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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type : Arcade Platform Game With "Cartoony" Characters

Author :

Standalone Release(s) : 1990: HOBGOBLIN, Atlantis, 2.99

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility : BBC Side A, Electron Side B

Actual compatibility : As stated

Supplier : ATLANTIS, 28 Station Road, LONDON SE25 5AG

Disc compatibility : CDFS E00, DFS E00




"Ghosts and Hobgoblins that can kill with a touch, skeletal reincarnations of long dead creatures armed with knives and axes, phantom bowmen with endless supplies of arrows. All these and more must be overcome if you are to recover the Golden Orb of Altoris. 60 screens of all action arcade/adventure."


The Story

In the far off land of Altoris, surrounded on all sides by dense woods and foul smelling swamps, there lived a peace-loving people ruled by the good and gracious King Garath. Under constant attack from the Hobgoblins and Ghosts of the Swamp Land, it was only the power of the Golden Orb that kept the people safe. Now the Golden Orb has been stolen and darkness has descended over Altoris. The King summoned his only son, Zanok.


"Go forth my son and recover the Golden Orb that has kept us safe all these years" whispered the King. "Arm yourself well, for your journey will be fraught with danger. You will need all of your skill and cunning if you are to recover the Golden Orb and keep our people safe for evermore."



To increase the POWER of your weapon, collect a glowing dagger or five glowing treasures (jewels, coins or treasure chests). To increase the RANGE of your weapon, collect a GLOWING ARROW. An EXTRA LIFE is granted for collecting three GLOWING SKULLS.


Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, <SHIFT> - Jump, <SPACE> - Fire

P - Pause On/Off, Q - Quiet, S - Sound



Instructions' Source : HOBGOBLIN (Atlantis) Inner Inlay


Review (Electron User) - "Ghosts And Goblins"

Arcade adventures are becoming increasingly popular on the Electron, and this budget priced offering from Atlantis will keep enthusiasts of the genre amused for many an hour as they try to solve its many mysteries.


HOBGOBLIN is set in the far off fantasy world of Altoris. This land that time forgot is surrounded on all sides by dense woods and foul smelling swamps. In it lived a peaceful race of people who were ruled by the good and kindly King Garath.


It was however, under constant attack by the vicious, devilish hobgoblins and ghosts from the Swampland kingdom, but fortunately, the power of the Golden Orb kept the people safe with its protective aura.


Catastrophe strikes - the Golden Orb is stolen, and with it, goes its protective power. Doom and gloom descend on the land of Altoris. King Garath summons his son, Zanok, a great warrior, and instructs him to go forth and recover the missing Golden Orb in order to restore peace and tranquillity to the land of Altoris.


You take on the role of Zanok and your quest is to recover the Golden Orb. You travel far and wide in this arcade adventure and you battle with many demons. Ghosts and hobgoblins can kill simply by touching you, and skeletons of long dead creatures are reincarnated to battle with you. And phantom bowmen armed with countless arrows take put shots at you.


The controls are walk left or right, jump and fire. Your firepower can be increased by collecting a glowing dagger or five treasures such as jewels, coins or treasure chests. Your weapon's range is increased by collecting a glowing arrow and an extra life is awarded for collecting three glowing skulls.


HOBGOBLIN isn't up to CITADEL standard, but it is an exciting fantasy trip into the world of the arcade adventure which will keep you glued to your TV screen for many hours.

Julie Boswell


* * * Second Opinion * * * (Electron User)

HOBGOBLIN is firmly set in the arcade adventure tradition and if you've seen - and enjoyed - the likes of CITADEL and PALACE OF MAGIC, then you'll love this offering from Atlantis.


The dozens of screens to map and explore, objects to collect and nasties to zap make this a game that you won't complete quickly. At 2.99 it represents excellent value for money.

Roland Waddilove


Sound ........................... 6

Graphics ........................ 9

Playability ..................... 9

Value for money ................ 10

Overall ......................... 9