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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type          : Educational

Author             : None given

Standalone Release(s)  : 1984: MATHS O LEVEL REVISION PART ONE, Cheshire Cat, £9.95

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility    : Electron

Actual compatibility    : Electron, BBC B, B+ and Master 128

Supplier            : AMPALSOFT, PO Box 19, Knutsford, CHESHIRE WA16 0HE

Disc compatibility     : CDFS E00, DFS E00




"A brilliantly designed series of action-packed exercises that skilfully eliminate the traditional drudgery from Maths examination revision.


This totally new and exciting formula - devised by an entire top school Maths department - draws heavily on the graphics, animation and sound facilities of the home computer to intrigue, test and fire the imagination of the user.


A wholly flexible program uses an easily followed, step by step technique to explore th 22 major areas of the current Maths syllabuses of all the Examination Boards for O Level, CSE and Over 16 plus examinations.




      Calculus Pt 1:    differentiation, basic integration etc.

      Arithmetic Pt 1:  simple and compund interest, averages.

      Calculus Pt 2:    definite integration, distance, velocity and acceleration.

      Constructions:    perpendicular, angles, parallel lines, locus.

      Arithmetic Pt 2:  areas, volumes, ratios, percentages.


      Examination techniques.


and much, much more...


More than 100 fascinating exercises, carefully illustrated and animated, cover the key examination questions and the program integrates fully with other parts of the syllabus available in the Cheshire Cat range. Cheshire Cat programs cover Maths from 1st School to A Level standard.


A vital additional exercise included in this program at O Level revision is an invaluable insight into examination techniques which are the cornerstone of success."


An entire Maths department at a top school has devised this brilliant program. They have drawn heavily on their vast experience in this important subject to cleverly reinforce those areas of the syllabus students usually find most difficult to comprehend.


Clearly illustrated, fully animated, worked examples are skilfully devised to tackle these problem areas from a number of angles to eliminate any doubt or misunderstanding.


The entire program is carefully designed to fully explain, illustrate and demonstrate the subject. Then a revision course of questions and answers in each topic section thoroughly tests the student's acquired knowledge - seeking out weaknesses and areas for further study.


Conventional examination questions are set to enable the student to simulate genuine examination conditions, while still interacting with the program for ready reference and assistance.


This interaction is a vital first step to examination success - the cornerstone to the student's future.


MATHS PART ONE is the first step in a three-part, comprehensive course covering the syllabus for not only all the 'O' Level Examination Boards, but CSE and 16+ examinations.


Calculus Part One: Differentiation

Calculus Part One covers four major topics: distance between two points; Equation of a straight line; Differentiation; Turning points (Max and Min).


Each topic can be selected in any order of study from the main menu. Each topic contains a comprehensive explanation followed by worked examples. A revision section of questions and answers ends each topic.


Hit C key to continue program, B key to refer back, Q key to return to main menu.


Calculus Part Two: Integration

Calculus Part Two introduces: Basic Integration; Definite Integration; Area under a curve; volumes of revolution; Distance, Velocity and Acceleration.


In this section the basic philosophy - the explanations - are followed by: the rules for integration; worked examples; revision questions and answers; finding the constant; further questions and answers to find the constant.



An invaluable insight into Maths working in the real world is contained in this section with comprehensive explanations of simple interest and the compound interest used in banking and HP agreement.


Other disciplines required in the fast moving financial world are also clearly explained through Averages, Ratios and Percentages.


Area and Volume calculations are vitally important in industry. A section on polygons explores the various calculation formulae required for triangles, parallelograms and trapeziums.


Circles and solids and similar figures receive the same detailed attention. All topics contain their own exhaustive revision sections and all topics are wholly flexible in their running order and progress.


Hit C key to continue program, B key to refer back, Q key to return to main menu.



A comprehensive, full colour, animated guide and revision course of constructions - under full user control. This section consists of constructing: perpendiculars; angles; bisecting angles; parallel lines; tangents to a circle; segments of a circle: locus, and many more.


Simple step by step examples demonstrate clearly the technique for other constructions such as a triangle with an area equal to a given quadrilateral, or a square with area equal to a given rectangle.


Locus illustrates the path to be traced out when constructing a circle, parallel lines, intersecting loci and perpendicular bisectors.


Topics throughout this section can be selected in any order of study from the main menu. Each contains a comprehensive explanation with worked examples. A revision section of questions and answers ends each topic.


A fascinating chapter completes this program - Examination Techniques. A series of handy hints towards achieving full marks.


Hit C key to continue program, B key to refer back, Q to return to main menu.



Instructions' Source   : MATHS O LEVEL REVISION PART 1 (Cheshire Cat) Inner Inlay


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