Objects such as the lamp which are neither valuable nor wearable should now be discarded. [I think he means, there are twelve wearable objects, most of which are treasures and valuables. The sword is a wearble object if your are wearing the belt. The bag is essential, and there are 14 (13?) other objects worth carrying home. The others should be dropped!]


Instructions' Source   : GATEWAY TO KAROS (Acornsoft) Files Supplied With PD Version


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