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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type          : Arcade; Overhead Maze Game In 3D

Authors            : Stephen Knight, Ally Noble and Dawn Jones

Standalone Release(s)  : 1985: PEDRO, Imagine, £9.95

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility    : Electron

Actual compatibility    : Electron

Supplier            : IMAGE, 5 Sir Thomas Street, Liverpool, MERSEYSIDE L1 6BW

                    Tel: 051-236 8100

Disc compatibility     : Unknown




There'll be no siesta for Pedro, he's the busiest gardener South of the Border.


After many years of hard work and loving care, Pedro now has the most beautiful flower garden in Old Mexico. The trouble is all the animals for miles around have acquired a taste for Pedro's succulent blooms and are always looking for ways to break into his garden and eat them.


From dawn till dusk as Pedro slaves away, the animals never give him a moment's peace. He tries everything to stop them getting to his prize blooms, from blocking the garden paths with compost and bricks, to chasing them away and even jumping on them; but even so, some manage to get through.


Every time an animal gets into the garden and eats his flowers, Pedro has to plant more seeds. It's problem after problem, and as if things aren't bad enough, the village tramp keeps sneaking in to steal Pedro's seeds - so he has to be chased off as well!


What with marauding animals and thieving tramps, it doesn't look like you're going to get much of a siesta either. So look lively, you can't put things off till manana.


Aim Of The Game

To stop the animals from eating his plants, Pedro must collect bricks or compost from the bottom corners of the screen and block the maze exits. He may not carry or place more than one object at a time.


Any animals getting into the garden will make for the plants and start eating them. You must decide on whether to block up the maze or stamp out the animals, then you must re-seed the gaps in the garden at every available opportunity.


ANIMALS : Appear on the screen at frequent intervals. They make their way through the maze at the top of the screen and then home in on the flower beds, where they consume plants. As the end of the game is the demise of all the plants in the garden, it is most important that you protect and replace the plants by planting seeds.


TRAMP : He appears on the screen at random intervals. He enters the garden from the side and immediately homes in on the seed box. You must run toward him and frighten him away, otherwise he will steal all your remaining seed.


Pedro Play Notes

LEVELS : At the end of each level, a bonus is calculated on the number of plants left.


At the start of the next level, the number of seeds in the box will be increased by one seed for every plant left.


Game Controls

The play keys have been laid out in a way so as to offer the player a wide variety of combination of keys to make the play as comfortable as possible.


MOVE LEFT : The keys to move left are all on the bottom row, beginning with SIFT, then every alternate key from theon. i.e. SHIFT, X, V, N, etc.


MOVE RIGHT : The remaining keys on the bottom row enable you to move right. i.e. Z, C, B, M, etc.


MOVE DOWN : Any of the keys on the second row up may be used to move downards. i.e. A, S, D, F, G, etc.


MOVE UP : Any of the keys on the third row up may be used to move upwards. i.e. Q, W, E, R, T, etc.


JUMP/PICK & PUT : Any key on the top row or the space bar will enable you to jump on the invading creatures, also if you are standing close to either the compost heap, pile of bricks or the seedbox depressing any of the top row or space bar will enable you to pick up one of the items.


If you pick up either a brick or compost and wish to block one of the maze exits, take what you are carrying to the exit of your choice then press any key on the top row. Your brick or compost will be put down.


If you pick up a seed, take it to an appropriate gap in your flower bed and press any key on the top row. Your seed will then be planted and a flower will 'grow' to replace the one that has been eaten.



Instructions' Source   : PEDRO (Imagine) Inner Inlay


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