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Professional, Originally Released On DFS E00 Disc Only


Game Type          : Utility; Spellchecker

Author             :

Standalone Release(s)   : 1988: KEYWORD, Swift, £9.95

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility    : Electron

Actual compatibility    : Electron. Electron version also works on BBC.

Supplier            : SWIFT, 347 London Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport, CHESHIRE

                    SK7 6AA

Disc compatibility     : CDFS E00, DFS E00




BIBLIOGRAPHY                    KEYWORD                         SCHEDULE

DICTIONARY                "A WAY WITH WORDS"                       ROTOR

GLOSSARY                    Swift Software                         TABLE

CATALOGUE  The Dyanamic Word Finder for home and business use  THESAURUS


ROSTER                                                        CHECK LIST


"It's so easy to use. just type in a word and straight away you'll be offered a huge list of alternatives. Then, using just the cursor keys, you can select a word that's nearer to your requirement.


Or if it's not quite what you're looking for, just press <RETURN> to see another set, more closely related to the new word - and so on.


With KEYWORD you'll be able to quickly and effectively make use of the complete wealth of the English language, and once you've used it you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.


   *  Over 10,000 synonyms and antonyms                                

   *  Nearly 1,000 main subject headings                

   *  Extra rapid word search                                          

   *  Can select over 70 words at a time                              

   *  Simple operation

   *  Flexible 'roam' facility

   *  Can be used as a Thesaurus"


Using KEYWORD Couldn't Be Simpler

To use Keyword, just place the master disk (or a copy) in drive 0 and press <SHIFT>-<BREAK>. Keyword then installs itself and is ready for use


How It Works

When you enter Keyword, it will prompt you for a key word. This will be the root word from which your search starts. So all you do is enter a word similar to the one you're looking for (or even just vaguely connected to the general subject). 


For example, if you have used the word LEARNING a couple of times in a paragraph and now you need a different one, just enter:



and press <RETURN> twice.


You will then be offered the choice of selecting one of the two following categories:




Move the cursor using the cursor keys until LEARNING is highlighted and press <RETURN> again.


At this point you will be shown a list of words, among which you'll see the likely contenders:






and so on.


If any of these words is close to the one you're looking for but not absolutely suitable, just select it with the cursor keys and press <RETURN> to see a new list of words more closely related to it.


Free Roaming

Using the cursor keys and <RETURN>, you can roam indefinately through KEYWORD, following avenues of thought, tracing words back to their roots or finding words of opposite meaning.


And if at any point you wish to enter a new key word, just type it in and press <RETURN> for the whole process to begin again.



A useful feature of KEYWORD is the ability to scan through the entire dictionary. To do this, type a letter when a word is highlighted. Then press <DELETE> to remove the letter and press <RETURN>. The dictionary will be displayed page by page. If you see a word you are interested in, press:



at the 'More?' prompt and select it in the usual way using the cursor keys and <RETURN>. Or if you want to carry on scanning you can press either Y or <RETURN> at the 'More?' prompt.


Alternatively, you can scan through smaller areas of the dictionary by entering one of more letters. For example, typing:



followed by <RETURN> instructs KEYWORD to display all words beginning with th.


That's All There Is To It!

KEYWORD was written by a professional journalist for his own use, and therefore has been designed to be as simple to use in the shortest time possible - without needing to refer to the manual.



At Swift Software, we have a policy of continual support for our programs. If you have any queries or suggestions for upgrades, please drop us a line. If we use your idea we'll send you a FREE copy of the latest version when it's finished.


Copy Protection

We believe it is essential to be able to back up your software in case of emergency. Therefore KEYWORD is not copy-protected. However, if you wish us to be able to continue supporting your micro please do not abuse this policy.



Instructions' Source   : KEYWORD (Swift Software) User Guide


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