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Professional, Originally Released On ADFS 1D00 Disc


Game Types         : Arcade

Release Information        : 1984: PLUS THREE GAMES DISC, Acornsoft, £11.20 (3.5" Disc)

Compilation Comprises   : 1. FIREBUG, Acornsoft

                    2. MAZE, Acornsoft

                    3. PLANETOID, Acornsoft

Stated compatibility    : Electron

Actual compatibility    : Electron

Supplier            : ACORNSOFT, Betjeman House, 104 Hills Road, CAMBRIDGE CB2 1LQ

                    Tel: (0223) 316039

Disc compatibility     : ADFS 1D00




Three Games on disc for the Acorn Electron


FIREBUG. As fireman on duty, you have been called out to a warehouse where a firebug is reported to be attempting to burn it down. Your main concern is to rescue the drums of highly inflammable petrol and take them to the safety of a water tank.


MAZE. You have entered the top-secret installation of a rival company with the aim of stealing secret information. Inside the building is a multilevel security system, each level consisting of a maze of corridors. Search as many levels as you can but watch out for the robot guards who will shoot you on sight.


PLANETOID. Action stations! The Aliens are landing! Flying over the planetoid surface your laser-ship speeds to the rescue, firing laster missiles and dodging the enemy and their shell-fire. Save the life-forms while fending off raiders, mutants, bombers, cruisers, spores and megacytes.


This disc is designed to be used with the Electron Plus 3.


FIREBUG and MAZE are fully compatible with either keyboard or joysticks.


For further instructions, please see individual entries.



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