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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type          : Arcade Classic Mansion Jaunt

Author             : Chris Robson

Standalone Release(s)  : 1985: JET SET WILLY, Tynesoft, £7.95

Compilation Release(s) : 1988: MICROVALUE GOLD, Tynesoft, £3.99

Stated compatibility    : Electron Side A, BBC Side B

Actual compatibility    : As stated

Supplier            : TYNESOFT, Unit 3 Addison Industrial Estate, Blaydon, TYNE &                   WEAR NE21 4TE. Tel: 091 414 4611

Disc compatibility     : CDFS E00




"This is one of the all-time classics. Miner Willy, having thrown a huge party in his mansion has to clear up the bottles, glasses etc. which are left all over his sixty room house. This is the ultimate platform game with ultra smooth, highly animated graphics. A&B's comments say it all - 'Buy this game NOW!!'"


Miner Willy, intrepid explorer and nouveau-riche socialite, has been reaping the benefits of his fortunate discovery in surbiton. He has a yacht, a cliff-top mansion, an Italian housekeeper and a French cook and hundreds of new found friends who really know how to enjoy themselves at a party.


His housekeeper, Maria, however, takes a very dim view of all his revelry, and finally after a particularly boisterous thrash she puts her foot down. When the last of the louts disappears down the drive in his Aston Martin, all Willy can think about is crashing out in his four-poster. But Maria won't let him into his room until all the discarded glasses and bottles have been cleared away. Can you help Willy out of his dilemma? He hasn't explored his mansion properly yet (It IS a large

place and he has been very busy!) and there are some very strange things going on in the further recesses of the house. (I wonder what the last owner WAS doing in his laboratory the night he disappeared.)


You should manage O.K. though you will probably find some loonies have been up on

the roof and I would check down the road and on the beach if I was you.


Good luck and don't worry, all you can lose in this game is sleep.


Game Controls

Z - Left,   X - Right,   * - Jump

Press <ESCAPE> to end game



Instructions' Source   : MICROVALUE GOLD (Tynesoft) Inner Inlay


Review (Electron User)

MANIC MINER was a ladders and levels game which graced just about every home computer on the market. As with most successful games, it was quickly followed by a sequel, in this case JET SET WILLY. Having escaped from the mine, Miner Willy wasted no time at all in spending his new found wealth. After buying a mansion and yacht he decided to throw a party.

The party is a wild success but the housekeeper is rather upset about the aftermath. Willy is given an ultimatum: No sleep until all of the debris has been cleared. When you live in a 100-room mansion, that is some headache.

With Manic Miner, each individual screen had to be completed before starting the next. With JET SET WILLY, there are no such constraints - you, as Willy, can wander from screen to screen at will. However, you will only be awarded points for collecting the objects from the party.

When you load up the game for the first time you will see that you are provided with eight Willies. This might seem to be very generous but there is a problem. Should you manoeuvre Willy into a position that will mean certain death, he will die. He will then be reincarnated in the very same position. Unless you have lightning reflexes then he will die again, and again, and you will soon be minus several Willies. Once I lost all eight Willies in under three seconds.

On several occasions, I entered the bedroom only to be shown the way out by the irate housekeeper. What I can't understand is if Willy can afford a 100-bedroom mansion, why can't he get decent staff?

Sound ........................... 7
Graphics ........................ 7
Playability ..................... 8
Value for money ................. 8
Overall ......................... 8

Carol Barrow , ELECTRON USER 3.10